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Hashiyah al-Muwaffaq \'ala Lum\'ah : English
Hashiyah al-Muwaffaq 'ala Lum'ah : English
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  • Authored by: Ibn Qudama

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Details: Hashiyah al-Muwaffaq
ala Lum'ah al-Muwaffaq : English/Arabic, New,
*[A5] Paperback - 148 pages,
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A Commentary on Lum'ah al-I'tiqad,
of Imam Muwaffaq al-Din ibn Qudamah al-Maqdisi [d.620h],
Commentary by Shaykh Muwaffaq al-Din Yusf bin Sadiq al-Hanbali,
Compiled & Edited by Musa Abu Khuzaymah,
Published by Madrasah al-Hanbaliyyah.

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Description :

No concise work of the Athari 'aqidah has gathered more prominence throughout the ages than Lum'ah al-I'tiqad al-Hadi ila Sabil al-Rashad. Written in the 7th century by one of the most notable scholars of the Hanbali madhhab; Shaykh al-Islam Muwaffaq al-Din ibn Qudamah al Maqdisi, may Allah be pleased with him.

This short but comprehensive work covers a range of credal topics from the Attributes of Allah, His Kalam and Qadar, to the concepts of innovation, belief in the Day of Judgement and matters related to the Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, and his Companions.

The simple and easy to understand nature of the book, free of technical and complex terminology, has made it ideal for those beginning their journey into the study of the Athari-Hanbali 'aqidah. Due to its brevity and simplicity, the text has not been in any great need of lengthy explanation. However in recent times, it has undergone commentary from certain Muslim groups who have in their explanations diverted the understanding of the text from the intent of its author.

Hashiyah al-Muwaffaq ala Lum'ah al-Muwaffaq attempts to correct this divergence and seeks to explain the text according to the intent of Shaykh al-Islam ibn Qudamah, restoring it back in line with the methodology of the true Ahl al-Hadith. The commentator, Shaykh Yusuf bin Sadiq al-Hanbali, is one of the few traditional Hanbali shaykhs who has studied under both senior scholars from within Jami'ah al-Azhar al-Sharif and outside of it. By presenting this commentary, we hope the reader becomes well acquainted with the true Athari-Hanbali 'aqidah and is then able to engage with the more intermediate works of this madhhab.

Hashiyah al-Muwaffaq ala Lum'ah al-Muwaffaq : This book is Shaykh Yusuf bin Sadiq al Hanabliís commentary on Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Qudama al Maqdisís, rahimahullah, famous Lum'ah al I'tiqad al Hadi ila Sabeel al Rashad.

Table of Contents :

---Transliteration Chart,

---About Imam ibn Qudamah al-Maqdisi,
------His name, lineage and title,
------His birth, early years, seeking knowledge and death,
------Statements of the scholars,
------His written works.
---About Shaykh Yusuf bin Sadiq al-Hanbali,
------His name, kunyah and laqab,
------Some of his teachers,
------Some of the sciences and books he has studied,
------His ijazat,
------His teaching posts.

---General Introduction,
------Remarks on al-Lum'ah: themes, organisation and contextualisation,
------The revival of al-Lum'ah: a new commentary,
------Text and Commentary; the structure of the book.
------An important discussion concerning the Salaf al-Salih and Ahl al-Hadith,
------Detailing the 'Aqidah of the Hanabilah,
------Differences between the schools of Aqidah,
------Ijtihad vs. Taqlid,
------The Chain of Lum'ah al-I'tiqad.

Hashiyah al-Muwaffaq 'ala Lum'ah al-Muwaffaq,

---The Author's Introduction,
---The Obligation to Accept the Ayat and Ahadith related to Allah's Attributes,
---The Way of the Imams of the Salaf Concerning Allah's Attributes,
---The Order to Follow the Sunnah and a Warning against Innovation,
---Ayat and Ahadith Concerning Allah's Attributes,
---The Kalam of Allah,
---The Qur'an is the Kalam of Allah,
---Seeing Allah in the Hereafter,
---The Qada' (divine decree) and Qadar (preordainment),
---The Reality of Iman,
---The Obligation to Believe in what the Messenger, ﷺ, has informed us of,
---The Prophet, ﷺ and His Companions,
---Obeying the Muslim Leader,
---Abandoning the People of Innovation,
---Concerning Taqlid and I'jtihad,

---Closing Remarks.


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