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Reform & Renewal : The Chishti Sabris
Reform & Renewal : The Chishti Sabris
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Details:  Reform & Renewal in South Asian Islam : New,
The Chishti Sabris in 18th/19th Century North India,
*[A5] Hardback - pages,
by Moin Ahmad Nizami,
Published by Oxford Univ. Press India.

Description :

Of the many Sufi orders that have operated in South Asia, the Chishtī order is the oldest and the most popular. This book examines the traditions, rituals, experiences, and legacy of the Sābrī branch of the Chishtī order. Challenging the notion of Sufism as an ossified relic of the past, it presents evidence of growing interaction, accommodation, and intermingling within Sufi orders. It also highlights the active involvement of the Chishtī-Sābrīs in the much discussed reformist upsurge in north India and explains how they addressed questions posed by colonial rule while still adhering to their mystical heritage.

    *** A path breaking study on Sufism in north India during the early modern period,
    *** Argues against the idea that Sufism was rigid and orthodox. This study shows that in fact there was a strong reformist impulse within Chishtī-Sābrī tradition,
    *** Discusses the complex articulation between Chishtī-Sābrī reformist tendencies and the colonial state against which it was often pitted,
    *** Challenges the idea that Sufism and scholarly Islam of 'ulamā was irreconcilable with each other.

The role of networks that connected Sufi scholars in small towns (qasbahs) with those of Delhi is also examined. These connections, it is argued, moulded the religious ethos of such towns and made them incubators of Sufi reform. By locating Sufi traditions and institutions within the discourse of Islamic scholars ('ulamā), the book contends that the boundaries often drawn between 'Sufi' and 'scholarly' Islam were in reality far more blurred and porous than is admitted in the literature on modern reformist movements.

Moin Ahmad Nizami, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies and an Associate Member of the Faculties of History and Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford.

Moin Ahmad Nizami was educated at Trinity College (Cambridge) and Aligarh Muslim University and specialises in Indo-Muslim social and intellectual history. He is currently associated with the Faculties of History and Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford and is the Andrew W. Mellon Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies. Previously, he was Assistant Professor in History at the International Islamic University of Malaysia.

Table of Contents :

---List of Illustrations,

---Note on Transliteration,

---[1]. Islamic Spirituality and the Chishtī-Sabrī Traditions,

---[2]. Trends in Eighteenth-Century Sufism in Northern India,

---[3]. Sābrī Networks in the Qasbahs: Amroha (ca. 1750-1800),

---[4]. Reformist 'Ulamā and the Chishtī-Sābrī Leadership (ca. 1800-57),

---[5]. Hājī Imdādullāh and the Continuation of Chishtī-Sābrī Traditions.


---About the Author.

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