Imla ma Manna bihi Rahman: Arabic

Imla ma Manna bihi al-Rahman : Arabic, New,
min Wujuh al-I'raab wa al-Qira'at fi Jami al-Qur'an
[A4] Hardback - pages,
2 Volumes within one book,
by Abdullah ibn Husayn ibn Abdullah al-Akbari [d.616h],
Published by DKI, Beirut.


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Description :

Imla' ma Manna bihi al-Rahman min Wujuh al-I'raab wa al-Qira'at fi Jami al-Qur'an : This is Imam al-Akbari's (al-Ukbari) renowned work on the comprehension of the Noble Qur'an.

 Al-'Akbari describes the value of I'rab al-Quran :
     “ Indeed, the most correct path that must be followed to understand the meaning of the Qur'an and to reach the qualification is to explain its purpose and essence, is through knowledge of the i'rab of the Quran. It is important to know the publication of various meanings; from all angles of expression expressed by the Qur'an and it's observation, right up to the forms of recitation and the meaning of the Qur'an narrated by the Imams who are trusted about their knowledge. "

Imam al'-Akbari goes onto explain the purpose of his book amongst the variety of books of i'rab that already pre-existed. He says:

     " There are many books written in this science. Yet there are many differences between the arrangement and the scope. Some are brief in terms of size and discussion. There are also those that are large in size, the length and width of the i'rab peel and are mixed between i'rab and ilmu ma`ani. It is rare to find a book that is simple but packed with knowledge. Therefore, I would like to produce a book that goes against the properties of the deficiencies already mentioned. For that purpose, I limit the discussion in the book to i'rab and the form of qira'at only. ”


About this Publication :

Rare book, Lebanon 1979 print. Page ends worn and in off-mint condition. This is reflected in the selling price.

About the Author :

Imam al-Ukbari (al-Akbari) [d.616h];

He is Shaykh al-Imam Muhib ad-Din Abu al-Baqaa' 'Abd Allah ibn Husayn al-'Akbari al-Hanbali, rahmatullahu ta'ala 'alayhi, (538-616H).

Imam al-Akbari was a great Hanbali scholar who wrote several notable works on the sciences of Tafsir, I'rab, Fiqh and Lugha.




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