Pilgrimage in Islam : Guide to Hajj

Pilgrimage in Islam - New,
'A Comprehensive Guide to Hajj,'
*[A5] Paperback - 306 pages,
by Huseyin Yagmur,
Published by Tughra Books, Turkey.


2nd Edition : Completely Revised,
Description :

Pilgrimage in Islam - 'A Comprehensive Guide to Hajj' is an extensive manual describing the Hajj--a journey that enlightens the significance of human existence and submission. This guidebook offers advice for those undertaking the holy voyage and gives the meanings behind its rituals from a Hanafi Sunni perspective.
With special attention to the people who make the journey--approximately three/four million Muslims a year--this reference illuminates the importance of one of the fundamental forms of Islamic worship as a social and cosmic transformation.
"Muslims who perform the Hajj sincerely acquire beautiful attributes, like patience - enduring distress and difficulties with tolerance, reconciliation, cooperation and flexibility. The Hajj takes its visitors on a voyage which is over 14 centuries old. It allows these visitors to spiritually come together with the beloved Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, and reminds them of the great efforts and struggles exhibited in those places. At the same time, the Hajj presents a scene from the Day of Resurrection, reminding pilgrims of the reality that they are but guets on this fleeting earth."
Table of Contents :
Chapter [1]. What is the Hajj ?
---What is the Meaning and Importance of Pilgrimage in Islam?
---What is the  Evidence for the Hajj Duty in the Qur'an and the Sunnah?
---What is the History of Pilgrimage in Ancient Civilisations?
---How was the Pilgrimage practiced among the Pre-Islamic Arabs?
---How was the Hajj restored to its Original Purity?
---Why do the Believers go on the Hajj?
---The Wisdom of the Hajj;
-----1. The Hajj is an intensive and comprehensive Prayer,
-----2. The Hajj addresses the Heart rather than Logic,
-----3. The Hajj is a scene admired by Angels,
-----4. Establishing a Connection with Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him,
-----5. The Hajj incites true Brotherhood and Sisterhood,
-----6. Time Completely Transforms into Worship during the Hajj,
-----7. Places from where the Mysteries of the Divine Spirit Burst Forth,
-----8. The Hajj brings the Islamic Community Together,
-----9. A Universally Institutionalised Assembly,
-----10. The Hajj is not to stay in, But to return home with Spiritual Repletion,

Chapter [2]. The Virtues of the Hajj
---Merits of the Hajj,
---Complete the Hajj and Umra for the sake of Allah,
---Virtues of the Hajj as explained in the Traditions,
---Like a New Born Baby,
---Resembling the Saints during the Hajj,
---The Hajj : A Heavenly Voyage on Earth,
---The Sanctity of Makka,
---Makka; The Unique Mihrab (Direction of Prayer) of Humanity,
---Some Places to Visit in Makka,
---The Ka'ba : Where the Hearts of Believers Beat Together,
---The Ka'ba : A Luminous Column,
---A Beaming Staircase that Elevates Us to Other Worlds,
---The Journey towards the Ka'ba,
---The Ka'ba : The Radiant Connection between the Earth and the Heavens,
---The Place from whence Divine Revelations Poured Down,
---The Circumambulation (tawaf) of the Ka'ba is Like Prayer,
---The Sa'y (striding) between the Hills of Safa and Marwa,
---Supplications whilst striding between Safa and Marwa,
---Incessant Effort to Find What One is Looking For!
---Makka Revived and Re-Inhabited,
---Hagar runs frantically between the Hills of Safa and Marwa,
---The Water of Zamzam to drink with great enjoyment,
---Drinking the Zamzam Water for whatever One Intends,
---A Night in Mina on the Eve of the Day of Arafat,
---Mina waits for its Guests,
---The Hajj is Arafat,
---Arafat, A Glorious Day spent Amidst the Angels,
---Arafat is the Place of Imploring,
---Moving to Muzdalifa en masse from Arafat,
---The Standing in Muzdalifa,
---"What has made you smile, O' Allah's Messenger, ﷺ !"
---Muzdalifa, The Blessed Place Where Salvation is Granted!
---Rejoining Mina after Arafat,
---Mina; The place where Subtlety in Obedience to the Divine Order is Felt,
---Remember Allah in those numbered Days,
---The Place where the Qur'anic Chapter of al-Baqarah were Revealed.

Chapter [3]. The Major and Minor Pilgrimages of the Messenger, ﷺ,
---The Hajj and Umra of Our Beloved Messenger, ﷺ,
---The Messenger's, ﷺ, Entry to Makka and the Ka'ba,
---The Messenger's, ﷺ, Circumambulation of the Ka'ba,
---The Polytheists Intention of tantalising Muslims,
---These people are like Gazelles,
---Striding between Safa and Marwa,
---Proceeding first to Mina then to Arafat,
---The Standing at Arafat,
---Leaving Arafat,
---Talbiya Recited on Arafat and Muzdalifa,
---"Could you Pick Up Stones for Me!"
---The Prophet, ﷺ, came back to Mina,
---"Perhaps I will not be able to Perform the Hajj again with You!"
---The Prophet, ﷺ, Offered the Sacrifice,
---The Prophet, ﷺ, butchered His Animal (did his own Qurbani) Himself,
---The Prophet, ﷺ, Despatched Sixty-Three Camels from Madina,
---The Prophet, ﷺ, did the Tawaf of Visiting at Night,
---And the Farewell Tawaf.
Chapter [4]. How to Practice the Hajj and Umra,
The Hajj : The Major Pilgrimage:
---[A]. What are the Conditions of the Hajj?
-------What conditions are required of a person for the duty of Hajj,
-------What are the conditions for performing the Hajj?
-------What are the conditions in order for the Hajj to be valid ?
-------What does Ihram mean?
-------What are the essentials of Ihram?
-------Specified Time,
-------Specified Places.
---[B]. What are the Essentials of the Hajj?
-------Standing at Arafat,
-------The "Tawaf" of visiting.
---[C]. What are the Necessities of the Hajj?
-------Striding between Safa and Marwa,
-------The standing at Muzdalifa,
-------The stoning of Satan (Ram al-Jimar),
-------Shaving off or shortening the hair,
-------The Farewell "Tawaf"
---[D]. What are the Sunnah Acts and Manners of the Hajj?
------What are the Fundamental Sunnah acts of the Hajj?
------What are the Manners of the Hajj?
---The Umra : What is the Minor Pilgrimage?
---[a]. Description and Importance of Umra?
---[b]. The Obligations and Necessities of Umra,
---[c]. The Time of Umra,
---[d]. How to Carry out Umra,
---How many types of the Hajj are there?
---[a]. Types of the Hajj from the aspect of Importance (Hukm),
---[b]. Types of the Hajj in Respect to the way they are fulfilled,
---How are the Hajj and Umra Performed ?
------Preparation for entering into the state of Ihram?
------The Circumambulation of the Ka'ba,
------The Days on which the Hajj rites are performed,
---------a. The Rites of 8th day of of Dhu'l Hijja,
---------b. The Rites of the Day of Arafat : The 9th of Dhu'l Hijja,
---------c. The Rites of Eid al-Fitr : The 10th of Dhu'l Hijja,
---------d. The Rites of the 11th, 12th and 13th of Dhu'l Hijja,
------Female Pilgrims,
------Sacrificed Animals,
---What are the Violations of the Hajj and Umra ?
----[a]. The meaning of a 'violation' (Jinaya),
----[b]. Penalties and the Expiation for the Violation (Jinaya).
---What do the prevention (Ihsar) and the omission of the performance of Hajj (Fawat) mean?
---Is it possible to perform the Hajj on behalf of someone else?

Chapter [5]. Some Questions Related to the Duty of Hajj?
---Can children perform the Hajj?
---Is offering a sacrifice an obligatory condition in performing the Hajj?
---Can the sacrificial animals of the Hajj be slaughtered in one's homeland?
---Can money intended for sacrifice be given as charity instead?
Chapter [6]. Visiting the Tomb of the Messenger, ,
---Visiting the Rawda at-Tahira of Our Beloved Prophet, ﷺ, in Madina,
---The sanctity of Madina,
---The Garden,
---Time elapses as if in a dream at the Rawda at-Tahira,
---Places to visit in Madina al-Munawwara,
---Jannat al-Baqi (The Baqi Graveyard),
---The Martyrs of Uhud,
---The Masjid al-Quba,
---Masjid al-Qiblatayn (The Mosque with the two Qibla's).
Chapter [7]. Hajj Memories,
---Hajj Memories,
---The last Hajj of Imam Abu Hanifa, radi Allahu anh,
---The yearning of Sa'id Nursi for perrforming the Hajj,
---"If i knew, I would meet you"
---Hajj memories of Fethullah Gulen,
---The Final Word.

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