Organ Transplantation, Euthanasia, Cloning ...

Organ Transplantation, Euthanasia, Cloning,
& Animal Experimentation : An Islamic View
, New,
[A5] Paperback - 144 pages,
by Abul Fadl Mohsin Ebrahim,
Published by Islamic Foundation.


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Description :

Muslims believe that everything they own has been given to them as a trust (amanah) from Allah. Would it constitute a breach of that trust to consent to enrol oneself as an organ donor? While euthanasia may apparently alleviate suffering of the terminally ill, would that not compound their agony in the life hereafter?

The author sheds lights on these issues and acquaints the reader with the latest rulings on these biotechnological manipulations.

Table of Contents :


Part One : Animal Experimenation,
---Chapter [1]. Animal Rights : A Historical Survey,
---Chapter [2]. Animal Care in Islam,
---Chapter [3]. The Practice of Classical Muslim Physicians,
---Chapter [4]. Islamic Juridical Principles.

Part Two : Blood Transfusion,
---Chapter [5]. Conceptions about Blood,
---Chapter [6]. The Reality of Blood Transfusion,
---Chapter [7]. Juristic Rulings,
-------1. Objections to Blood Transfusions,
------------a. Blood is part of the Human Body,
------------b. Blood as Najas,
-------2. Relaxation of the Legal Rule,
-------3. Justification for Blood Transfusion,
------------a. The Dignity of Man,
------------b. The Rule of Necessity,
------------c. Human Welfare,
------------d. Blood Tranfusion : A Form of Cure,
-------4. The Donor,
-------5. The Sale of Blood,
-------6. Blood Banks,
-------7. The Religious Factor.

Part Three : Transplantation of Human Organs,,
---Chapter [8]. Utilisation of Human Parts in Islamic Juridicial Literature,
-------1. The Hanafi School,
-------2. The Maliki School,
-------3. The Shafi'i School,
-------4. The Hanbali School,
-------5. The 'Imamiyah' School.

---Chapter [9]. Views of Contemporary Muslim Scholars on Organ Transplantation,
---Chapter [10]. Islamic Juridicial Resolutions on Organ Transplantation,
---Chapter [11]. The Inclusion of Organ Donation in One's Will,
---Chapter [12]. Human Cloning,
-------1. Therapeutic Uses of Cloning Technology,
-------2. Muslim Concerns,
-----------a. Belief in Allah Almighty as the Creator.

Part Four : The Moment of Death,
---Chapter [13]. Medical Science and the Determination of Death,
---Chapter [14]. The Qur'anic Concept of Death,
---Chapter [15]. Deliberations of Muslim Scholars on the End of Human Life,
---Chapter [16]. Islamic Juridicial Resolutions on Brain Stem Death,
---Chapter [17]. Euthanasia,
-------1. Sanctity of Life,
-------2. Active and/or Involuntary Euthanasia,
-------3. Voluntary Euthanasia,
-------4. The Concept of Pain and Suffering,
-------5. Passive Euthanasia,
-------6. Motivations for Euthanasia,
------------a. Economic Factors,
------------b. Considerations of Hospital Space, Beds, Staff and Therapeutic Devices,
------------c. Death and Dignity,


---Index of Proper Names,
---General Index.

Fiqh Homepage.

Dimensions : 21 x 15cm.

NB : Contains Occasional Non ASWJ References.


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