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Hadith : Darsi

Al-Muhaddithat : The Women Scholars
Al-Muhaddithat : The Women Scholars
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Details:   Al-Muhaddithat : New,
'The Women Scholars in Islam,'
*[A5] Paperback - 336 pages,
*by M. Akram Nadwi
Published by Interface.

Revised 2nd Edition.

Description :

Al-Muhaddithat : The Women Scholars in Islam. This book is an adaptation in English of the prefatory volume of a 40-volume biographical dictionary (in Arabic) of women scholars of the Prophet's, ﷺ, hadith. Learned women enjoyed high public standing and authority in the formative years of Islam.

For centuries thereafter, women travelled intensively for religious knowledge and routinely attended the most prestigious mosques and madrasas across the Islamic world. Typical documents (like class registers and ijazahs from women authorising men to teach) and the glowing testimonies about their women teachers from the most revered ulema are cited in detail.

An overview chapter, with accompanying maps, traces the spread of centers of hadith learning for women, and their eventual decline. The information summarised here is essential to a balanced appreciation of the role of women in Islamic society.

Table of Contents :

---List of tables,
------Charts, Maps, and Illustrations, etc.

---The Impact of the Book and Sunnah,
---The Women's Authority Established by the Qur'an and Sunnah,
---The Women's Authority Established by their Own Actions.

---[1]. The Legal Conditions for Narrating Hadith,
------Testimony and Narration,
---------The Difference between Testimony and Narration,
---------The Lawfulness of Women Transmitting Hadith,
---------The Public Authority of hadiths Narrated by Women,
---------The Hadith of Fatimah bint Qays,
---------Another example:  A Hadith from 'A'ishah.

---[2]. Women as Seekers and Students of Hadith,
------The Disposition to teach Women,
---------The duty to teach,
---------Education the Children,
---------Keeping children on the Sunnah,
---------Encouraging Girls and Women to Attend Gatherings,
---------The Duty to Answer the Women's Questions,
---------The Practice of those who Followed,
------The Women's Own Efforts,
--------What the Women Asked about,
--------About Shyness in the Way of Learning,
--------Women Learning from the Companions,
------Women's preserving of the Hadith,
---------Writing Marginal Notes,
---------Comparison and Correction.

---[3]. Occasions, Travels, Venues for, and Kinds of, Hadith Learning,
------Public Occasions,
---------The Hajj; Hajjat al-Wada'
------Private Occasions,
---------Hajj Journeys,
------Ways of Receiving Hadith,
---------Sama ; Hearing,
---------Documentation of the Sama' and Ijazah,
-------- Querying Ijazah's
---------Fatimah bin Sa'd al-Khayr.

---[4]. The Women's Teachers,
------Teachers within the Family Circle,
------Teachers of the Locality,
------Visiting Teachers,
------Teachers in Other Towns,
------Number of Teachers.

---[5]. The Reading Matter,
------The First Three Centuries,
------The Fourth to the Sixth Centuries,
------From the Seventh to the Ninth Centuries,
------From later Ninth to Thirteenth Centuries,
------In the Fourteenth Century,
------Kinds of the Books they Studied,
---------Al-Ma'ajim and Al-Mashyakhat,
-----------The Reading List of Umm Hani bint Niir al-Din al-Huriniyyah [d. 871h].

---[6]. Women's Role in Diffusion of the Knowledge,
------The Companions and the Scholars after them,
------Major Scholars who Narrated from Women,
------Husbands Narrating from their Wives,
------Children Learning from their Mothers,
------Children Narrating from their Mothers,
------The Manners of the Women Scholars,
---------Teaching unpaid; Accepting small gifts,
------The Numbers of their Students,
------How the Muhaddithat transmitted Hadith,
---------Narration of the Words,
---------Reading to the Teacher,
------Assemblies for Narration and Teaching,
---------Other Places.

---[7]. Women's Hadiths and Narrations;
------Women's hadiths in the Six Books (Sihah Sitta),
------The Narrator's Eloquence,
------Fiqh Dependent on Women's hadiths,
---------The hadith of Subay'ah al-Aslamiyyah,
---------The hadith of Busrah bint Safwan,
---------The hadith of Umm 'Atiyyah,
---------Aishah's hadith about the Wife of Rifa'ah al-Qurazi,
-----Women's Narration of Different kinds of hadith Compilations,
---------Al-Ma'ajim and Al-Mashyakhat,
---------Abundance of their Narrations,
------Collections of the Women's Narrations,
------Higher isnad through Women Teachers.

---[8]. Women and Hadith Critique,
------Evaluation of Narrators,
---------Ta'dil of Women Narrators,
---------Jarh of Women Narrators,
------Evaluation of Women's hadiths,
------Evaluation of Narrators by Women,
---------Women's Role in Ta'dil and Jarh,
---------Examples of Ta'dil and Jarh by Women,
------Women's Role in hadith Critique,
---------Checking the hadith against the Qur'an,
---------Checking the hadith against another, stronger hadith,
---------Checking the hadith against a Sunnah of the Prophet, ﷺ,
---------Checking the hadith in the Light of its Occasion (Sabab),
---------Checking a hadith against a Difficulty of Acting Upon it,
---------Checking a hadith for Misconstruction of its Meaning,

---[9]. Overview be Period and Region,
------First Period; 1st - 2nd Century AH,
------Second Period; 3rd - 5th Century AH,
------Third Period; 6th - 9th Century AH,
------Fourth Period; 900 - 1500 AH,
------Overview by Region;
---------Al-Sham (Greater Syria),
---------Spain and Morroco,
---------The Region of Khurasan and Transoxania,

---[10]. Fiqh and 'Amal,
------The fiqh of the Women Scholars,
---------Understanding the Qur'an,
---------Understanding the hadith,
---------Women Jurist's,
---------Women Giving Fatwas,
---------Debate between Men and Women,
---------Reliance of the Jurists on the fiqh of Women,
---------The Women holding Opinions that others Disputed,

------The Companions and their Successors,
------The Women Scholars,
------The Men Scholars,
------Place and Names.

*Dimensions : 21 x 15cm.

NON ASWJ : Listed for research and reference.

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