Tadhkira Anwar i Sabari : English

 Tadhkira Anwar i Sabari : English, New,
'An Account of Sabir's Enlightenment,'
Relation to Ala al-Din Ali Ahmad Sabar al-Kalyari [d.690h],
*[A5] Paperback - 115 pages,
Written in Urdu by Muhammad Bashir Ambalvi,

Translated by Muhammad Iqbal,
& by Samina Iqbal,
Foreword by Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali,
**Published by Dar al-Ehsaan.

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Description :

'Tadhkira Anwar i Sabari ; An Account of Sabir's Enlightenment' is a biography of Khawaja Shaykh Sayyid Ala al-Din Ali Ahmad Sabar al-Kalyari, may Allah have mercy upon him, the beacon light of the Chishtiyyah Sufi Order in the sub-continent and the most beloved mentor par excellence of Hadrat Abu Anees.

From the Back Cover :

Although every feature of the story of devotion is, in its place, unique and unforgettable, whatever the eye of the firmament saw at Kalyar (India) witnessed it there alone, and nowhere else. Practice and knowledge, devotion and ecstasy, abstraction and intoxication, absorption and rapture, and majesty and beauty, have all been combined together at rare places and only occasionally. However, this beautiful, charming and inspiring combination was fully prevalent there.

The restless eyes are searching for him, of whom it has been said;

" It is on the tongue of everyone
in Kalyar,
An abstracted (pre-occupied) ascetic visits,
     and is regular (the same)."

This is perhaps the reason why (as theTadkhira says in its text) that whatever took place on the land of Kalyar had been kept secret from human intellect, understanding and comprehension until now.

These wise men, who have the secrets of clairvoyance and consciousness of Allah the Almighty hidden in their chests, are the decorium of Your wine house. If there had been no wise men in Your world what charm would have it offered? No history would have been fraught with any taste whatsoever. These wise men men alone have made attractive the story of the descendants of Prophet Adam, upon him be peace. ---Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali.

Table of Contents :

---Translator's Note.


---Chapter [1]. Ala ud-Deen Ali Ahmad Sabir Kalyari,

---Chapter [2]. The Family Tree,
------The Father's Family Tree,
------The Mother's Family Tree,
------The Prophet's, ﷺ, Counsel about Abdul Rahim,
------Abdul Salam's Marriage,
------Abdul Rahim Abdul Salam's Demise.

---Chapter [3]. Blessed Birth of Sabir al-Kalyar,
------The Master in the Mother's Womb,
------Incidents at Birth,
------The Holy Spirits' Visit for the Audience.

---Chapter [4]. Patience during Infancy,
------Wonders of his Childhood,
------The Period of Orphancy,
------Cooking Rice.

---Chapter [5].  Childhood,
------Setting off from Hirat (Kabul),
------Uncle's Patronage,
------Education in the Apparent.

---Chapter [6]. Allegiances,
------Recommendations for his Allegiance,
------Allegiance of the Families of 'Ali,
---------& Imam Abu Hanifa,
------Sabir al-Kalyar's Mother setting off to Hirat.

---Chapter [7]. Marriage,
------Communal kitchen,
------The Master's Mother returns from Hirat,
------Baba Sahib's Children's Death by Sabir's Majesty,
------The incident about the Master's Marriage,
------The Master's Marriage.
------Appointment for the Sainthood of Delhi.

---Chapter [8]. The Chishtiyyah Tariqah,
------Allegiance to the Line of the Chishtiyyah,
------Disclosure of the Seal of Sainthood,
------Instrument, Imamate and Caliphate of the Order of the Chishtiyyah.

---Chapter [9]. Kalyar Sharif,
------Jamia Mosque, Kalyar,
------The present day Kalyar,
------The Sacred Mausoleum,
------The Master's Journey to Kalyar,
------The goat Harmana in the peoples stomach,
------Earthquake in Kalyar,
------Jamia Mosque of Kalyar in Ruku (kneeling posture in Prayers).

---Chapter [10]. Some Notable Incidents of Kalyar,
------Plague in Kalyar,
------'Aleemullah the Abdal's Departure with the Letter & Baba Sahib's Commands,
------Four things at Kalyar which Survived the Divine Wrath & the Conflagration,
------The Fire of Kalyar.

---Chapter [11]. Hadrat Khawaja Shams al-Din,
------Hadrat Shams ud-Deen arrival at Kalyar,
------Shams ud-Deen's Grand Seclusion.

---Chapter [12]. The Will,
------The Master's Will to Khawaja Shams ud-Deen.

---Chapter [13]. The Passing Away,
------Khawaja Shams ud-Deen's departure to Kalyar,
------Procuring the string of cotton,
------Hadrat Shams ud-Deen's return to Kalyar,
------Funeral Prayer and the Reality of Fana and Baqa,
------The Hadrat Khawaja at the City of Farkhar,
------Hadrat Khawaja Shams ud-Deen Panipati's Demise,
------Hadrat Abdul Quddus Gangohi's Visit to the Shrine.

---Chapter [14]. Hadrat 'Aleemullah,
------Hadrat Aleemullah the Abdul, A Mentor of Kalyar Sharif.


---What is Dar al-Ehsaan?


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