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The Rightly Guided Caliphs :
Abu Bakr, 'Umar, 'Uthman, 'Ali,
[A5+] Paperback - 330 pages,
by Gibril Fouad al-Haddad,
Published by Islamic Supreme C.A.


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Description :

"The Messenger of Allah admonished us so intensely that the eyes wept and the hearts trembled. ‘I exhort you to hear and obey even if your leader is a black Ethiopian. … You must follow my Sunna and the Sunna of the rightly-guided, upright successors after me." (Narrated from al-'Irbad ibn Sariya in the Musnad and Sunan).

"The sequence of the Prophet’s order to follow his Sunna and the Sunna of the well-guided Successors, coming after his order to hear and obey governors generally, is a proof that the Sunna of the Rightly-Guided Successors must be followed just as his own Sunna must be followed, contrary to the case of other governors” (Ibn Rajab).

The best post-Prophetic 30-year generation to walk the earth constitutes, by consensus of Ahl al-Sunna wal-Jama‘a, the most shining model of governance—and self-governance—for a just society of humble believers ever to be held up to the human ages. This glimpse in 110 chapters of their respective lives and deaths highlights the necessary qualities of true leadership which are personal sacrifice for the public welfare and dedication to the Prophetic model of trust, firm belief, constant remembrance, inspired practice and self-effaced vast mercy.


Dr. Gibril Fouad al-Haddad holds scholarly licences (ijaza) from 150 shaykhs and has authored dozens of books and hundreds of articles in Islamic hermeneutics, doctrine, hadith, biography and heresiology. He was hailed in the inaugral edition of The 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World as one of the clearest voices of traditional Islam in the West. His recent works include The Four Imams and Their Schools, Sunna Notes III: The Binding Proof of the Sunna (with Ibn Hajars' 50 page commentary on the hadith on Islam, Iman and Ihsan), and The Muhammadan Light in the Qur'an and Sunna and Companion Reports. He currently resides in Brunei, Darrussalaam.



Table of Contents :


---[1]. Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, may Allah be pleased with him,
-------Four Generations of Companions of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and Grant Him Peace,
-------Abu Bakr is in Paradise,
-------The First Rightly Guided Caliph,
-------His Respect of the Prophet Excelled Obedience,
-------How the Prophet named Abu Bakr  "the Siddiq"
-------The Companions who Entered Islam Because of Abu Bakr, and Those who Narrated from Him,
-------His Superior Faith and Reliance,
-------His Scrupulous Sense of Justice snd Humbleness,
-------Prophetic Allusions to Abu Bakr and 'Umar's Immediate Successions,
-------'Umar's Testimony to the Superiority of Abu Bakr and 'Ali's Testimony to the Superiority of Abu Bakr and 'Umar,
-------The Companion-status of Abu Bakr in the Qur'an,
-------Sound Prophetic Hadiths on the Immense Merits of Abu Bakr,
-------Abu Bakr Saved Islam and Humanity Twice,
-------Fatima's Displeasure and Pardon,
-------The Delayed Pledge of 'Ali to Abu Bakr,
-------A'isha's Description of Her Father,
-------Abu Bakr's Expertise in Genealogy and the Interpretation of Dreams,
-------Abu Bakr's 'Rules of War' for the Mujahideen,
-------Death and Posterity of Abu Bakr,
-------His Miraculous Foresight (Firasa),
-------Abu Bakr Related 142 Hadiths from the Prophet,
-------His 'Jihad al-Nafs' Self Blame, Modesty and Consciousness of Allah,
-------Is al-Mahdi Better than the Two Shaykhs.

---[2]. 'Umar b. al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him,
-------'Umar's Islam,
-------The Great Trust of the Prophet for 'Umar,
-------'Umar's Inheritance of the Prophetic Knowledge,
-------'Umar's Gift of Truthful Inspiration,
-------'Umar's Congruities with the Divine Rulings (Muwafaqat),
-------His Interpreation of Dreams,
-------His Many Excellent Innovations,
-------His Invention of the Hijri Calendar,
-------His Finalising of of the Prohibition of Mut'a (Temporary Marriage),
-------Statutory Penalty (Hadd) by Lapidation (Rajm),
-------The 10% Maximum Customs or Import Duty ('Ushr),
-------Other Firsts,
-------His Superlative Administration of Justice,
-------Little Sleep and Permanent Fasting,
-------Hs Concern for the Welfare of Slaves, the Aged and Women,
-------His Retraction after Being Publicily Corrected by a Woman,
-------His Constant Weeping and Emotional Nature,
-------His Scrupulous Fear of Allah,
-------'Umar and Women,
-------The Meccans Roughness with Women,
-------Women Praying in the Mosque,
-------Pre-Cautionary Pre-Emption (Sadd al-Dhara'i'),
-------Writing vs Learning of Hadith:
-----------Dislike of Story-Tellers (Qussas),
-------His Detestation of Worldliness,
-------'Umar and an Innovator in the Faith,
-------'Umar and the Syrian Plague,
-------'Umar and Nile,
-------'Umar and the Friends of Allah (Awliya),
-------'Umar's Tawassul (Using a Means) Through al-Abbas as Intercessor,
-------Tabarruk (deriving blessing) with the Mushaf,
-------Some Sayings of Our Master 'Umar,
-------The Prophecy that Umar would be a Shahid,
-------'Umar's Fatal Stabbing and His Last Speech,
-------'Ali's Eulogy of 'Umar,
-------After 'Umar's Burial in 'Aisha's House,
-------'Umar's Posterity,
-------'Abd Allah b. 'Umar's Dream of His Father,
-------'Umar, the Barrier between the Umma and Fitna,
-------'Umar's Narrations  from the Prophet.

---[3]. 'Uthman b. Affan, may Allah be pleased with him,
-------'Uthman's Islam,
----------His Marriage to the Prophet's Daughter and their Emigration to Abyssinia,
-------'Uthman's Generosity, Piety, Virtue and Humbleness,
-------His Night Worship, Perpetual Fasting and Excluisve Merit's,
-------Some of 'Uthman's Excellent Innovations:
----------His Codex of the Qur'an,
-------He did not Shorten the Prayer whilst Travelling,
-------His Additions to the Two Holy Sanctuaries,
-------His Adding a Supplication to the Last Rakat of Tarawih,
-------His Collecting the Zakat in the Month of Rajab,
-------His Physical Description,
-------"He of the Two Lights" and Ibn Mas'ud's Praise,
-------The Prophet's Prediction of 'Uthman's Death as a Shahid,
-------His Killing Marks the Onset of Dissension (Fitna),
-------The Great Innovation of Isnad (Sourcing) and Ancillary Disciplines,
-------Tawassul (using the Prophet, as a Means) at the Core of Isnad,
-------The Killing of Our Master 'Uthman,
-------'Uthman's Posterity,
-------Some of 'Uthman's Sayings,
-------His Excellence in this World and His Arch-Intercessorship in the Next,
-------Qur'anic Verses that Allude to 'Uthman b. Affan,
-------Hadith's Narrated by Our Liegelord 'Uthman.

---[4]. 'Ali b. Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him,
-------'Ali's Surname of "Lion" (Haydar),
-------'Ali's Learning of Wisdom and Humbleness,
-------His Revilement of Pre-Islamic Idols,
-------His Bethrothal and Marriage to Fatima, may Allah be pleased with her,
-------His Courage and Sense of Justice,
-------The Conquest of Khaybar,
-------The 'Non-Sunni' View of the Preferability of 'Ali Over the Three Caliphs,
-------Hadiths on the Immense Merits of Our Master 'Ali,
-------'Ali's Words on the Succession to the Prophet,
-------The Prophet's Predicted Timeline for the Rightly-Guided Succession,
-------The Meaning of Ahl al-Bayt (The People of the Prophet's House),
-------The First Shi'is,
-------The Great Fitna,
-------The Battle of the Camel,
----------The Battle of Siffin,
-------'Ali's Impartial Respect of His Opponents,
-------On the Awliya of Syro-Palestine (Sham),
-------Keeping Custody of One's Tongue in Regard to the Companions,
-------The Khawarij,
-------Debates of ibn 'Abbas with the Khawarij,
-------The Prophetic Foretelling of the Khawarij and their Status
-------Timeless Traits of the Khawarij and their Modern-Day Versions,
-------Mukhdaj Dhul-Thadiya the Khariji from Najd,
-------The Murder of Our Master 'Ali and the Execution of His Murderer,
-------Our Liegelord 'Ali's Grave site is Unknown,
-------The Caliph 'Ali's Appearance and Character,
-------'Ali's Posterity in Muslim Lands,
-----------1. From al-Hasan, the Godfearing, the Pure Elect Grandson,
-----------2. From al-Husayn, the Pure, the Blessed, the Grandson,
-------Some of Our Liegelord 'Ali's Sayings,
-------Did Hasan al-Basri Narrate from 'Ali ?
-------Nahj al-Balagha and Other Forged Attributions to 'Ali,
-------The Earthquake Prayer,
-------Imam al-Nawawi's Patrilineal Pattern Chained Hadith from 'Ali.







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