The Light of Sight : New

The Light of Sight : New,
being a transl. of Nur al-Uyun,
*[A5] Paperback - 124 pages,
by Imam ibn Sayyid an-Nas [d.734h],
Translation & Notes by Abu Hasan,
Published by Ridawi Press.

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Description :

“None among you has truly believed, until I have become more beloved to him than  his children, his parents and all of mankind,” said RasūlAllāh, ﷺ. Early Muslims were mindful of this instruction, and held it dear to their hearts; they were successful in this world and hoped for success in the hereafter. The Light of Sight - first English translation of Nur al-Uyun is a concise biography of the Beloved Prophet of Allah, ﷺ.

Many biographies have been written describing the attributes of the Prophet, ﷺ, his exceptional character and his immaculate life which is a model for mankind to follow. Allāh táālā says: 'Verily, it is better for you to follow the Messenger of Allāh; [and] for those who hope [to meet] Allāh, and [believe in]  the Final Day, and remember Allāh táālā immensely.

Muslims should learn about the Messenger, ﷺ, of Allāh, and strive to know more about him, ﷺ. It is therefore, that scholars approved of gatherings to remember him. This epistle is a concise biography of the Prophet, ﷺ, which is perfect for reading during Mawlid gatherings, as it can be read cover to cover within an hour or two. 

A  knowledgeable reader can elaborate on any particular aspect of the life of RasūlAllāh, ﷺ, whether his miracles or his attributes or his sayings. Also, this  book is based on authentic narrations and was compiled by a well-known ĥadīth Imām of the 8th century; therefore, chronic grumblers and grudging malcontents should have little to complain about.

The translation follows the printed copy, edited and annotated by Muĥammad Saýīd Ádnān al-Abrash and Muĥammad Ghassān Naşşūĥ.  I have cross-checked, where  necessary, with classical biographies like Mawāhib, Madārij etc., in transcribing names and for the clarifications mentioned in footnotes. Footnotes translated from the print edition are captioned Editor's Notes.

Table of Contents :

---[1]. Author's Introduction,

---[2]. The Genealogy of the Prophet, ﷺ,

---[3]. His, ﷺ, Blessed Birth,

---[4]. His, ﷺ, Being Nursed,

---[5]. Growing Up,

---[6]. Proclamation of Prophethood,

---[7]. Campaigns and Sorties,

---[8]. Pilgrimage,

---[9]. His, ﷺ, Physical Attributes,

---[10]. His, ﷺ, Names,

---[11]. His, ﷺ, Lofty Character,

---[12]. His, ﷺ, Food and Drink,

---[13]. His, ﷺ, Dress,

---[14]. Humour,

---[15]. His, ﷺ, Noble Wives,

---[16]. His, ﷺ, Children,

---[17]. His, ﷺ, Uncles and Aunts,

---[18]. His, ﷺ, Slaves and Bondwomen,

---[19]. His, ﷺ, Servants among Freemen,

---[20]. His, ﷺ, Guards,

---[21]. His, ﷺ, Emissaries,

---[22]. His, ﷺ, Scribes,

---[23]. Headsmen,

---[24]. His, ﷺ, Lieutenants,

---[25]. The Ten Given Glad Tidings of Paradise, 

---[26]. His, ﷺ, Animals,

---[27]. His, ﷺ, Weapons,

---[28]. His, ﷺ, Clothes and Possessions,

---[29]. Some of His, ﷺ, Miracles,

---[30]. His, ﷺ, Passing Away,

---Appendix A: Clarifications,
---Appendix B: Loving the Messenger, ﷺ, of Allah,
---Appendix C: Visiting the Prophet, ﷺ,
---Appendix D: Intercession,
---Appendix E: Ya Rasulullah in Hadith,
---Appendix F: The Prophet's are Alive in their Graves,
---Appendix G: Further Reading.

---About the Author,
---Transliteration Key.

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