Rulings of Raising Children

 Rulings of Raising Children : New,
Imdad al-ibad fi Ahkam al-Awlad,
*[A5] Paperback - 180 pages,
by Shaykh Issarar Hussain,
Published by Rayhaan Foundation,
Printed in Turkey.

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Description :

Imdad al-Ibad fi Ahkam al-Awlad, Assisting the Servants of Allah; Rulings of Raising Children is a new work by Shaykh Issarar Hussain.

Of the many roles we as humans may occupy in our lives, being a parent will perhaps be the most important. When Allah Almighty blesses us with children, He is placing an innocent soul in our care to nurture and raise so that they may become the future carriers of this religion.

Every child that is born, has only been created for one purpose, the recognition of the Lord of all worlds. Before any parent has any dream for their child, they must first realise that this is the most important duty for their children to carry out on this earth. Therefore, raising our children in the correct manner, so they fulfill the pledge that their souls made to their Lord must be our primary concern. Upon understanding the gravity of this task, we must learn how to fulfil its requirements, which is the reason for writing this book.

The book covers many topics for would-be parents and existing parents with regards to rulings of new-born and children :

   *** such as pregnancy,
   *** labour,
   *** IVF,
   *** surrogacy,
   *** adoptions,
   *** circumcision,
   *** breastfeeding,
   *** naming the child, tahnik etc.

It also has a section on the Islamic method of raising children. It is fully referenced throughout.

Extract from the Foreword :

"This work not only examines the responsibilities but also delivers clear rulings on various issues on childbirth and parenting. The author has shed light on some of the rulings regarding modern approaches and treatments in childbirth.  It is, in a nutshell a manifesto for the modern parent drawing on lessons from a rich Islamic civilisation, merging them seamlessly in to the 'here and now.' " ---Shaykh Hafiz Gul Muhammad al-Azhari.

Table of Contents :

---Foreword by Shaykh Hafiz Gul Muhammad al-Azhari,

Part 1 : Rulings Related to Children;
---[1]. Pre-requisites of having children,
-------The ruling of marriage,
---[2]. Pregancy;
-------The embryological cycle and the Qur'an,
-------The blowing of the soul into the embryo and the divine decree,
---[3]. Explanation of the Hadith,
-------The wisdom in step-by-step creation,
-------The divine decree and Free-Will,
-------The four things recorded with the child in the womb,
-------Du'as for labout,
-------Recommended foods for labour and pregnancy.
---[4]. IVF and Surrogacy,
---[5]. Adoption,
---[6]. Designer Babies,
-------The prohibition of altering the creation of Allah Almighty,
-------When could such a procedure be considered permissible,
-------Conditions of permissibility,
-------Understanding the levels of necessity in shari'ah,
---[7]. Contraception and family planning,
---[8]. Temporary contraception,
-------Permanent contraception,
---[9]. Abortions,
-------Killing one - killing all, a fair equation?
-------The impermissibilty of abortions in Islam,
---[10]. Infant deaths,
-------Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, and the passing of his children,
---[11]. Rulings of the stillborn/deceased infant,
-------Janaza burial) du'a for a child,
---[12]. Postnatal bleeding,
-------Rulings of Nifaas,
---[13]. Adhan and Iqama,
-------Rulings of Adhan and Iqama in the child's ear,
-------The method,
---[14]. Tahnik,
-------Method of performing Tahnik,
-------Attaining the blessings of the righteous through Tahnik,
-------The Sunnah of Tahnik and science,
---[15]. Shaving the hair of the baby,
-------Ruling regarding shaving the child's hair,
-------Benefits and virtues of shaving the child's hair,
---[16]. Aqiqah,
-------Is Aqiqah considered Sunnah ?
-------How many animals should be slaughtered for the Aqiqah,
-------Virtues of Aqiqah,
-------The rulings of
-------Recommended Du'as,
---[17]. Circumcision,
-------Rulings of circumcision,
-------Female genital mutilation,
-------Is female circumcision commanded in Hadith,
---[18]. Naming the child,
-------Recommended names in Islam from ahadith,
---[19]. The Beautiful Names of the Messenger of Allah, ﷺ,
-------1. Muhammad,
-------2. Ahmad,
-------3. Maahi,
-------4. Haashir,
-------5. Aaqib,
--------Names which are not recommended in Islam,
---[20]. The blessings and virtues of daughters in Islam,
-------The sorrowful Companion and the tears of the Messenger of Allah, ﷺ,
---[21]. Breastfeeding,
-------Ties of kinship created through wet-nursing,
-------Rulings of feeding and breastmilk,
-------Etiquette's related to wet-nursing,
---[22]. Rulings of child custody in the event of separation,
-------Etiquette's of separation,
-------Rulings of custody.

Part 2 : Nurturing our Children:
---[1]. Responsibility of the parents,
---[2]. Parents : The primary role models,
-------Luqman, peace be upon him, and his son,
-------Necessary characteristics of the nurturer,
-------1. Forbearance,
-------2. Gentleness,
-------3. Moderation,
-------4. Remaining calm,
-------5. Justice.
---[3]. Piety of the parents and its effect on the children,
---[4]. Love and play with our children,
-------Kissing and embracing our children,
-------Playing with our children,
---[5]. Manners of eating,
-------Manners to teach our children,
---[6]. Teaching them the Kalima, the Qur'an and other words of faith,
-------The Shahadah and Iman in Allah,
-------Teaching our children the Qur'an,
---[7]. The Companions teaching their children the book of Allah Almighty,
-------Reward to the parents in teaching the Qur'an,
-------Our children understanding the Qur'an,
---[8]. Love of the Messenger of Allah, ﷺ, and the Righteous,
-------Instilling the love of the Messenger, ﷺ, in our children
---[9]. Teaching our children the Sirah of the Messenger, ﷺ, and his ahadith,
-------Teaching Ahadith to our children,
-------Teaching the Sirah of the Messenger, ﷺ, to our children,
---[10]. Teaching our children the Five Pillars of Islam and their rulings for children,
---[11]. The rulings of bringing children to the Masjid,
-------The position of children in the Salah,
-------Encouraging children to practice the remaining pillars,
-------Zakat on the wealth of children,
-------Zakat al-Fitr,
-------The obligation of fasting upon reaching maturity,
-------The Hajj,
---[11]. The importance of physical activity and playing sports for children,
-------Teaching our children life skills,
---[12]. Making friends and etiquette's of friendship,
---[13]. Manners to instill in our children,
-------External manners; talking and conversing with others,
-------Avoiding profanity and insults,
-------Respect for friends and elders,
-------Internal manners,
---[14]. Avoiding raising our children to be materialistic,
-------The rulings of adorning children with jewellery,
-------Clothing our children appropriately,
---[15]. The fruits of nurturing our children correctly,
---[16]. Rewarding and punishing our children,
---[17]. Concluding remarks.


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