Inba al-Hayy : 2 Vols, Arabic

Inba al-Hayy : 2 Vols, Arabic, New,
*[A4] Hardback - pages, 2 Volume Set,
by Shaykh Imam Ahmad Rida Khan [d.1340h],
Tahqiq by Mufti Aslam Raza Shewani,
Published by Dar Sunnah, Pakistan,
with Dar al-Faqih, U.A.E.

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Description :
Inba al-Hayy Anna Kalamahu al-Masun Tiby?n Li Kulli Shayy : This is AlaHadrat Shaykh Imam Ahmad Raza Khan's, 'alayhi ar-Rahman w'al-Ridwan, detailed Hashiya of al-Dawlah al-Makkiya.

Al-Dawlah al-Makkiyyah is Shaykh Im?m Ahmad Rida Khan's masterpiece on 'Ilm al-Ghayb (Knowledge of the Unseen) which he authored in answer of 5 questions raised by the scholars of Makkah al-Mukarramah. These questions were asked in clarification of the baseless accusations Khal?l Ahmed Ambhetw? made against Shaykh Im?m Ahmad Rida Khan, alayhi ar-Rahman.

In al-Dawlah al-Makkiyyah Im?m Ahmad Rida Khan emphasises that the Holy Qur'an encompasses the knowledge of all things. However, a few individuals did not agree with this and objected against it. In reply to them and in support of his stance, he wrote the following book Inb? al-Hayy Anna Kal?mahu al-Mas?n Tiby?n Li Kulli Shayy which can be classed as an individual treatise on the topic of 'Ilm al-Ghayb due to it's detailed nature.
About the Author :

Al-Shaykh al-Im?m Ahmad Rid? Kh?n al-Qadiri (b. 1272 AH/1856 CE), alayhi ar-Rahman w'al-Ridwan, was a renowned Hanaf? jurist, had?th expert (muhaddith) and theologian par excellence, recognised by scholars from the Islamic world to be a reviver (mujaddid) of his era.
AlaHadrat, alayhi ar-Rahman, was a prolific writer whose legal edicts (Al-Fatawa Ridawiyya) were gathered into numerous encyclopedic volumes and covered almost every science of his day.  He is known to have authored in excess of 1000 books.

A selection of works of Imam Ahmad Rida Khan, alayhi ar-Rahman.
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  • Written by: Imam Ahmad Rida Khan

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