Lore of Light : New

Lore of Light : New,
Stories from the Lives of the Prophets,
[From Adam to Isa]
[A5] Hardback - 704 pages,
by Hajjah Amina Adil,
Transl. & Edited by Radhia Shukullah,
Published by Spohr Press, Germany.

'3 Books into One Beautiful Volume'
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Description :
Lore of Light : Stories from the Lives of the Prophets, Based on Ancient Arab and Turkish Sources, From Adam to Isa, peace be upon them.

These miraculous stories of the Messengers of the Almighty and Merciful God, which are now again made accessible to the English-speaking reader, provide not only an unprecedented insight into the characters of outstanding men and women and their dazzling humanity – their laughter and their tears, their hopes and their fears – they are also nothing less than an outline of the history of mankind on this planet.

From the Publishers Preface :

" These stories of the lives of the Prophets from Adam to Jesus – peace be upon them all – based on ancient Arabic and Turkish sources, can be appreciated for their immediacy and linguistic liveliness alone. They are, however, the faithful testimony, as preserved by Islamic tradition, of events that Allah Almighty visited upon His Messengers who are examples of His Mercy and the most remarkable among His creatures. They may serve us all as admonition, edification and guidance, great and small, delightful and terrifying, including some stories that have hardly ever been heard in the West.

It is our pleasure to make Hajja Âmina’s much-loved book, which has been out of print for some time, available again to the English-speaking reader in a handsome edition. Our heart-felt thanks goes not only to Hajja Rukiye and Sheikh Mehmet Efendi, who entrusted us with this task, but also and especially to Hajja Radhia Shukrullah who has reviewed the entire text by comparing the last published edition with the original version, originally transcribed from the late Hajja Âmina’s spoken word and translated from Arabic and Turkish into English many years ago, completing this task with remarkable energy and due diligence, We wish our readers a refreshing read." ---Salam and Hagar Spohr.
The Author :

Hajja Âmina ‘Âdil, born in Kazan in the former Tatar Soviet Republic in 1933 as the third of four children, had fled with her family from anti-Islamic repression, first from the Soviet Union to the region of Turkish Erzurum, then following the disruptive introduction of secularism, from Turkey to Damascus, Syria. There she met ‘Abdullâh ad-Daghistânî, the Grand Sheikh of the honourable Naqshbandî-Tarîqa, who arranged for the young woman to be married to his disciple and later successor Muhammad Nâzim ‘Âdil. She lived with him in the traditional setting of this Tarîqa, following a tradition that goes back to Sayyidinâ Abû Bakr râdiya llâhu anhu, the companion of the Prophet, salla llâhu ‘alayhi wa sallam, who carries the epithet as-Siddîq, “the sincere one”. The tales presented here bear the hallmark of credibility and are of special value.

From 1981, Hajja Âmina lived with her family in Lefke on the island of Cyprus. She accompanied her husband on his journeys throughout the world, until her death in 2004, may Allâh sanctify her soul.
Table of Contents :

---Publisher’s preface,
---Names of the Prophets
Part I
---[1]. The Creation of the Universe,
---[2]. The Creation of Adam,
---[3]. Adam’s fall from Paradise,
---[4]. The Repentance of Adam,
---[5]. Adams life on Earth,
---[6]. Qabîl and Habîl,
---[7]. The death of Adam,
---[8]. Shîth,
---[9]. Idrîs,
---[10]. Lâmak and the king Zahaq,
---[11]. Nuh,
---[12]. Hud,
---[13]. Salih,
---[14]. The Birth of Ibrahim and his childhood,
---[15]. Ibrahim and Nimrud,
---[16]. Ibrahim and Sara,
---[17]. Nimrûd’s end,
---[18]. Ibrahîm and Hâjar,
---[19]. Ibrahîm and Isma‘îl,
---[20]. The birth of Ishâq,
---[21]. The building of the Ka'ba,
---[22]. The hospitality of Ibrahîm Khalîl,
---[23]. The death of Ibrahîm,
---[24]. Lut,
---[25]. Isma'il,
---[26]. Ishaq,
---[27]. Ishaq's blessings,
---[28]. Yaqub and Yusuf,
---[29]. Yusuf and Zulaykha,
---[30]. Yusuf in Prison,
---[31]. Yaqub's grief,
---[32]. Yusuf becomes king,
---[33]. Yusuf and his brothers,
---[34]. The death of Yaqub
---[35]. Yusuf's marriage and death.
Part II:
---[36]. Ayyub,
---[37]. Dhu 'l-Kifl,
---[38]. Shu'ayb,
---[39]. Musa,
--------Pharoah comes to Egypt,
---[40]. The Birth of Musa,
---[41]. Musa'a childhood and youth,
---[42]. Musa in Madyan,
---[43]. The staff of Musa,
---[44]. Musa is called to Prophethood and sent to Pharoah,
---[45]. The Exodus,
---[46]. Musa on Mount Tur and the Golden Calf,
---[47]. The Revelation of the Torah,
---[48]. The story of Qarun,
---[49]. The promised land,
---[50]. The story of Musa and Khidr,
---[51]. Musa's conversation with the Lord,
---[52]. The story of the Cow,
---[53]. The death of Harun,
---[54]. Musa's end,
---[55]. Yusha,
---[56]. The story of Zimri and Cozbi,
---[57]. The story of Bal'am,
---[58]. Further events in the life of Yusha,
--------Yusha's death,
---[59]. Samu'il - The loss of the Ark,
---[60]. Samu'il's birth,
---[61]. Talut is chosen king,
---[62]. Daud slays Jalut,
---[63]. Talut's envy of Daud,
---[64]. Daud flees from Talut,
---[65]. Luqman,
---[66]. Daud as Prophet and king,
---[67]. Daud's trials,
---[68]. Daud's conversation with the Lord,
---[69]. Daud's death and his successor,
---[70]. Sulayman,
---[71]. Sulayman's trials,
---[72]. Building the temple at Jerusalem,
---[73]. Sulayman and Bilqis,
--------The Queen of Sheba,
---[74]. The story of Bilqis,
---[75]. Sulayman's rule,
---[76]. Sulayman's justice,
---[77]. Sulayman and the birds,
---[78]. Sulayman and the gift of the ant,
---[79]. Sulayman's death.
Part III:
---[80]. The breaking up of Sulayman's kingdom,
---[81]. Ilyas,
--------Ahab meets Ilyas,
---[82]. Ahab is tempted,
---[83]. Ahab meets Jezebel,
---[84]. The building of Bal's temple,
---[85]. Queen Jezebel rules,
---[86]. Ilyas' departure,
---[87]. Jezebel's hopes are crushed,
---[88]. Famine,
---[89]. The deeds of Obadiah,
---[90]. Ilyas in hiding,
---[91]. Ilyas ordered to Zarepta,
---[92]. The widow of Zarepta and Ilyas' meeting with her,
---[93]. Ilyas heals the widow's son and departs,
---[94]. Ilyas meets with King Ahab and the end of the famine,
---[95]. Jezebel's wiles,
---[96]. The invasion of Sargun the Second,
---[97]. Ilyas' return to Zarepta,
--------The end of Ahab and Jezebel,
---[98]. Ilyas and Alyasa'
---[99]. Disappearance of Ilyas,
--------The Succession of Alyasa,
---[100]. Alyasa' - the healing of Na'man from leprosy,
---[101]. Alyasa' victorious,
---[102]. Yunus, the son of Alyasa'
---[103]. The death of Alyasa'
---[104]. Yunus' years of travel,
---[105]. Yunus, a potter in Ninive,
---[106]. Yunus leaves Ninive, and receives Allah's call,
---[107]. Return to Ninive,
---[108]. Disaster foretold :
--------Yunus boards a ship,
---[109]. Ninive delivered,
---[110]. Yunus discharged from the belly of the fish,
---[111]. Yunus returns once more to Ninive,
---[112]. Old habits die hard :
--------The fall of Ninive and Yunus' end,
---[113]. Iskandar (Dhu l-Qarnayn),
---[114]. Subjugation of the cannibals,
---[115]. Iskandar's struggle with Darius,
---[116]. Iskandar's quest for wisdom,
---[117]. Further travels and discussion with wise men,
---[118]. King Kayd and the sage Bahram,
---[119]. The defeat of king Forhibal,
---[120]. Of other strange and marvellous lands,
---[121]. The banning of Ya'juj and Ma'juj,
---[122]. The search for the water of life,
---[123]. Iskandar's end,
---[124]. Sha'ya (Isaiah),
---[125]. Armiya (Jeremiah), Danyal, and 'Uzayr (Ezra),
---[126]. The story of Harut and Marut,
---[127]. Zakariyya, Yahya and 'Isa,
--------Zakariyya, Prophet of Allah and priest at the temple,
---[128]. The birth of Yahya (John the Baptist),
---[129]. Yahya's austerity,
---[130]. The conception of 'Isa,
---[131]. The birth of 'Isa,
---[132]. Story of the flight of Maryam and 'Isa,
---[133]. How Zakariyya was martyred,
--------The Prophethood of Yahya,
---[134]. The story of 'Isa's Prophethood,
---[135]. The story of the heavenly table,
---[136]. The Sabbath-breakers,
---[137]. From the manaqib of 'Isa,
---[138]. From the teachings of the Injil,
---[139]. The story of the envoys to Antakya and Habib an-Najjar,
---[140]. 'Isa's ascension,
---[141]. Maryam's death,
--------The martyrdom of Yahya.

Appendix :
---Short biography of Hajja Amina Adil,

Other Prophets,
Also see Sirah of the Prophet Muhammad, ?.

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  • Written by: Hajjah Amina Adil

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