Islamic Way of Worship : New Hardback

Islamic Way of Worship : ''A Comprehensive & Complete Hanafi Fiqh Guide"
English Transl. of : Imdad al-Fiqh fi'l-'Ibadat,
*[A5+] Hardback with Dustjacket - 311 pages,  
by Shaykh M. Imdad Hussain Pirzada,
English Transl. by Shaykh Tahir Mahmood Kiani,
Edited by Bakhtyar H. Pirzada al-Azhari,
Published by Al-Karam, UK.
Printed in Turkey.


New Edition Ramadan [April 2021]

Description : [Taharah : Salaah : Saum : Zakaah : Hajj ]

Islamic Way of Worship - Imdad-ul-Fiqh fi'l-Ibadat is a modern day rendering of the classic works of fiqh. Taking the most authentic and applicable rulings from the recorded opinions of Imam Abu Hanifa, may Allah be pleased with him, and his disciples on matters pertaining to worship, the writer has provided a clear direction for Hanafi Muslims living in the 20th century.

Every ruling offered within this elucidation of edicts has been carefully selected and then cited back to its original source text, and where required the writer has offered his own scholarly opinion on the issue.

***New Hardback with Dustjacket,
***Excellent Presentation,
***Printed on High Grade Cream Matt Paper,
***Two Colour print.

This work brings fiqh to the modern day users, in a manner which they are familiar with. Categorising each section of the decrees of worship into appropriate divisions and sub divisions, enabling easy referencing for even the most rudimentary user. This text extensively examines the rulings of worship, covering everything from water and purification through to the rights and rituals of the sacred journey of pilgrimage. A comprehensive yet concise manual on Hanafi fiqh covering topics such as taharat (cleanliness), prayer, fasting, zakah, hajj and more. Written in a pleasant and clear style, it provides the reader with a comprehensive guide to Islamic worship.

This book is a modern day accessible and uncomplicated rendering of the classic works of fiqh. Taking the most authentic and authoritative rulings from the canonical texts of Islamic jurisprudence on matters relating to everyday individual and collective forms of worship. Written in a simple, straightforward and easy to understand manner, the author has provided a clear manual for Muslims seeking to perfect their worship.

This text comprehensively examines the rulings of worship with eight detailed chapters:

  • Chapter 1 – Definition of Fiqh and Legal Rulings,
  • Chapter 2 – Taharah (Purity),
  • Chapter 3 – Timings of Prayers,
  • Chapter 4 – Call to Prayer,
  • Chapter 5 – Salah (Prayer),
  • Chapter 6 – Sawm (Fasting),
  • Chapter 7 – Zakah (Almsgiving),
  • Chapter 8 – Hajj (Pilgrimage).



Review : '' This book was originally written in the Arabic Language about the Islamic way of worship. Its Arabic text is extremely lucid and pleasing to read. The issues are explained in such a way that even the most complicated matters seep straight into one’s heart. Each issue discussed has been supported adequately with references from authentic works. It is certainly a source of pride and honour to have Mr. Pirzada amongst us. May Allah (most high) make his educational institution, Jamia Al-Karam, into such a centre of excellence that it guides people until the Day of Judgment. Amin ''  --- Justice Shaykh Muhammad Karam Shah al-Azhari (1918-1998), Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.



Table of Contents :

---Foreword by Shaykh Karam Shah al-Azhari,
---Introduction by Allamah Abdul Rasul Arshad,

Chapter [I]. Definition of Fiqh and Legal Rulings,

---[1]. The four sources,
---[2]. Legal Rulings ,
---[3]. Types of commands to do,
---[4]. Types of Prohibition,
---[5]. Mubah : Permissible,
---[6]. Three Imam's of the Hanafi School.

Chapter [II]. on Taharah : Purity/Cleanliness,

---[1]. Types of water and the Leftover,
--------Rulings on leftover water,
---[2]. Najaasah : impurity,
--------Definition of impurity,
---[3]. Istinjaa : Removing dirt and filth,
---[4]. Manners of relieving oneself,
---[5]. Natural practices,
---[6]. Wudhu : Ablution,
--------Defintion of wudhu,
--------Obligatory aspects of wudhu,
--------Sunnahs of wudhu,
--------Detested actions in ablution, wudhu,
--------Nullifiers of ablution,
---[7]. Ghusl : Ritual Bathing,
--------Definition of ghusl,
--------Types of ghusl,
--------Sunnahs, desirable actions and offensive actions,
--------Obligatory aspects of ghusl,
--------How to perform the ritual bath, ghusl,
---[8]. Actions unlawful for the junub, the impure person cannot perform,
---[9]. Tayammum : Dry ablution,
--------Types of tayammum,
--------Factors permitting tayammum,
--------Obligations of tayammum,
--------Sunnahs of tayammum,
--------That which is permissible with tayammum,
--------Performance of tayammum,
--------Nullifiers of tayammum,
---[10]. Wiping over Leather type socks,
--------Conditions for wiping over khuffs - leather type socks,
--------Period for wiping over khuffs,
--------Method of wiping over khuffs,
--------Nullifiers of the wiping over khuffs,
--------Wiping on splints and bandages,
---[11]. Menstruation and Postnatal bleeding,
--------Actions unlawful for the woman during menstruation,
---[12]. Chronic menstrual bleeding.

Chapter [III] Times of Prayer : Salah,

---[1]. The time for Fajr (dawn) prayer,
---[2]. The time for Zuhr (noon) prayer,
---[3]. The time for 'Asr (mid-afternoon) prayer,
---[4]. The time for Maghrib (sunset) prayer,
---[5]. The time for 'Isha' (nightfall) prayer,
---[6]. Combining two prayers,
---[7]. The makruh (disliked) time for prayers.

Chapter [IV] on Adhaan (or Azan) : The Call for Prayer,

---[1]. The difinition of the adhaan,
---[2]. The virtue of the adhaan,
---[3]. The legal ruling of the adhaan,
---[4]. The words of the adhaan,
---[5]. The recommended aspects of the adhaan,
---[6]. Additional (non-emphatic) sunnahs of adhaan,
---[7]. Undesirable (makruh) aspects of adhaan,
---[8]. Miscellaneous issues in adhaan and iqamah.
---[9]. Iqaamah : The call for the congregation (jama'at),
---[10]. The words of the iqaamah,
---[11]. Answering the adhaan,
---[12]. Du'a : Supplication after the adhaan,
---[13]. Blessings upon the Prophet, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa Sallam, after the adhaan,

Chapter [V] on Salah : Prayer,

---The definition of salah, prayer,
---Wisdom of salah,
---Virtues of salah,
---Legal ruling of salah,
---Legal ruling on missing the salah,
---Types of salah - prayer,
---The number of obligatory daily prayers,
---The number of units of prayer in one day and night,
---The number of units in the five daily prayers.

---[1]. The Pre-conditions of prayer,
--------Formulation : How to make the intention,
---[2]. The faraa'id : Obligations of prayer,
---[3]. The waajibaat : essentials / incumbency of prayer,
--------Ruling of incumbency (wajib),
--------Details of incumbencies of prayer,
---[4]. The sunnahs of prayer,
--------Details of sunnahs,
---[5]. Recommendations of prayer,
---[6]. How to perform the prayer,
---[7]. Actions which invalidate the prayer,
--------Nullifying factors,
---[8]. Disliked aspects of prayer, makroohat,
--------Undesirable acts in prayer,
---[9]. The Jama'ah : The congregational prayer,
--------The types of followers in prayer,
--------Congregational prayer of women,
--------Most worthy of leading the prayer (imamah),
--------Disparity of location between Imam and follower,
--------Congregation of one follower with the Imam,
--------Prayer of the single follower,
--------Sequence of rows,
--------The most excellent row,
--------Sacrificing the front row,
--------Condensing the prayer,
--------Repetition of the congregation,
--------Reasons to avoid congregation,
--------Imam's place of standing,
--------Straightening rows and filling spaces,
--------Five things the follower omits if the Imam omits,
--------Four things the follower may omit if the Imam performs,
--------Nine things the follower performs if the Imam omits,
---[10]. The latecomer's prayer,
---[11]. Invocations and supplications after Salutation,
---------Method of supplication,
---[12]. The witr prayer,
---[13]. The taraweeh : The Ramadan night-time prayer,
---[14]. The prostrations of error,
---[15]. Prostration of recitation,
---------The method of prostration for recitation,
---------Repetition of the verse of prostration,
---------Conditions for the prostration of recitation,
---------The Imam's recitation of a verse of prostration,
---------Verses calling for prostration,
---[16]. Prostration of Gratefulness, shukr,
---[17]. The travellers prayer : musafir,
---------Commandment of shortening prayer,
---------Evidence for the commandment of shortening prayer,
---------Distance of travel for shortening prayer,
---------Intention to travel,
---------Prayer of the traveller behind the resident, and vice versa,
---------Intention of residence,
---------Shortening of the Sunnahs,
---[18]. The prayer of the sick,
---[19]. Making up for missed prayers,
---------Excuses by which prayer is waived,
---------Making up for prayers,
---------Making up for the prayer of travelling,
---------Maintaining sequence in making up for missed prayers,
---------Lapsing of maintaining the sequence,
---------When one does not know the number of prayers missed?
---[20]. Jumu'ah : Friday prayer,
---------The legal ruling of the Jumu'ah prayer,
---------The virtues and excellence of the Jumu'ah prayer,
---------The virtues of the day of Jumu'ah,
---------Warning against neglecting / missing the Jumu'ah prayer,
---------Conditions for the obligation of Jumu'ah prayer to be valid,
---------Conditions for the validity of the Friday prayer,
---------The sunnahs of the khutbah - the Friday sermon,
---[21]. The Two 'Eid Prayer's,
---------The legitimacy of the 'Eid Prayer,
---------The ruling of the 'Eid prayer,
---------The timing of 'Eid prayers,
---------The sunnahs of the two 'Eids,
---------The recommended acts  for the two 'Eids,
---------The procedure of performing the 'Eid prayers,
---------The takbeer after the five prayers,
---[22]. The sacrifice of animals : The Qurbani,
---------Virtues of sacrifice,
---------Legal ruling of sacrifice,
---------Wisdom of sacrifice,
---------Timing of sacrifice,
---------The animal of sacrifice,
---[23]. Solar and Lunar Eclipse Prayers,
---[24]. The prayer for seeking rain,
---[25]. Prayer when in a state of fear,
---[26]. Rulings about funerals - janazah,
---------How to proceed with a person who is dying (muhtadar),
---------Rulings before bathing (ghusl) the deceased,
---------Washing the dead body,
---------Procedure - how to perform ghusl on the deceased,
---------Miscellaneous notes,
---------Kaffan : Shrouding the deceased,
---------How to put the kaffan on the deceased,
---------The Janazah : The funeral prayer,
---------Sunnahs and recommended acts of the funeral prayer, Janazah Salah,
---------Performing the funeral prayer,
---------Further miscellaneous notes,
---------Multiple funerals,
---------The most worthy to lead the funeral prayer,
---------Burying the body,
---------Remembrance of death and what follows it,
---------Istirja : What to say/recite at time of death?
---------Mourning : Grieving the loss of loved ones,
---------Feeding the mourning family,
---------Supplication and giving charity for the deceased,
---------Visitation of the Cemetery/Graveyard,
---------The martyr : shaheed.


Chapter [VI] on Saum : Fasting :


Chapter [VII] on Zakaah : Charity for the Poor :


Chapter [VIII] on Hajj / Umrah : The Pilgrimage :



---Author's other works.






Other works of Shaykh Imdad Hussain.



*Dimensions : 23.5 x 16 x 3.5cm.

Currently being utilised as a Madrassah Syllabus book throughout the UK/Europe.

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  • Written by: Sh. Imdad Hussain Pirzada

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