Spiritual Ethics for the Mureed

Spiritual Ethics for the Mureeds : New,
being a transl. of Adaab as-Salikeen,
[A5] Paperback - 64 pages,
by Sayyid Ale Ahmed Ach'che miya Barkati [d.1235h],
Transl. by M. Abdul Hadi Qadri,
Published by Sufi Pages.

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Description :

"Spiritual Ethics for the Mureed" is the first English translation of the persian (farsi) text Adaab as-Salikeen, which was written by the gnostic of his time; Shaykh Ale Ahmed Ach'che miya al-Qadiri al-Barkati, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi.

Adaab as-Salikeen was first translated into Urdu in 1935 and published by Taj al-Ulama Allama Sayyid Awlad-e-Rasul Muhammad miya Qadiri al-Barkati. Taj al-Ulama was a venerable shaykh and a reputable scholar, however his work was scholarly and not suitable for the general public hence the need to simplify it so as to benefit a wider audience. This task was undertaken by Professor Dr. Sayyid Muhammad Amin miya al-Husaini Barkati (MA, PhD), a retired lecturer of Urdu language at the famous Aligarh Muslim University in UP. India. Sayyid Amin miya was also the Sajjadah Nasheen of the noble Barkati Khanqah at Marehrah Sharif.

Table of Contents :

---About the Author;
------Glad tidings before the Birth,
------Devotion and ibadah,
------Academic Contribution,
------Karamat (miracles),
------The Khanqah and Spiritual Successor,
------His passing-away (wissal).

---[1]. Chapter 1.
--------Code of Ethics,

---[2]. First Ethic,
--------Not seeking from other than Allah,

---[3]. Second Ethic,
--------Being cautious; not exceeding the limits of one's understanding,

---[4]. Third Ethic,
--------Secrecy; not divulging information to everyone,

---[5]. Fourth Ethic,
--------Murshid e Kamil is always aware,

---[6]. Fifth Ethic,
--------Being strict in following the shari'ah,

---[7]. Sixth Ethic,
--------Showing utmost reverence to the sadat (descendents of the Beloved Prophet),

---[8]. Seventh Ethic,
--------The murshid is a subservient of the Prophet of Allah,

---[9]. Eight Ethic,
--------The murid must be totally devoted to one's shaykh,

---[10]. Ninth Ethic,
----------Being humble,

---[11]. Tenth Ethic,
----------Being totally obedient to Allah Almighty at all times,

---[12]. Eleventh Ethic,
----------Seclusion; abstaining from desires to attain closeness to Allah Almighty,

---[13]. Twelfth Ethic,
----------Eating and sleeping less.

---[14]. Fana ; Spiritual Distinction,

---[15]. First Fana,
----------Fana fi' Shaykh,

---[16]. Second Fana,
----------Fana fi' Rasul,

---[17]. Third Fana,
----------Fana fi'llah,

---[18]. Chapter 2.
----------Concerning the Ethics and Sequence of Dhikr,
----------Ethics of Dhikr,

---[19]. Chapter 3.
----------Concerning the Benefits of Dhikr, Devotion and Spiritual Concentration that prevents Spiritual Disasters.

---[20]. Addendum,

---[21]. Golden Rules for the Qadiri Murids,
--------The Risala 'Amal Ma'mul,
--------Instructions and a warning.





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