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Ba 'Alawiya

Sufis & Scholars of the Sea
Sufis & Scholars of the Sea
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Details: Sufis & Scholars of the Sea : New,
Family Networks in East Africa 1860-1925,
*[A5+] Large Paperback - 272 pages,
by Anne K. Bang,
Published by Routledge.

Focus on the Tariqa Ba 'Alawiyya.

Description :

This work focuses on the ways in which a particular Islamic brotherhood, or 'tariqa', the tariqa Ba 'Alawiyya, spread, maintained and propagated their particular brand of the Islamic faith.

Originating in the South-Yemeni region of Hadramawt, the Alawi tariqa mainly spread along the coast of the Indian Ocean. The Alawi's are here portrayed as one of many cultural mediators in the multi-ethnic, multi-religious Indian Ocean world in the era of European colonialism.

The topic of this study is the history of Islam in the northwest Indian Ocean during the nineteenth and early twentieth century. More specifically, it focuses on the scholarly exchange of ideas between Hadramawt in South Arabia and the East African Coast. To bring out the complexity of this process, the author has chosen to focus on the life of one of the most influential Hadramı' East African scholars of the period, Ahmad b. Abı Bakr b. Sumayt [1861-1925d).

The Author : Anne K. Bang is a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Bergen, Norway.

Table of Contents :

---List of Figures,
---List of Plates,

------Background, perspectives and aims,

---[1]. The Al Ba (Bani) 'Alawi,
------The Hadramawt and the Al Ba 'Alawi,
------The Tariqa 'Alawiyya,
------The migrations of the 'Alawi sada,
------The 'Alawis in East Africa.

---[2]. The Al bin Sumayt,
------The Al bin Sumayt : From Hadramawt to the Indian Ocean.

---[3]. Ahmad b. Abi Bakr b. Sumayt: Childhood & Youth in the Comoro Islands,
------Ibn Sumayt: The First Twenty Years,
------The 'Ulama' of Grand Comore and their Network,
------The Comoro Islands and the Outside World; Indian Ocean Trade.

---[4]. Hadramawt Revisited; Family and Scholarly Networks Reinforced,
------The Homeword Journey : The Return of the Muwallad,
------Family Networks,
------Islamic Education on Hadramawt in the 1880's,
------The Teachers of Ibn Sumayt in Hadramawt,
------Ibn Sumayt's Studies in the Hadramawt : An Appreciation.

---[5]. Travelling Years: Zanzibar-Istanbul-Cairo-Mecca-Java-Zanzibar: 1885-1888,
------Fadl b. 'Alawi b. Sahl (Fadl Pasha),
------Ibn Sumayt and Fadl Pasha,
------Further Travels : Egypt, Hijaz, India and Java,
------1886-1888: Travels in the Search of Knowledge.

---[6]. Ibn Sumayt, the 'Alawiyya & the Shafi'i 'Ulama' of Zanzibar c. 1870-1925: Profile of the Learned Class: Recruitment, Training and Careers,
------Two Generations Shafi'i Ulama' c. 1870-1925,
------The Process of Recruitment,
------The Transmission of Islamic Knowledge,
------Careers : The Ulama' and Political Power- Co=operation and Avoidance.

---[7]. Scriptural Islam in East Africa: The 'Alawiyya, Arabisation and the Indigenisation of Islam, 1880-1925,
------Background: The new Ulama' and the Wider Islamic World,
------Counterbalance: The 'Alawiyya and Islamic Reform in East Africa,
------'Alawis as Agents of Scriptural Learning: Al-Riyad of Lamu and the Madrasa Ba Kathir of Zanzibar,
------Educational Reform and the Tariqa 'Alawiyya in East Africa,

---[8]. The Work of a Qadi: Ibn Sumayt and the Official Roles of the Zanzibari 'Ulama in the British-Bu Saidi State, c. 1890-1925,
------The Chief Qadis of the British bu Sa'idi state,
------The Legal System : 'Ulama' as Government Judges,
------Qadis as Consultants : Ibn Sumayt & Ali al-Mundiri on the Waqf Commission.

---[9]. Educational Efforts within the Colonial State : Ibn Sumayt, the Ulama and the Colonial Quest for Secular Education,
------Education in Zanzibar : Historical Background,
------'Acceptable Religious Instruction,'
------Qur'anic Religious Instruction in a non-Arab setting : Controversies and Conflicting Interests.

---[10]. The Death of a Generation,
-------The Al bin Sumayt after Ahmad: Tradition continued.

-------Strings Attached; The 'Alawis of East Africa, their links and networks,
-------Content : What was transmitted and Propagated?

------The writings of Ahmad b. Abi Bakr b. Sumayt,
---------Printed works in Arabic, ordered chronologically by date of completion,
---------Unpublished located works,
---------Unpublished works that have been mentioned by previous scholars but remain unlocated.


Homepage for Sufism.

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