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Self Development

The Book of Love : New
The Book of Love : New
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  • Authored by: Sh. Muhammad ibn Yahya Ninowy

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Details:  The Book of Love : New,
*[A5] Hardback with Dustjacket - 322 pages,
by Shaykh Muhammad ibn Yahya al-Ninowy
Published by Madina Institute.

Now in Stock June 2020

Description :

The Book of Love : Is a Collection of Aphorisms by Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad bin Yahya al-Ninowy.


" Undeniably, the aphorisms are a tapestry woven together with experiential wisdom. We catch a whiff of Qur’an here, Hadith there…with Shaykh Ninowy holding the needle and thread. The Book of Love is a companion, a very accessible and readable companion – but it’s also framed as a classical text, the hub of a multi-layered commentary that will be filled out by sharh, or explanation.

Each aphorism in this book, therefore, is a door to another – as one travels from room to perfumed room. It is a refuge for the soul, and an escape from the undesirable human urges that drive us.

But more importantly, The Book of Love is a book of wasatiyyah, the celebrated Qur’anic middle way. However, wasatiyyah, or moderation in all things, is not a capitulation, or a watering down, of the core values of belief.

Wasatiyyah is totally, uncompromisingly, absolutely, about love. Wasatiyyah is love, and love is wasatiyyah. It is truly, unselfishly, loving for others what you love for yourself. This is a key to the Nur ul-Muhammadiyyah, the Prophetic light – a light of love and knowledge that awaits every soul on this earth.

The Book of Love is an extraordinary book written for extraordinary times – an era where confusion is the King, ignorance the Queen and Mr Nafs the treasurer. The Book of Love shines a light that shrinks the contemporary darkness. It is a book for everybody, and a mercy to all." ---Shafiq Morton.

The Book of Love comprises of four chapters:

  *** Awakening to Self-Realisation;
  *** Signs on the Path of Love;
  *** Illuminations;
  *** Live your Love.

Shaykh Muhammad bin Yahya al-Ninowy is the Founder and Director of Madina Institute, an Islamic seminary in Atlanta, Georgia, with campuses in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Norway, Sudan, and Malaysia. Dr. Al-Ninowy is considered to be a Muhaddith; a scholar of Hadith sciences. He has authored books in Usul, Creed, Hadith, and Sufi sciences.

Al-Ninowy traces his lineage back to the Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ. He has been a pioneer working on grass root levels to bring back Unconditional compassion and love as the central themes of religion and has been the forerunner promoting non-violence among all people and religions worldwide. Al-Ninowy also holds a bachelor’s degree in microbiology from the University of Illinois, and a doctor of medicine degree.

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