Marital Life of the Prophet

Marital Life of the Prophet, ?, New,
'& Advice for Married Couples,'
*[A5] Paperback - 133 pages,
by Maulana Shakir Noorie,
Transl. by Muhammad Salim Noorie,
Published by Maktab e Taibah, India.

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Description :


Marital Life of the Prophet, ?, & Advice for Married Couples. The current era is one of arguments, strife and great differences of opinion. There are very few homes where there is not disagreement between a husband and wife. The smallest of issues many times leads to a divorce and we see many homes changing from places of peace into places of battle and conflict.

Many children are left without the love and affection of their parents because of their constant disagreements and arguments with each other & these children end up spending their whole lives in an environment of rejection and loneliness. No one worries about their education or their future wellbeing.

This work focuses' on the causes and reasons for divorce and then briefly mentions how to remedy this curse which has infected our society. It also mentions the peaceful marital life of the Beloved Prophet, ?, so that we can act upon his beautiful example in order to bring peace and tranquility into our lives. Finally the author gives some important advice to married couples from the Qur'an and Hadith, which if acted upon, will ensure a happy married life and they will avoid the usual difficulties and problems that arise in a marriage.


Table of Contents :
------Men and Women Being in Contact with Ghayr Mahram,
------Protection of the Husband,
------Not Paying Attention,
------Unaware of the Aim of Marriage,
------Keeping Relationships with Ghayr Mahram after Marriage,
------Husband being less inclined Towards his Wife,
------Do not Divorce Immediately,
---[1]. Marital Life of the Prophet, ?,
---[2]. Good Conduct,
------The Good Conduct of the Prophet, ?,
---[3]. Affection and Loyalty,
---[4]. Sense of Honour (Protectiveness),
---[5]. Avoiding Ghayr Mahram,
---[6]. Fulfilling Responsibilities and Paying Attention,
---[7]. Justice and Fairness,
---[8]. Appointing Days and Taking Them on Journeys,
------Important Warning,
---[9]. Pleasure and Happiness,
---[10]. Helping with Housework and Not Overburdening,
---[11]. Kindness and Good Manners,
------Never Hit any Women,
---[12]. Generosity and Sympathy,
---[13]. Alleviating Difficulties and Consoling,
---[14]. Adorning and Pleasing,
---[15]. Serving the Husband,
---[16]. Simplicity and Contentment,
---[17]. Emphasising Piety,
---[18]. Worship and Devotion,
---[19]. Difficulties in a Marriage and their Solutions,
------Mutual Differences and their Solutions,
------Fear Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala,
------Highlighting Virtues,
------Gathering Together,
------The Blessed Wives Respecting One Another,
---[20]. Establishing a Household,
---[21]. Man's Role in Establishing a Household,
------Kindness and Good Manners,
------Moderation in Maintenance and Expenses,
------The Rights of Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, & Teaching the Family,
---[22]. Woman's Role in Establishing a Household,
---[23]. Conclusion.
---[24]. Important Warning for Couples,
---[25]. Advice for Married Couples,
---[26]. Final Word.
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*Dimensions : 21.5 x 14cm.

Sub continent print quality and condition. Off mint.

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