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Isaale Sawaab

Rewards of Worship to the Deceased
Rewards of Worship to the Deceased
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  • Authored by: Allama Shafee Okarvi

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Details:  The Rewards of Worship to the Soul of the Deceased :
*[A5] Paperback / Booklet - 48 pages, New,
by Allama Shafee al-Okarvi [d.1404h],
Translated by S.Y. Qadiri,
Published by Ziya al-Qur'an, Pakistan.

Description :

The Rewards of Worship to the Soul of the Deceased is the English translation of a popular work on the permissibility of Isaale Sawaab written by the renowned scholar and prolific author, Khateeb - A'zam Pakistan; Allama wa Mawlana Muhammad Shaf'i al-Okarwi al-Qadiri, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi.

Some people ask the question that if a person has died, how is it possible we can increase their status or decrease their torment by conveying rewards of our good deeds (ibadaat)? It is the consensus (ijma) of the Sahaba (the Noble Companions of the Prophet, ﷺ), the earlier Ulema, and the latter ones that Isaale Sawaab is effective and that it is certainly permissible, in fact meritorious, to do so.

Table of Contents :

---Translator's Note,

---[1]. Physical Worship (Badaani Ibadaat),
---[2]. Praying, Fasting and Performing Hajj for the Deceased (Mayyit),
---[3]. Reading the Qur'an and Offering (Al-Fatihah) for the Deceased (Mayyit),
---[4]. To Read Kalimah and Tasbeeh for the Deceased,
---[5]. Alms and Charity (Financial Worship - Maali Ibadaat),
---[6]. Sacrifice (Qurbani) for the Deceased,
---[7]. Continuous Charity (Sadaqah e Jaariyah),
---[8]. Forwarding the Reward (Esaale Sawaab) on the 3rd Day (Teeja), on the 7th Day (Saatwa), on the 11th Day - Giyarween Shareef, on the 40th Day (Chehlum) and Annually ('Urs Shareef or Barsi).
---[9]. Reading Allah's Holy Scripture (Al-Qur'an) upon Food,
---[10]. Method of Reciting (Fatihah Khawani) and forwarding the Reward,
------Step by step instruction on how to offer Fatihah (English and Arabic).

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