Prophetic Pearls : New

Prophetic Pearls :
An Overview of the Life
& Campaigns of Allah's Messenger
*[A5+] Large Paperback - 335 pages,
by Al-Hafiz ibn 'Abd al-Barr [d.463h],
Transl. by Amr Abu Ayyub,
**Published by Dar al-Arqam.

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Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, is central to the Islamic message. Indeed, the testimony of faith comprises of testification to the Oneness of Allah and testification that Muhammad, salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa sallam, is the Messenger of Allah. The biography of Prophet Muhammad, therefore, is central to the tenets of Islam. Knowledge of the life and times of Allah's Messenger, salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa sallam, strengthens one's faith, solidifies one's convictions, and only increases one in love of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.

A Cordoban scholar, al-Hafiz Ibn 'Abd al-Barr was touted as the hafiz of the West by Imam al-Dhahabi, and the most knowledgeable Hadith scholar of Andalusia by Abu 'l-Walid al-Baji. Indeed, his works span many sciences, including hadith, law, and history.

In this remarkable book, al-Hafiz Abu 'Umar b. 'Abd al-Barr beautifully summarises the life and campaigns of Allah's Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, basing his work on the seminal works of al-Imam Musa b. 'Uqhah, al-Imam Ibn Ishaq, and the latter's summarisation by al-Imam Ibn Hisham, may Allah be pleased with them.



Imam ibn Abd al-Barr :

He is Yusuf ibn 'Abd Allah ibn Muhammad Ibn 'Abd al-Barr, Abu 'Umar al-Namari al-Andalusî al-Qurtubi al-Maliki (368-463h). A major hadith Master of the Maliki School. Ibn Farhun says he was the greatest memoriser of the Sunna in his time and Ibn al-Subki mentions him in the fifth synchronical layer of those who followed the School of al-Ash'ari in doctrine along with Abu al-Walid al-Baji, Abu al-Hasan al-Qabisi, Abu al-Qasim ibn 'Asakir, Abu al-Hasan al-Muradi, Abu Sa'd ibn al-Sam'ani, Abu Tahir al-Silafi, al-Qadi 'Iyad, and al-Shahrastani.

He studied under Ibn al-Makwi, Ibn al-Fardi, Ahmad ibn 'Abd al-Malik ibn Hisham, and took hadîth from Sa'îd ibn Nasr, 'Abd al-Warith, Ahmad ibn Qasim al-Bazzar, Khalf ibn Sahl, Abû `Umar al-Talamanki, and many others. Imam Al-Qurtubi cites him about five hundred times in his Tafsir.  Of his book al-Tamhîd his friend Ibn Hazm said:

"I do not know of anything like it with regard to the superlative
understanding of hadîth, let alone better than it."

Ibn 'Abd al-Barr initially followed the School of Dawud al-Zahiri and befriended Ibn Hazm. He left that school and turned to that of Imam Malik, while leaning towards the Shafi'i school.

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