Intellectual Intifada

Intellectual Intifada : New,
'Blueprint for Restoring the Caliphate'
[A5] Paperback - 168 pages,
Compiled by Asrar Rashid,
Published by Rigel Publishing.


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Description :

Intellectual Intifada - Blueprint for Restoring the Caliphate : Another important work on the cognitive steps required to re-establishing the Islamic caliphate. Written by one of the most respected and prominent theologians of our times; Shaykh Asrar Rashid.


In his first two books, 'Islam Answers Atheism' and 'Navigating the End of Time,' Asrar Rashid described the obstacles to the finding of a pure worship of Allah Almighty - the ideologies, -isms and deceptions of the educated modern; the self-worshipping humanist.

'Intellectual Intifada' traces the steps of the Prophetic model for the establishment of just governance - stepping round the misconceptions and misrepresentations of Islam, laying here the collective responsibility of each believer to bring the Caliphate into being. Far from becoming an autocratic tyranny, Rashid shows that a concerted attempt - under the guidance of ijtihad and the ahl al-hall wa al-'aqd - to eliminate the unjust taxes, the punishment by inflation through.usurious banking mechanisms, and the wastefulness of warmongering military budgets, may produce something close to the perfect example of society as established in Madinah. 

The intelligent way to change the disastrous state of affairs, or affairs of the state - Rashid never shies from calling a spads a spade - is to change oneself. To shake off the shackles of the monocultural consumer slavery that binds us requires - not in violent reaction - but an acute grasp of how things are. 

"Intellectual Intifada' is constructive, creative,
lateral thinking, and effective in disarming
the enemy and weakening him while at
the same time strengthening harmed
and subjugated peoples."


The balance of Shari'a and Haqiqa is the key, and this book explains the unlocking. 


Shaykh Asrar Rashid is a writer, public lecturer, debater and teacher of Arabic and Islamic disciplines. He has undertaken studies under traditional Islamic teachers in Arabic and Islam, Ash'ari Kalam, traditional rational theology, and its ancillary subjects in his city of birth, Birmingham (UK) and in Damascus (Syria).




Table of Contents

---Transliteration Key,
------Setting the Stage.

---Intellectual Intifada.

---Appendix : Black/White Photos,
------Sacred Places,
------Pious Personalities.




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