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The War within our Hearts : 2nd Edition
The War within our Hearts : 2nd Edition
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Details:  The War within our Hearts, The Struggles of the Muslim Youth,  
*[A5] Paperback - 201 pages,  2nd Edition, 6th Impression.
Expanded 2nd Edition,
by Habib Quadri and Sa'd Quadri.

Description :

In an age of growing insecurity, violence, and war, Muslims often tend to overlook the wars being fought on the home front; that is, The War within our Hearts. One of the most dangerous elements in a war is fighting an enemy who is knowledgeable of our weaknesses.

The problem is further complicated when our enemies operate in such a covert manner that we are unaware of their tactics and plan of attack. Such is the state of our daily confrontations with our greatest enemies: Shaytan (the devil) and our nafs (carnal desires).

The War Within Our Hearts was written with the purpose of showing Muslim youth in the West that they are not alone in the problems they are facing today. As integration and assimilation to society is increasing within the Muslim community, youth are battling a variety of enemies that were not faced by their parents. By recognising that these problems are not unique to an individual but are common place for Muslim youth today, this book will address certain issues which would have otherwise been avoided.

Although this book does not necessarily provide answers to all issues, the goal of this book is to provide a platform for us to begin dialogue on these issues in order to get closer to our Creator.

Review :  "An insightful volume that takes on many of the issues confronting Muslim youth in the West, sometimes with humour, oftentimes with brutal frankness, but always with sound knowledge and great clarity." --- Imam Zaid Shakir.

Table of Contents :

---Preface [How to Read this Book].

Part 1 : Problems :

---[1]. Introduction,
---[2]. Lessons,
---[3]. Intentions,
---[4]. TV,
---[5]. Parties,
---[6]. Lowering your Gaze,
---[7]. Drinking and Drugs,
---[8]. Music,
---[9]. 'Parents just dont Understand' !
---[10]. Keeping Company,
---[11]. Clothing,
---[12]. Showing off,
---[13]. Insulting People,
---[14]. Envy & Jealousy,
---[15]. Scamming and Cheating,
---[16]. Chats, Blogs, Facebook, Internet,
---[17]. The Deadliest Weapon : The Tongue,
---[18]. Pornography,
---[19].Suicide, Depression and Abuse.

Part II : Solutions :

---[20]. The Bestseller from the Greatest Author : The Qur'an,
---[21]. First Question on the Day of Judgement : The Prayer,
---[22]. Help I need somebody! : Supplication,
---[23]. I've been thinking about You! : Dhikr,
---[24]. Lean on Me : Good Company,
---[25]. There's no place like home : Masjid,
---[26]. Never Give up : Hope,
---[27]. Small Deeds that are Overlooked : Small & Consistent Actions,
---[28]. See you at the Crossroads : Remembering Death.

---Closing Time : Epilogue.

---About the Authors,

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*Dimensions : 21.5 x 13.8cm.

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