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Inter Faith

Jesus & Muhammad Commonalities
Jesus & Muhammad Commonalities
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Details:  Jesus & Muhammad, ﷺ, New,
'Commonalities of the Two Great Religions,'
*[A5+] Large Paperback - 254 pages,
by Daniel Hummel,
Published by Tughra, Turkey.

Back in Stock April 2020

Description :

Jesus, peace be upon him, and Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, lived in different times and in different contexts. An absolute comparison of the careers of these two men is not a satisfactory method in understanding the similarities and differences between their teachings. This book approaches this topic from a different perspective.

The time that Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, preached in Mecca is compared to the time Prophet Jesus spent preaching throughout Palestine. This improves the similarities in contexts between them and makes a comparison more valid. The number of similarities outweighs the number of differences when looking at the four books of the Gospel and the chapters of the Qur'an revealed in Mecca.

On issues related to Prayer, the Oneness of God, charity, the Hereafter and forgiveness the teachings in these two books are practically the same. A number of core theological issues surfaced in the Book of John do clash with Qur'anic teachings about the person of Jesus. These differences and the possible reasons for them are explored in this book.

The conclusion of this book is that Muslims and Christians have more shared values and even theological similarities than differences. It is recommended that Muslims and Christians should spend more time understanding these commonalities.

Table of Contents :

------Islamic Terms,

---List of Qur'anic Chapters,
------The First Three Years,
------Later Mekkan Chapters,
------Chapters added by Numan b. Bashir,
------Mekkan Chapters,
------Madinan Chapters.


---Chapter [1]. Introduction,

---Chapter [2]. The First Three Years,
-----2.1. Importance of Prayer,
-----2.2. Reassurances to the Prophet, ﷺ,
-----2.3. Ephemeral Nature of Wordly Things,
-----2.4. Death, Resurrection and Final Judgement,
-----2.5. Hell and Paradise,
-----2.6. Oneness of God,
-----2.7. Patience in Adversity,
-----2.8. The Marvels of Nature,
-----2.9. Importance of Charity,
-----2.10. Summary.

---Chapter [3]. The First Three Years Themes and Jesus,
-----3.1. Only One God,
-----3.2. Charity,
-----3.3. Prayer,
-----3.4. Patience,
-----3.5. Hereafter,
-----3.6. God's Mercy,
-----3.7.Judgement Day,
-----3.8. Summary.

---Chapter [4]. The Last 10 Years in Mecca,

---Chapter [5]. The Issue of Disbelief,
-----5.1. The Issue of Disbelief : The Qur'an and the Gospels,
--------5.1.1. Earthly Results of Disbelief,
-------------Punishment in the Form of Provision and Respite,
-------------Benefits from the Qur'an are difficult to Ascertain ?!
-------------Those who abuse the Prophets and their Punishment,
-------------The People are led astray by Satan,
--------5.1.2. Hereafter Results of Disbelief,
-------------The Unbelievers will be Forgotten by God,
-------------The Punishment of God on Apostates,
--------5.1.3. Claims and the Unbelievers,
-------------Claims about the Prophet, ﷺ,
-------------The Prophets should not eat ?!
-------------The Message Should be Revealed to Someone Greater ?!
-------------Think they will never be Resurrected ?!
--------5.1.4. Facts about Disbelief and Disbelievers,
-------------Disobey and Feel Safe ?!
-------------Those who hate the Prophets Will be Forgotten,
-------------Muhammad, ﷺ, rejected like those before him ?!
-------------People swear their support to any Prophet,
-------------Signs destroy people,
-------------Reject and Oppose the Truth ?!
-------------Verses of the Qur'an not from the Devil,
-----5.2. The Issue of Disbelief & The Qur'an,
--------5.2.1. Earthly Results of Disbelief,
-------------The Deeds add to nothing ?!
-------------Added Restrictions for those who Disobey,
-------------The Lighter Torment is first,
--------5.2.2. Hereafter Results of Disbelief,
--------5.2.3. Stubbornness of the Unbelievers,
-------------Demand another Message,
--------5.2.4. Criticism of those Believing God Bears Children,
-------------General Rejection of God having Children,
-------------Warnings for Believing God has Children,
--------5.2.5. Facts about Disbelief and Disbelievers,
-------------Disbelievers despair,
-------------Most people are misguided,
-------------God Guides & also Leads Astray those who He Wills,
-------------The Influence of the Devil,
-------------Try to Weaken Revelation,
-------------Deny Judgement Day,
-------------Seek Compromise in Disbelief,
-------------Their desires Corrupt Heaven and Earth,
-------------Admit the error on their Deathbed,
-----5.3. Summary.

---Chapter [6]. The Commands,
-----6.1. The Commands : The Qur'an and the Gospels,
---------6.1.1. Be Respectful and Show Forgiveness,
---------6.1.2. Missionising,
---------6.1.3. Belief and Behaviour,
--------------Responsible for Own Deeds,
--------------Be Kind to Parents,
--------------No Arrogance,
--------------Avoid Shameful Deeds (Sexual Crimes),
--------------Greeting of Peace,
----------6.1.4. Fairness and Justice,
----------6.1.5. Integrity,
---------------Fulfill Promises,
----------6.1.6. Repentance,
----------6.1.7. Migrate to a Better Place,
-----6.2. The Commands : The Qur'an,
----------6.2.1. Belief and Behaviour,
---------------No Polytheism,
---------------Dress Appropriately,
---------------Creating Mischief,
---------------Stick with the Believers,
---------------Be Gentle with the Believers,
---------------No Envy.
----------6.2.1. Integrity,
---------------No Lies.
-----6.2. Summary.

---Chapter [7]. Rewards from God,
-----7.1. The Rewards from God: The Qur'an and the Gospels,
----------7.1.1. God's Blessing,
----------7.1.2. Everything is Transitory in this Life,
----------7.1.3. Good Deeds and Bad Deeds,
----------7.1.4. Charity Equals Multiple Rewards,
-----7.2. The Rewards from God : The Qur'an,
----------7.2.1. Burdens,
----------7.2.2. Purify the Soul and Fear God,
----------7.2.3. God not Quick to Punish,
----------7.2.4. Satan has No Power,
-----7.3. Summary.

---Chapter [8]. Stories & Parables,
-----8.1. The Story of Jesus in the Qur'an and the Gospels,
-----8.2. The Parables in the Qur'an and the Gospels,
-----8.3. The Stories in the Qur'an,
---------------The Fall of the Devil and Adam,
---------------The Tribes of Israel,
---------------Bal'am bin Ba'ura,
---------------People of the Ditch,
---------------The Companions of the City,
----------8.3.2. The Prophet's, peace be upon them, Stories in the Qur'an,
---------------Prophet Noah,
---------------Prophet Hud,
---------------Prophet Salih and the Thamud People,
---------------Prophet Abraham,
---------------Prophet Lot,
---------------Prophet Joseph,
---------------Prophet Shuaib and the Madyan People,
---------------Prophet Moses,
---------------Prophet Solomon,
---------------Stories of the Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ,
----------8.3.3. The Wise Men Stories,
----------------Khidr, alayhi salam,
----------------Luqman, radi Allahu anhu,
-----8.4. Summary.

---Chapter [9]. Explanations,
-----9.1. The Explanations : The Qur'an and the Gospels,
----------9.1.1. The Sending of the Prophets, upon them be peace,
----------9.1.2. The Words of God cannot be Changed,
----------9.1.3. The Believers,
----------9.1.4. Life,
----------9.1.5. The Angels,
----------9.1.6. God is All-Knowing,
----------9.1.7. Prophecy,
-----9.2. The Explanations : The Qur'an,
----------9.2.1. Only One Religion,
----------9.2.2. The Qur'an,
----------9.2.3. Pre-Destination,
----------9.2.4. Differences are Signs,
----------9.2.5. Heavens Split out of Fear of God,
----------9.2.6. The Jinns,
-----9.3. Summary.

---Chapter [10]. Contradictions,
-----10.1. Marriage,
-----10.2. Divorce,
-----10.3. Resurrection & the Spouses in the Hereafter,
-----10.4. Fasting,
-----10.5. 'The Death of Jesus,'
-----10.6. 'Jesus Dies for Forgiveness of Sins' ?!
-----10.7. 'Jesus is the Son of God' ?!
-----10.8. A Possible Reason for the Differences?
-----10.9. Summary.

---Chapter [11]. Similarities: Beyond Mecca,
-----11.1. Jesus is the Servant of God,
-----11.2. Jesus explains the 'Son of God' Reference is Not Literal,
-----11.3. Sins that are Not Forgiven,
-----11.4. Love Jesus more than Family,
-----11.5. The Powers of Jesus,
-----11.6. Jesus as Judge,
-----11.7. Jesus brings new teachings,
-----11.8. Fasting and Showing Off,
-----11.9. Offer Greeting of Peace before Entering Home,
-----11.10. Loving Your Neighbour,
-----11.11. The Public Servant,
-----11.12. Testimony of Two Men,
-----11.13. Eyes as a Source of Good / Evil,
-----11.14. Martyrdom,
-----11.15. Summary.

---Chapter [12]. Muhammad in the Gospels,
--------The Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, in the Gospels.

---Chapter 13]. A Refutation of Common Criticisms of Islam,

---Chapter [14]. Conclusion.



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Also see Islamic History.

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