Commentary on the 17 Benefits of Tribulation

  Commentary on the 17 Benefits of Tribulation :
"Al-Fitan w'al-Balaya w'al-Mihan ..." New,
*[A5] Paperback - 101 pages,
by Izzuddin 'Abdus Salam [d.660h],
Transl. & Comm. by Arfan Shah al-Bukhari,
Published by Sheikhy Notes.

Description :

Al-Fitan wa al-Balaya wa al-Mihan wa al-Razaya aw Fawa'id al-Balwa wa al-Mihan" by Shaykh al-Islam Izz al-Din Abdus Salam, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi,- The Seventeen Benefits of Tribulation, with the translation and commentary by Sayyid Arfan Shah al-Bukhari.

Calamities, tribulations, afflictions and trials, whose benefits differ depending on the rank of the people. People who are closer to Allah Almighty are afflicted with many tribulations during their lives. The further a person is Allah Almighty then the less tribulations hit them. People are different and this is how one can see who one is and where one is.

"No one enters paradise whilst possessing the smallest amount
of pride in their heart. It is a great blessing that a proud person
 is humbled because of a tribulation. Nevertheless, it is only a
blessing if the person learns why he had the tribulation."

About the Author :

He is Shaykh al Islam 'Izz al-Din 'Abd al-'Aziz ibn 'Abd al-Salam ibn Abi al-Qasim ibn al-Hasan al-Dimashqi, Sultan al-'Ulama, Abu Muhammad al-Sulami. He was a famous mujtahid, theologian, jurist and the leading Shafi'i authority of his generation. Ibn 'Abd al-Salam was born in Damascus in 577 AH. He received his education in Damascus by such scholars as Ibn Asakir and Jamal al-Din al-Harastani in Sacred law, Sayf al-Din al-Amidi in usul al-Fiqh and theology, and tasawwuf with Suhrawardi and Abul Hasan al-Shadhili, may Allah be pleased with them all.

Amongst his more famous students were :

---Ibrahim b. 'Abd al-Aziz ibn 'Abd al-Salam, his son.
---'Abd al-Latif  b. 'Abd al-Aziz ibn 'Abd al-Salam, his other son.
--- Sharf al-Din al-Tilmisani,
--- Taj al-Din Ibn bint al-A'zi,
--- Shihab al-Din Abu Shamah al-Maqdasi. The famous teacher at al-Ashrafiyyah where al-Nawawi studied from him and later inherited his seat.
--- al-Imam al-Qarafi al-Maliki; the Mufti and the author of al-Ihkam fi Tamyiz al-Fatawa.
--- Muhammad ibn Ali Ibn Daqiq al-'Id, who spent al lot of time with him and was known to have given him the title of Sultan al-Ulama.

The biographers indicate that he was the first to teach Qur'anic commentary in Egypt. Ibn 'Abd al-Salam's exploits eventually earned him the title Sultan al-'Ulema (Sultan of the scholars).

He produced a number of brilliant works in Shafi'i jurisprudence, Qur'anic jurisprudence tafsir, methodological fundamentals in Sacred Law, formal legal opinion, government and Sufism though his main and enduring contribution was his masterpiece on Islamic legal principles Qawa'id al-ahkam fi masalih al-anam.
Some of his more popular works are:

--- Tafsir al-Qur'an al-Azim,
--- Mukhtasar al-Nukat wa'l 'Uyun lil Imam al-Mawardi,
--- al-Isharah ila al-Ijaz,
--- Fawa'id fi Mushkil al-Qur'an,
--- Amali al-Imam 'Izz al-Din ibn 'Abd al-Salam,

--- Mukhtasar Sahih Muslim,
--- Bidayat al-Sul fi Tafdhil al-Rasul ; available in its translated form as The Beginning of The Quest of the High Esteem of the Messenger,
--- Targhib Ahl al-Islam fi Sakni al-Sham,

--- al-Mulhat fi I'tiqad Ahl al-Haqq or by its other title; al-Radd 'ala al-Mubtadi'ah wa'l Hashawiyah; transmitted by his son 'Abd al-Latif.
--- al-Farq bayn al-Iman wa'l Islam or Ma'na al-Iman wa'l Islam,
--- al-Anwa' fi 'ilm al-Tawhid,
--- Bayan Ahwal al-Nas yawm al-Qiyamah,

--- Shajarat al-'Arif wa'l Ahwal wasalih al-Aqwal wa'l A'mal,
--- al-Fitan wa'l Balaya wa'l Mihan,
--- Mukhtasar Ra'ayah al-Muhasibi or Maqasid al-Ri'ayah li Huquqillah,

--- Qawa'id al-Kubra or by its full title; Qawa'id al-Ahkam fi Masalih al-Anam. Its popular commentary is available by Imam al-Qarafi who was one of his students.
--- al-Qawa'id al-Sughra, or al-Fawa'id fi Mukhtasar al-Qawa'id; is an abridgement of the above title.
--- al-Imam fi Bayan Adillat al-Ahkam, or ad-Dala'il al-Muta'aliqah bi'l Mala'ikah wa'l Nabiyin,

--- al-Ghayah fi Ikhtisar al-Nihayah; is an abridgement of Nihayat al-Matlab fi Dirayat al-Madhab of Imam al-Haramayn al-Juwayni.
--- al-Jam' bayn al-Hawi wa'l Nihayah; not known to have finished it.
--- al-Fatawa al-Misriyyah,
--- al-Fatawa al-Musiliyyah,
--- al-Targhib 'an Salat al-Ragha'ib, or by another title; al-Targhib 'an Salat al-Ragha'ib al-Mawdu'ah wa bayan ma fiha min Mukhalafat al-Sunan al-Mashru'ah, or by another title; Risalat fi Dhamm Salat al-Ragha'ib,
--- Risalat fi Radd Jawaz Salat al-Ragha'ib or by the title of Risalat fi Tafnid Radd Ibn al-Salah,
--- Maqasid al-Sawm,
--- Manasik al-Hajj,
--- Maqasid al-Salah,
--- Ahkam al-Jihad wa Fadha'ilihi.

Zaki al-Din al-Mundhiri, the Shafi'i jurist, hadith expert and author stated that, "We used to give legal opinions before shaykh 'Izz al-Din arrived; now that he is among us we no longer do so." Qarafi describes Ibn 'Abd al-Salam as a "staunch defender of the Sunnah who had no fear of those in power" A number of sources report that Ibn 'Abd al-Salam reached the level of ijtihad transcending the Shafi'i madhhab altogether.  He passed away in Cairo in 660 AH.

Other works of Imam Izz al-Din ibn Abd al-Salam.

Also see Imam al-Ghazali.

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  • Written by: Imam Izz ibn Abd al-Salam

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