The Proper Conduct of Marriage in Islam

 The Proper Conduct of Marriage in Islam
'Adab an Nikah,'
[A5] Slim Paperback - 125 pages,
by Imam al-Ghazali,
Book 12 of the Ihya Ulum al-Din
(The Revival of the Religious Sciences),
Transl. into English by Muhtar Holland,
Published by Al-Baz, USA.


Description :

This is Book 12 of the Ihya 'Ulum ad-Din, (the Revival of the Religious Sciences), Imam al-Ghazali's most famous work. In it are covered every aspect of the institution of marriage. In the words of Imam Ghazali, may Allah be pleased with him, "Marriage comes to religion's aid, striking devils with dismay. How appropriate that one should study its occasions, preserve its sacred traditions and its etiquette, explain its aims and purposes, and detail the paragraphs and chapters of the subject.

Its most important precepts will be expounded in three chapters :

     *** 1. The pros and cons of marriage;
     *** 2. The proprieties to be observed in respect of the contract and the
                two contracting parties;
     *** 3. The right conduct of conjugal life from the time of the contract until
                separation occurs."


Excerpt from Chapter One :

Merits and disadvantages of Marriage :

The scholars hold differing views on the virtue of marriage: at one extreme are those who insist that it is superior in merit to devoting oneself solely to the worship of Allah; others, while acknowledging its merit, would give priority to divine worship, so long as the soul does not experience an unsettling craving for marital union and urge to coition; yet others hold it best to abstain in this day and age, although marriage had some virtue in former times, when there were legitimate ways of earning a living and when women's morals were not objectionable.

To discover the truth of the matter, we must first set forth the Prophetic and other traditions on either side of the argument, then proceed to discuss the advantages and the drawbacks of marriage. It should thus become clear whether marriage or abstinence commends itself to the individual, in the light of his immunity or vulnerability to those drawbacks.


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