The Seekers Aid : 2nd Edition

The Seekers Aid - 2nd Edition,
In Upholding The Religious Duties, New,
- Is'af al-Muridin li Iqamah Fara'id al-Din, [English & Arabic],
'A Manual on Creed and Hanafi Fiqh,'
*[A5+] Large Paperback -  93 pages,
by Shaykh 'Abdal-Ghani al-Ghunaymi al Maydani [d.1298],
Transl. & Annotated by Amjad Mahmood,
Published by Heritage Press. 

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Description :

"The Seekers Aid - In Upholding The Religious Duties, A Manual on Creed and Hanafi Fiqh."  - Is'af al-Muridin li Iqamah Fara'id al-Din,

The Prophet, salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam, said " Islam is built upon five [pillars] : the Testimony that there is no god except Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, establishing the Prayer, paying Zakat, making the Hajj to the House and Fasting in Ramadan' (narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslim).

This short treatise succinctly presents each of these five pillars with the detail necessary for their correct understanding and application. Any Muslim, whether the student of knowledge or the layman, may benefit from it in this regard. It thus serves as a primer to intermediate and advanced works in Hanafi fiqh. Due to the brevity of the work, footnotes have been drawn from 'The Essential Islamic Creed' and the Believers Guide' series already published. See 'Heritage Press' link below.

The original Arabic text has also been included in this edition together with its English translation and footnotes. The edition used for the Arabic text was the Dar al-Basha'ir/Dar al-Siraj edition, which was edited by Dr. Sa'id Bakdash.

The Author :

Shaykh 'Abd al-Ghani al-Ghunaymi al-Maydani al-Dimashqi [d.1298 / 1880 or 1881], was born and raised in the Maydan district of Damascus in 1222h. After having memorised the noble Qur'an he began studying the Islamic sciences under the foremost scholars of Damascus of the time. As well as his expertise in Islamic Law, he was also renowned for his exemplary piety. He is most famous for his popular commentary on the Hanafi legal classic Mukhtasar al-Quduri, known simply as Al-Lubab. Link.

Table of Contents :

---Transliteration Key,
---Translator's Introduction,
---Author's Biography.

----The First Obligation,
----Faith (Imaan),
------Allah Most High and His Attributes,
------The Revealed Scriptures,
------The Messengers, peace be upon them all,
------The Last Day,

Chapter [1]. On Establishing the Prayer,
---Conditions of the Prayer,
---Integrals of the Prayer,
---Lesser ritual impurity and what nullifies ablution,
---The obligatory acts of ablution,
---The greater ritual impurity (al-hadith al-akbar),
------The obligatory acts of the purificatory bath (ghusl),
---The obligatory acts of dry ablution (tayammum),
---The conditions for the validity of dry ablution,
---Supplement : Sunnahs' of ablution, the purificatory bath and dry ablution,
------Sunnahs of ablution,
------Sunnahs' of the purificatory bath,
------Sunnahs of dry ablution,
---Purification from filth,
---Covering one's nakedness ('awrah),
---Facing the Qiblah,
---Prayer times,
---The intention,
---The tahrimah,
---The final sitting,
---Supplement : The necessary acts of the prayer (wajibat).

---Appendix 1 : Sunnahs' of the prayer,
---What invalidates the prayer?

Chapter [2]. On Giving Zakat,
---Its definition,
---The condition for its obligation,
------Eligible recipients for Zakat,
------Those ineligible to receive Zakat,
---Supplement : post-Ramadan alms (sadaqah al-fitr).

Chapter [3]. On Fasting in Ramadan,
---Its definition,
---Conditions for its validity,
---What does not invalidate the fast?
---Those exempt from fasting,
---Supplement : what is offensive during the fast,
---What is recommended for the one fasting?

---Appendix 2 : The Spiritual Retreat (i'tikaf),

Chapter [4]. On On Hajj to the House,
---It's legal definition,
---Conditions for its obligation,
---Its obligatory acts,
---The designated boundaries for ihram,
---Supplement : Necessary acts of hajj (wajibat).

---Appendix 3 : The Sunnahs of Hajj,
---The Umrah.

---Appendix A : Legal Rulings in the Hanafi School.

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Also see Darsi Fiqh (advanced).


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  • Written by: Imam 'Abd al-Ghani al-Maydani

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