The Sublime Gift

The Sublime GiftNew,
 Al-Hadiyya al-'Alaiyya,,
'A Textbook of Hanafi Law'
Large Hardback - 928 pages,
by Imam Muhammad Ala al-Din Abidin [d.1306h],
Translation, Commentary &
Supplementary Notes by Azhar Hussain,
Published by Abu Zahra.

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Al-Hadiyya al-'Alaiyya -The Sublime Gift is one of the finest legal texts in the Hanafi school of Islamic jurisprudence. It details the rulings of Islamic worship, integrals of Muslim creed, lawful and prohibited matters in everyday life, and beneficial points of decorum. As well as the core teachings that every Muslim should be familiar with, ‘Ala’ al-Din ‘Abidin (d. 1306/1889) adds details and legal subtleties rarely found in other books in this genre.

The translator has set the original text in digestible paragraphs and lists, presented with extra margin space for student annotations.


          [ There are a number of reasons the work in front of us, al-Hadiyya al-'Ala’iyya, stands apart from most introductory handbooks  in Hanafi fiqh. It represents a late synthesis of a large body of legal works, allowing the author to revisit the most widely accepted presentation of the issues covered. In this, he had the advantage of intimate knowledge with his father’s Radd al-muhtar. As is well known, his father would at times depart from commonly accepted opinions in the school in favour of positions that he argued were more consistent with the methodology of Abu Hanifa, especially where it accorded with local custom or necessity. In such instances, Ibn 'Abidinzade would usually remark, ‘Were [Abu Hanifa] here [today], he would say the same [on this issue] ...’ ]


The text is embellished with copious footnotes that clarify and elaborate its meanings, provide primary proofs for contentious matters, and supporting references to recognized authorities. Additional chapters written by the translator include an introduction to the Hanafi school, select biographies of its scholars, and supplementary notes addressing frequently asked contemporary questions. This volume represents an indispensable companion for the student and the scholar alike.---Foreword by Shaykh Ruzwan Mohammed


Abu Zahra Press is to be commended for the publication of this masterful work of Hanafi law by the erudite scholar, ʿAlaʾ al-Din ʿAbidin, son of the great jurist and muhaqqiq, Ibn ʿAbidin (Allah be pleased with them both). In his excellent translation and annotations, Azhar Hussain has provided English readers with a critical resource of the Hanafi school that will be of great benefit to students and teachers alike, God willing. The ultimate fruit of such works is to ensure that our worship is aligned with the pleasure of Allah Most High, and such fruit is beyond measure. ---Shaykh Faraz A. Khan, Faculty Member, Zaytuna College.

This excellent translation of al-Hadiyya al-ʿAlaʾiyya by Azhar Hussain, which comes with accompanying commentary and notes by the translator, expertly brings out the original idiom of the Arabic in plain and idiomatic English, while retaining the integrity of the Arabic legal text. I believe this work will be accessible and enjoyable for both laymen and lawyers and recommend it to anyone interested in Islamic law and jurisprudence. ----Shaykh Salman Hasan, Chief Legal Officer and Sharia Scholar, Pfida.

Al-Hadiyya al-ʿAlaʾiyya is a truly remarkable book. It is perhaps the best book available to combine detail with concision in presenting the positions of the late Ḥanafi school. The author draws on the insights of his father – ʿAllama Muḥammad Amin Ibn ʿAbidIn – from his highly regarded Radd al-muhtar, widely held as the best critical engagement with the entirety of the HanafI school. The current translation brings this important text into the English language, combined with thorough footnotes and an excellent introduction. This will be a valuable contribution to the library of English-language works in Islamic law. ---Dr Sohail Hanif, CEO, National Zakat Foundation.

Table of Contents

---Transliteration Note,
---List of Abbreviations,

---Translator's Introduction,
---Author's Introduction.

Al-Hadiyya al-ʿAlaʾiyya :The Sublime Gift,  

---[A]. Introduction to the Hanafi School,

---[B]. Purification,

---[C]. Ritual Prayer,

---[D]. Fasting, 

---[E]. Almsgiving,

---[F]. Pilgrimage, 

---[G]. The Permissible and Prohibited,

---[H]. Tenets of Faith,

---[I]. Supplementary Notes,

---[J]. Supplications,

---[K]. Select Biographies,

---[L]. Works Cited,

---[M]. Index.







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