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Keys to Sacred Science
Keys to Sacred Science
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Rethinking Ibn 'Arabi : New
Rethinking Ibn 'Arabi : New
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Surah Yasin Wird Khas [S]
Surah Yasin Wird Khas [S]
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Urdu Learning

Teach yourself Urdu in Two months
Teach yourself Urdu in Two months
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Details:  Teach Yourself Urdu in Two Months.
*[A5] Hardback - 253 pages,
by Professor Azizur Rahman.
Edited by Khalid Azizi,
Published by IBS, Delhi.

Back in Stock March 2020


The chief object of this book is to meet a beginner's wants, and to remove the difficulties which are not explained in most other books. Points which to a learned person may seem too easy to require an explanation, often present a great difficulty to a beginner.

Every effort has been made to make the book clear, useful and as simple as possible.

Latest '2011' Edition! Includes numerous examples and exercises.

Table of Contents :


Part I:
Urdu Alphabet and System of Translation;
---The Alphabet,
---Different forms of letters,
------Pronunciation of Vowels,
---Short Vowels,
---Long Vowels,
---Madd; Tashdid,
---Jazm (Amputation),
---Hamza (Hyphen); Tanwin (Adverbial n.),
---Nasal Nun,
---Aspirated Consonants.

Part II:
---Articles; Nouns,
---Possessive Pronouns; Adverbs,

Part III;
---Nouns, Genders, Number, Case,
---Oblique; Singular and Plural,
---Nouns, Declensions,
------Past Auxiliary Verbs,
---Pronouns, Declensions,
------Accusative Case,
---Demonstrative Pronouns,
---"To Be" Conjugation of the Verb,
---Genitive Case "ka, ke, ki,"
---Uses of Adjectives,
---Interrogative and Relative Pronouns,
---Substantives used as Postpositions,
---Conjunction; Interjection,
---Verbs, The Infinitive,
---Imperative and Prohibition,
---"To" The Preposition,
---Present Participle,
---Present and Past Imperfect Tenses,
---Formation of a Sentence,
---Past Participle and the Past Tenses,
---Past Tenses of Transitive Verbs,
---Transitive Verbs that do not take "ne"
---Past Conditional Tenses,
---Aorist Tense,
---Future Tense,
---Past Conjunctive,
---"Apna" uses of,
---"Ap" uses of,
---Days of the Week, Directions,
---Verbal Noun,
---Infinitive of Purpose,
---Passive Voice,
---Direct and Indirect Narration,
---Particle Adjectives.

Part IV;
---"Sakna" and "Chukna" the Verbs, uses of,
---"Chahna" - to wish; to want, etc.
---"Chahie" - uses of,
---"Parna" and "Hona" the Verbs, uses of,
---"Milna" - the Verb, uses of,
---"Lagna," "Pana" and "Dena" uses of,
---Habitual Tenses, uses of,
---Continual Tenses, uses of,
---"Dekhna," "Sunna" and "Pakarna" etc, uses of,

Part V:
---"Wala" uses of,
---"Hi" uses of,
---"To Have" the Verb, uses of.

Part VI:
---Stories for Translation into Urdu,
---Intensive Verbs,
---Railway Journey (Roman Urdu),
---The Ordinal and Fractional Numbers.

Part VII:
---Some Useful Sentences;
------1. Food,
------2. Time,
------3. Miscellaneous Sentences.

Part VIII:

More Urdu Learning.
Also see Arabic Learning.

Sub-Continent print and translation.

*Dimensions : 21.7 x 14.4cm.


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