The Qur'an Beheld

The Qur'an Beheld : New,
'An English Translation from the Arabic,'
[A5+] Large Hardback - 1392 pages,
Transl. by Nu Ha Mim Keller,
Published by Visions of Reality.


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Description :

The Qur'an Beheld : This was a seventeen year project in which Shaykh Nu Ha Mim sat with Sheikh Ali Hani, a scholar of Arabic and tafsir (Qur'anic commentary), and took from him the explanation of each verse of the Qur'an. This work solves an enigma that has puzzled many readers first coming to Islam through English translations of the Qur'an. The Arabic original stunned hearers in their own language with its unutterable evocative power, incisive arguments, the sharp relief of its contrasts, striking imagery, and precise detail. Most translations stun few. They seem somehow out of focus, vague, the thread of discourse is often inexplicably lost, and they are seldom moving or powerful.

The present work is called The Qur'an Beheld because it's translator found that the classical Islamic curriculum for learning the Qur'anic sciences lifts the veil from the divine masterpiece like stepping from a dark and silent house into a lively spring day outside. Everything changes.

Why it's Different?

   *** Previous Translations Neglected 7 Key Areas,
   *** The 24-page introduction identifies seven key areas of meaning neglected by previous translations. Such gaps result in crucial elements of the Quran’s themes, logic, arguments, message, and meanings being lost. The Quran Beheld thus uncovers matters of Arabic meaning in the Qur'an for the first time in English.

   *** A Translation for Daily Use,
   *** Includes Indispensable Section on the "Themes of Suras"
   *** Unbroken Exegete (tafsir sanad) Chain,
   *** An Index that Took 1 Year to Manually Compile.


A preface outlines the Qur'an’s continued relevance for readers today. An introduction describes the time-honored Qur'anic teaching paradigm and interpretive method of talaqqi, ‘one-on-one instruction,’ by which the translator studied the Qur'an with a traditional scholar in Jordan during the fifteen years of the work. The two went word by word through the Qur'an together twice, in the light of its greatest exegetes, the Imams of Qur'anic exegesis or tafsir, which literally means ‘uncovering’—men such as Tabari, Zamakhshari, Abu Su‘ud, Ibn ‘Ashur, Biqa‘i, Razi, Alusi, and others.

The introduction explains seven key areas of meaning, ubiquitous throughout the Qur'an, not incorporated by any previous translation. Such gaps have prevented serious apprehension of many of the themes, logic, and arguments that carry the message of the Qur'an’s suras forward. Readers may judge for themselves how much this matters.

The Arabic of the Qur'an is majestic, melodious, and moving. The experience of reading the Qur'an in English, however, can feel fragmented and difficult. Nuh Keller’s new translation of the Qur'an resolves this by paying special attention to the Qur'an’s rhetorical and linguistic depth. The translation stands out for its sheer accuracy, simple elegance, and supreme readability. It opens a door onto the Qur'an’s meanings and majesty. English readers can now behold the message of the most important book in human history.

The English of the translation faces the Arabic original, and is preceded by a section setting forth the main themes of the Qur'an, sura by sura. The Qur'an Beheld does not contain (tafsir) commentary.


About the Author :

Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller was born in eastern Washington State in 1954. He read philosophy at Gonzaga University, the University of Chicago, and UCLA, entered Islam in 1977 at al-Azhar in Cairo, and moved to Jordan in 1980. A scholar of traditional Islamic sciences who studied with sheikhs in Jordan and Syria, he has produced such works as Reliance of the Traveller, Sea Without Shore, and the Chain of Gold edition of Dala’il al-Khayrat. He is a senior fellow at the Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought.




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