Hands off our Hijab

Hands off our Hijab : New,
'Muslim Women Putting Liberal Hypocrisy On Trial'
[A5] Paperback - 113 pages,
by Farhat Amin,
Published by Smart Muslima.


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Description :

Why are liberal politicians banning our hijabs and niqabs?

Under the presidency of Emmanuel Macron, France had the audacity to ban Muslim women and girls under the age of 18 from wearing the hijab in public. What was the response from the liberal progressive world? Shameful silence. So as Muslim women, how should we react to this attack on our Islamic dress code? Why do non-Muslims politicians and governments hate our hijab? How can Muslims individually and collectively support the challenges sisters are facing?

These are the questions the author, Farhat Amin tackles in Hands off our Hijab, and she believe's we need to put liberal hypocrisy on trial. She sincerely want's to help Muslimahs make sense of the challenging situation and take back control of the narrative but not on their own terms: on Allah's terms.

In sha Allah, we pray this book will help you make sense of the world right now so you can move forward confident and comfortable in your hijab. It may seem like our enemies have the upper hand, but we have Allah Almighty on our side: the Creator of the Universe.


Review :

Sister Farhat Amin is in the front line of many women’s issues of the day. She is also a student of knowledge and a researcher of history and Islamic rulings. I have read her material and listened to her podcasts. All this is to say that Sister Farhat is uniquely positioned to know and to respond to these issues in the most appropriate manner as a person of wisdom that is well-grounded in our religious tradition. Her contributions in this area are very important and urge everyone to purchase the book and listen to her work. Thank you Sister Farhat for all your work in helping us understand and navigate a path forward to helping our youth and young adults. ---Azmat Mukhtar, Ilmtree.


Table of Contents :


---[1]. A very French Inquisition,
---[2]. Historical Unveiling of Muslim Women by Colonialists,
---[3]. Time to play offence against the anti-Hijab squad,
---[4]. Critiquing " Headscarves & Hymens" by Mona Eltahawy,
---[5]. Material Girls,
---[6]. Too Afraid to Wear the Hijab,
---[7]. Good Hijabi's shatter Stereotypes,
---[8]. India and the Hijab Ban, by Hanan Khaja,

---[9]. About the Author,
---[10]. References.





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