The Ladder to Success in Truly Loving Allah

'The Ladder to Success
in Truly Loving Allah
' New,
Sullam al-Tawfiq ila
Mahabbati Llahi 'ala al-Tahqiq

[A5+] Paperback - 147 pages,
[Arabic - English Edition],
by AbdAllah bin Husayn bin Tahir Ba'Alawi al-Hadrami,
Transl. & Notes by Musa Furber,
Published by Islamosaic.


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Description :

This book presents Shaykh 'Abd Allah bin Husayn bin Tahir Ba 'Alawi al-Hadrami al-Shafi'i's Sullam al-Tawfiq ila Mahabbati Llahi 'ala al-Tahqiq (“The Ladder of Success to Truly Loving Allah”).

This is a concise treatise covering what every responsible Muslim must know and practice. These essentials include matters related to creed, rituals, basic transactions and financial responsibilities, purification of the soul, good character, sins that one must avoid and the consequences for committing them.

The translation includes hundreds of inline notes drawn from the book’s commentaries, along with the Arabic text.


About the Author : Habib Abdullah bin Husayn bin Tahir

He is al-Imam al-Habib 'Abdullah bin Husayn bin Tahir Ba'Alawi al-Hadrami al-Shafi'i, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi.  He was born in Tarim in 1191 (1777). He received the upbringing that was customary in Tarim founded upon learning the Noble Qur’an and gaining a strong foundation in the sciences of the Sacred Law. His greatest teachers were his older brother, the great Imam, Habib Tahir, Imam 'Abd al-Rahman Sahib al-Butayhah, Habib Hamid bin 'Umar Hamid and Habib 'Abdullah bin Abu Bakr Mawla 'Aidid. The shaykh from whom he received his opening was Habib 'Umar bin Saqqaf al-Saqqaf. He also spent a period of time in Makkah and al-Madinah learning from the scholars of the Two Sanctuaries.

His daily wird was “La ilaha ill’Allah” 25,000 times, “Ya Allah” 25,000 times and 25,000 prayers upon the Prophet ?. He would recite 10 Juz’ of the Qur’an in his prayers at night and 8 Juz’ in the Duha (midmorning) prayer.

He would make ghusl and use perfume for every compulsory prayer. In mosques there is such a secret that whenever I sit in them, I marvel at those who spend their time in their houses.

He authored a number of treatises on different elements of the religion, one of which is Sulam al-Tawf?q, a primary text covering all compulsory knowledge. He also composed a Diwan of poetry which is contained, along with all the treatises, in his Majmu'. He used his poetry as a means to call people to Allah and, for that reason, made it as easy as possible for the common people to understand. His Hadiyat al-Sadiq comprehensively covers what every person needs on their path to Allah.

He studied, taught and lived by Imam al-Ghazali’s Ihya’ 'Ulum al-Din to such an extent that his nephew, Habib 'Abdullah bin 'Umar bin Yahya, said of him: “He purified himself of all destructive traits and attained all praiseworthy traits which save one from destruction. His attributes are those that are contained in the Ihya’ and more.” Habib 'Abdullah said of the Ihya’: “Whoever desires to be upright on the Straight Path, to perfect their following of the Noble Prophet, to come to Allah with a sound heart, to attain noble character and to attain everlasting bliss then they must act according to what is contained in Ihya’ 'Ulum al-Din.”

He said of himself: “I never committed an act which is disliked (makruh),
nor did I even consider doing such a thing.”

Thus, it was no surprise that death came to him while he was in the best of states on 17th Rabi' al-Thani 1272 (1855). ----Extracted from






Table of Contents :

---Transliteration Key,
---Author's Introduction.

---[1]. Creed,
--------What is Required of Every Responsible Individual,
--------Meaning of the Testifications of Faith,
-----------The First Testification,
-----------The Second Testification,
--------Obligatory to Believe in Divine Disclosures,
--------Summary of Knolwing Allah Most High,
------------What is Necessary for Allah ?
------------What is Impossible for Allah ?
--------General Proof for the Existence of Allah & His Attributes,
--------"Answer to Whomever Asks "What is Allah?"
--------Summary of Knowing the Prophets, blessings & peace be upon them,
------------What is Necessary for the Prophets?
------------What is Impossible for the Prophets?
--------What Removes a Person from Islam?
------------Apostasy Via the Heart,
------------Apostasy Through the Limbs,
------------Apostasy Through the Tongues,
--------A Principle for Knowing Many [Types] of Disbelief,
--------Some of the Rulings Related to Apostates,
--------What is Required of Responsible Individuals.

---[2]. Purification and Prayer,
--------Prayer Times,
--------What is Required of Guardians,
--------Obligatory Acts of Ablution,
--------Ablution Invalidators,
--------What is Required Consequent to Something Exiting the Two Waste Passages,
--------The Obligatory Acts of the Purificatory Bath and What Necessitates It,
--------The Condition for Purification & the Essential Elements of Dry Ablution,
--------What is Unlawful due to Minor and other Ritual Impurities?
--------Removing Filth,
--------Other Conditions for Prayer,
--------Prayer Invalidators,
--------Conditions for Prayer Being Accepted,
--------The Essential Elements of Prayer,
--------Congregational and Friday Prayers,
--------Conditions for Following,

---[3]. Zakat,
--------What Items Obligate Zakat?
--------Zakat al-Fitr,
--------Zakat Recipients.

---[4]. Fasting,
--------Who is Required to Fast and Who is Not Allowed to Fast?
--------Obligatory Acts of Fasting and Its Conditions,
--------Unlawful Fasting,
--------Intercourse in the Daytime during Ramadan.

---[5]. Hajj,
--------Who is Obligated to Perform Hajj and Umrah?
--------Essential Elelments of Hajj and Umrah,
--------What is Unlawful to Pilgrims ?
--------What Becomes Obligatory due to Performing an act that is Unlawful during Pilgrimage?
--------Obligatory Acts of Hajj and Umrah?
--------Hunting and Foraging within the Sacred Precincts.

---[6]. Transactions,
--------What is Required in Transactions and Marriage,
--------Forbidden Sales,
--------Obligatory Support and Related Things.

---[7]. Purification of the Self,
--------Duties of the Heart,
--------Precious Advice from a Dignified Scholar,

---[8]. Clarifying Acts of Disobedience,
--------The Heart,
--------The Stomach,
--------The Eyes,
--------The Tongue,
--------The Ears,
--------The Hands,
--------The Private Parts,
--------The Legs,
--------The Body,

---Author's Closing Remarks.

---Detailed Table of Contents.





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