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The Muslim Conquest of Persia
The Muslim Conquest of Persia
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Details:  The Muslim Conquest of Persia,
[A4] Hardback - 330 pages.
by A.I. Akram,
Edited by A.B. Mehri.

Publishers Description

Following the publication of 'Khalid ibn Waleed - Sword of Allah,' there has been a huge revival in reader's interest for books dealing with early Islamic History. It was decided that we complete the task of publishing the [out of print] books by A.I.Akram on the first hundred years of Islam.

Hence, present before you is second in the series of books written by A.I.Akram - The Muslim Conquest of Persia. This version has been edited with the addition of footnotes, Anglicisation of certain terms and the corrections of minor spelling and grammatical errors. This edition also includes the original maps [digitized] drawn by the author from its original print.

The author : [A.I. Akram] writes; 'So here it is, my second book; The Muslim Conquest of Persia. It is my second assault upon the ignorance which surrounds this field of Muslim history. According to an old Chinese proverb, it is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness. This is my second candle, may it light the way for those who seek!' 

Lieutenant General A.I. Akram has had a distinguished career in military, diplomatic and literary fields. He served in Burma in WWII, fought against India in 1971, and thereafter served as Pakistan's Military Deputy to the Central Treaty Organisation(CENTO). After retiring from military service in 1978, he became Pakistan's Ambassador to Spain where he served for two and a half years. Upon completion of this assignment he founded the Institute of Regional Studies in Islamabad which is a research institute dealing with South Africa.

The General's career in historical research covers a vast period in Muslim military history extending from the early days of Islam to the conquest of Spain almost a hundred years later and the wars of Muslim Spain thereafter. He learnt Arabic and Spanish in order to conduct his research and also visited the countries where the battles were fought and discussed historical events with local scholars.

Table of Contents

---Editor's Preface,

---Chapter [1]: In the Name of Allah,
---Chapter [2]: The Change of Command,
---Chapter [3]: The Victories and Defeat of Abu Ubayd
---Chapter [4]: The Battle of Buweib,
---Chapter [5]: Umar and Sa'd,
---Chapter [6]: Yazdjurd and Rustam,
---Chapter [7]: The Eve of Qadisiyya,
---Chapter [8]: The Day of Disorder,
---Chapter [9]: The Day of Succour,
---Chapter [10]: The Day of Hardship,
---Chapter [11]: The Night of Qadisiyya,
---Chapter [12]: On to Ctesiphon,
---Chapter [13]: The Conquest of Ctesiphon,
---Chapter [14]: The Battle of Jalaula,
---Chapter [15]: The Consolidation of Iraq,
---Chapter [16]: The Conquest of Ahwaz,
---Chapter [17]: The Conquest of Tustar,
---Chapter [18]: The Rest of Khuzistan,
---Chapter [19]: The Persians March Again,
---Chapter [20]: The Battle of Nihawand,
---Chapter [21]: The Fall of Persia,
---Chapter [22]: The Last of the Sasanis.

---Appendix :
------APPENDIX A: Bibliography,
------APPENDIX B: The Hijri and Christian Years,
------APPENDIX C: Notes,
------APPENDIX D: The Companions.

---List of Maps :
------Map 1: The Early Campaigns,
------Map 2: The Movements of Abu Ubayd,
------Map 3: The Approach to Qadisiyya,
------Map 4: The Plain of Qadisiyya,
------Map 5: Qadisiyya Dispositions,
------Map 6: Qadisiyya, lst Day,
------Map 7: Qadisiyya, 2nd Day,
------Map 8: Qadisiyya, 3rd Day,
------Map 9: Qadisiyya, 4th Day
------Map 10: The Advance to Ctesiphon,
------Map 11: The Battle of Jalaula 1,
------Map 12: The Battle of Jalaula 2,
------Map 13: Khuzistan and Fars,
------Map 14: The March to Nihawand,
------Map 15: The Battlefield of Nihawand.
------Map 15: The Battle of Nihawand,
------Map 15: The Battle of Nihawand,
------Map 15: The Battle of Nihawand,
------Map 15: The Battle of Nihawand.

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