Adab al-Ifta: Sharh Uqud Rasm Mufti

Adaab al-Ifta'Arabic, New,
Sharh Uqud Rasm al-Mufti,
*[A4] Hardback - 374 pages,
Uqud Rasm al-Mufti by Imam ibn Abidin Shami [d.1252h],
Epistles by Imam Ahmad Rida Khan [d.1340h],
Tahqiq by Mufti Muhammad Aslam Raza Shewani,
Published by Dar al-Fath.

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Description :
Thalath Rasa'il fi Adaab al-Ifta' fi sharh Uqud Rasm al-Mufti .  'Allamah Ibn 'Abidin's famous poem, 'Uqud Rasm al-Mufti, with 2 epistles related to ifta by Imam Ahmad Rida Khan, alayhi ar-Rahman.  This is a classical text on Hanafi fatwa methodology.
This work contains a number of treatises in relation to the art of ifta.' It is wholly based upon the saying of the Imam and the graciousness of God, that where there is a Sahih hadith that is my madhhab.
This edition.
Decent binding with clear computerised print on matt cream paper.  Published by Dar al-Fath and edited by Mufti Aslam Raza Shewani. Highly recommended.
Imam ibn Abidin ash-Shami :

He is Muhammad Amin ibn Umar Abidin al-Maturidi al-Hanafi, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi. He was born in Damascus, Syria in 1198 Hijri. His family came from a long line of scholars and was, therefore, well respected. He studied the Qur'an starting at a very young age and received his first general degree of authorisation from his first teacher, Shaykh Muhammad al-Kuzbari al-Kabir, when he was about 12 years old. He was said to have memorised the Qur'an before he reached maturity. He was a very determined student.  He became the authority of the fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) of the Hanafi madhhab (school of law) and was given the title of Amin al-fatwa. Ibn Abidin died on 21 Rabi al-thani in the year 1252 AH at the age of 54 years.

He composed over 50 works consisting of a major fatawa (legal statement) collection, many treatises, poems, and several commentaries on the works of others. His most famous work was the Radd al-Muhtar ala Ad-Durr al-Mukhtar. This is still considered the authoritative text of Hanafi fiqh today.

Amongst his works are :

---Radd al-Muhtar 'ala al-Dur al-Mukhtar,
---Al-'Uqud ad-Durriyyah fi Tanqihi Al-Fatawa al-Hamidiyyah,
---Hashiyah 'ala Tafsir al-Qadi al-Baydawi,
---Hashiyah 'ala Ifadatu'l Anwar Sharh al-Manar,
---Hashiyah 'ala Sharh At-Taqrir wa’t Tahbir fi'l Usul of ibn Amir Hajj,
---Fatawa fi'l Fiqh’li Hanafi, also known as Ajwibatun Muhaqqiqah,
---Al-Fawayid al-Mukhassasah bi Ahkami Kayy al-Hummasah,
---Rafa at-Taraddud fi Áqdi’l Asabiy índa’t Tashahhud,
---Shifa al-Alil wa Ball al-Ghalil f?iHukmi’l Wasiyyati bi’l Khitmati wa’t Tahalil, 
---Tanbih Dhawi’l Afham ala Ahkami’t Tablighi Khalf al-Imam
---Tanbih al-Ghafil wa’l Wasnan ala Ahkami Hilali Ramadan.

Imam Ahmad Rida Khan [d.1340h] :
He is Al-Imam Al-Shaykh Abu'l Mustafa Ahmad Rida Khan al-Qadiri  (b. 1272 AH/1856 CE), alayhi ar-Rahman w'al-Ridwan. Imam Ahmad Rida (Raza) was a renowned Hanafi jurist, hadith expert and theologian par excellence, recognised by scholars from the Islamic world to be a reviver [mujaddid] of his era.
He was a prolific writer whose legal edicts were gathered into twelve encyclopedic volumes and covered almost every science of his day. 
Other works related to Imam Ahmad Rida Khan,

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  • Written by: Imam Ahmad Rida Khan

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