Glimpses : New

Glimpses : New,
'The Life of the Blessed Prophet,'
[A5+] Large Paperback - 172 pages,
by Muhammad Husni Fayid,
Preface by Mostawa al-Badawi,
Edited by Muhammad Isa Waley
Publ. by Ihya Publishers, USA.


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Description :

So much has been written about the Prophet of Islam, may God’s blessings and peace be upon him and his family, that one may well wonder whether yet another book is called for. However, so much is known about him and there are so many ways of presenting and interpreting the material that any new work potentially has something additional to offer.

'Glimpses: The life of the Blessed Prophet' being relatively short, it does not contain so much detail as to become arduous to read; nor is it so brief as to lose its informative power or the spiritual fragrance of that emanates from the life of the Supreme Divine Envoy. It provides essential information about the Prophet’s background, ancestry, character, and household, the various stages of his life, his miracles, and his political and military activities. It is therefore a useful summary of the most important facts about him. It also shows how the Prophet envisaged his mission: what he wished to achieve for mankind and for his Community.

Firstly, the Prophet’s, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, words and deeds, preserved in full detail for posterity by his Companions and transmitted meticulously from generation to generation, show how concerned he was to save disbelievers from the consequences of their denial of the One True God and of a Day of Judgement. He ordered his Community to transmit his message on his behalf as best they could, and to do so gently and tactfully. To exterminate them would result in their dying as disbelievers and deserving Hellfire, and so he fought only in self-defense. He enjoined upon his Community to keep their promises and pacts even with disbelievers. The second function was to make the believers better Muslims who excelled in their adoration of their Lord, and in their behavior toward others. The third function was to found an exemplary Islamic state, ruled with justice, where both Muslims and non-Muslims enjoyed the full protection of the Sacred Law and were able to worship in full freedom.


About The Author:

Muhammad Husni Fayid, has lived in Madina and has taught Qur’an recitation in the Prophet’s, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, Mosque for over forty years as well as teaching English. Born in 1945 at Shiblinga in the Nile Delta in Egypt, he studied English at the University of ‘Ayn Shams in Cairo, graduating in 1964. This book was originally written in Arabic. The present version is a free adaptation, containing much new material designed specifically for readers of English.



Table of Contents :


---[1]. The Early Years,
-------The Prophet’s Noble Lineage,
-------Birth of the Prophet,
-------The Prophet's Wet Nurses,
-------Halima al-Sa'diyya,
-------Blessed Names,

---[2]. Before the Message,
-------Marriage to Khadija,
-------Character before Revelation.

---[3]. Revelation,
-------The First Muslims,
-------Bilal ibn Rabah,
-------‘Umar ibn al-Khattab,
-------Stressful Days,
-------Hamza ibn 'Abd al-Mutallib,
-------The Boycott,
-------The Year of Grief,

---[4]. The Night Journey,
-------Consequences of the Night Journey.

---[5]. The Emigration,

---[6]. The Campaigns (Battles),
-------Battle of Badr,
-------Banu Qaynuqa,
-------Battle of Uhud,
-------The Battle of the Trench,
-------Banu Qurayza,
-------Messages to Kings,
-------The Missed ‘Umrah,
-------The Conquest of Makka,
-------The Battle of Hunayn.

---[7]. A Tremendous Character,
-------The Praiseworthy Station.

---[8]. Miracles,
-------The Qur’an,
-------The Splitting of the Moon,
-------Rain falls at his Request,
-------Water Gushing from between his Fingers,
-------Increasing the water in the Well of Hudaybiya,
-------The Palm Trunk,
-------The Stone that Greeted him,
-------Qatada’s eye,
-------The Camel that Prostrated itself before him,
-------The Camel that Wept before him,
-------The Eye of the Heart.

---[9]. The Farewell Pilgrimage,
-------The Last Expedition,

---[10]. To the Supreme Assembly,

---[11]. Life after Death,

---[12]. The Prophet’s Household,

---[13]. The Companions.

---End Notes,
-------30 pages of colour rare/old colour photographs wityh Text.



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Dimensions : 23 x 15.8cm.





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