Sermons of the Prophet Muhammad

Sermons of the Prophet Muhammad : New,
Arabic and English,
[A5] Paperback - 93 pages,
by Abu Nasr Muhammad ibn Wad'an,
Transl. by Assad Nimer Busool.
Published by Goodword, India.


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Description :

This book is a compilation of 40 of the finest sermons (ahadith) of the Prophet Muhammad, salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa sallam, which in the words of the translator, Assad Nimer Busool, “carries the fragrance of the breath of the noble Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.”

According to Abu Nasr Muhammad ibn Wadan, the collector of these Prophetic sermons, he was fully satisfied about their authenticity because of the reliability of the chain of transmitters (isnad) of these Hadiths, and the soundness of the testimonies of the teachers and students who had studied them.



Table of Contents :


---Sermon [1]. Illusion and Goodness,
---Sermon [2]. Your Companion in the Grave,
---Sermon [3]. Be Ready,
---Sermon [4]. Guideposts,
---Sermon [5]. Turbulent Life and Qur'anic Intercession,
---Sermon [6]. The Qualities of Faith,
---Sermon [7]. The Muslim and The Believer,
---Sermon [8]. Cause and Effect,
---Sermon [9]. The Harvest of the Human Tongue,
---Sermon [10]. The Believers Vehicle,
---Sermon [11]. Remembrance of Death,
---Sermon [12]. Everything is Decreed,
---Sermon [13]. Takem by Surprise,
---Sermon [14]. Guidance
---Sermon [15]. The Best and the Wisest,
---Sermon [16]. Fighting Uncertainty, Lust and Anger,
---Sermon [17]. Sufficiency and Abundance,
---Sermon [18]. The Price of Forgiveness,
---Sermon [19]. Fear and Security,
---Sermon [20]. The Best Provision,
---Sermon [21]. Anticipation,
---Sermon [22]. Reckoning,
---Sermon [23]. The Here and the Hereafter,
---Sermon [24]. Beware of Excess,
---Sermon [25]. Trust and Falsehood,
---Sermon [26]. Adornment,
---Sermon [27]. Halting and Anticipation,
---Sermon [28]. The Field of Action,
---Sermon [29]. Three Categories of the Ummah,
---Sermon [30]. Refreshment and Pleasure,
---Sermon [31]. Seeking Sustenance,
---Sermon [32]. The Happy and the Unhappy,
---Sermon [33]. Roll up your Sleeves,
---Sermon [34]. Relaxing the Heart and the Body,
---Sermon [35]. An Abode of Absurdity,
---Sermon [36]. Owning what is Borrowed,
---Sermon [37]. A Permanent Dominion,
---Sermon [38]. The Seeker and the Sought,
---Sermon [39]. The Children of this World & the Children of the Hereafter,
---Sermon [40]. A Warning!

---About the Author.



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