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The Prophet in World Scriptures
The Prophet in World Scriptures
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  • Authored by: Ali Unal

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Details:  The Prophet, ﷺ,
Promised in World Scriptures : New,
*[A5+] Large Paperback - 582 pages,
by Ali Unal,
& Harun Gultekin,
Published by Tughra Books, Turkey.

Back in Stock June 2020

Description :

This well-researched and comprehensive book by Ali Ünal details the numerous prophecies about the advent of the Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, in various world scriptures.

The author argues that numerous prophecies of the coming of the Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ,  are found in the New and Old Testaments, as well as the Zoroastrian, Hindu and Buddhist Scriptures. He then closely examines these prophecies through a comparative and verse-by-verse analysis and explains the rationale for his conclusions.

Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, is the pride of humanity. For the past fourteen centuries, hundreds and thousands of Muslim thinkers, philosophers, scientists, statesmen, and scholars, each a radiant star in the intellectual world of humanity, have stood behind him in respect and admiration and taken pride in belonging to his community, while a further thousand people from among the non-Muslims have studied his unparalleled personality, character and achievement.  It is enough to appreciate and understand his greatness that even after so many attacks on him and his Religion, and setbacks of his community, we still hear the words "I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God" from minarets five times a day together with the proclamation of the absolute Oneness of God.

This book will appeal to readers from all faiths and backgrounds that have an interest in major world religions and their sacred scriptures.

Ali Ünal is a renowned scholar and a prolific translator of works with an Islamic theme into English. He has written for many periodicals and is a columnist for Zaman daily newspaper.

His works include The Qur’an with Annotated Interpretation in Modern English, Islam Addresses Contemporary Issues, Islamic Perspectives on Science: Knowledge and Responsibility, The Resurrection and the Afterlife, and Islam and Humanity at the Crossroads. He lives in Istanbul, Turkey.

Some works/translations of Ali Unal.

Table of Contents :

------Prophethood and Why Muhammad, ﷺ, was Universally Promised,
------The Universally-Promised Prophet, ﷺ,

---Chapter [1]. Introducing Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ,
------The Dark Period of Ignorance,
------Prophet Muhammad's, ﷺ, Life before His Prophethood,
------What was His Message?
------Prophet Muhammad's, ﷺ, Life During His Prophethood,

---Chapter [2]. Divine Purposes for Sending the Prophet's,
------To Illuminate Humanity's Way,
------To Guide People to the Service of God,
------To Teach People God's Laws,
------To Be Examples,
------To Establish Balance,
------To Be God's Witnesses,
---------Three Cardinal Aspects of the Prophet's Mission.

---Chapter [3]. Characteristics of the Prophet's and Essentials of Prophethood,
------Essentials of Prophethood,
------Prophethood is Distinguished by Divine Revelation,
------Total Dependence in Revelation and Submission to God,
------Prophets were Specially Brought up by God,
------Utmost Truthfulness,
------Complete Sincerity,
------Calling People Wisely and with Kindness and Asking for No Wages,
------Highest Caliber of Intellect,
------Infallibility or Sinlessness,
------No Bodily or Mental Defects.

---Chapter [4]. Prophet Muhammad's, ﷺ, Unparalleled Character and Achievement,
------The many points worth considering to understand Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, with his exceptional achievement and see his Prophethood.

---Chapter [5]. The Prophet, ﷺ, Promised in World Scriptures,

------Prophecies in the Old Testament,
---------Prophecies in the Book of Adam,
---------The Prophet who will crush Satan's head,
------The Prophecy of Prophet Idris, peace be upon him, or Enoch,
------Prophet Noah's, peace be upon him, Prophecy,
------Prophet Abraham's, peace be upon him, Prophecy,
------Prophet Joseph & Jacob's, peace be upon them, Prophecy,
------Prophet Moses,' peace be upon him, Prophecies,
------The Prophecy of Prophet Job, peace be upon him, Prophecy,
------The Holy Prophet in the Psalms of David,
------Prophet Solomon's, peace be upon him, Prophecies,
------Prophecies of Isaiah, peace be upon him,
---------The Twenty-two Prophecies,
------Jeremiah's Prophecies,
------Prophecies of Ezekiel,
------Daniel's Prophecies,
------Hosea's Prophecy,
------Joel's Prophecy,
------Obadiah's Prophecy,
------Prophet Jonah's Significant Message,
------Micah's Prophecy,
------Nahum's Prophecy,
------Habakkuk's Prophecy,
------Zephaniah's True Vision,
------Haggai's Prophecy,
------Zechariah's Significant Prophecies,
------Malachi's Prophecy.

------Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, in the New Testament,
---------The Prophet, ﷺ, as Peacemaker & the Praised and Sought One,
---------The Prophet who will baptize with the spirit and with fire,
---------'That Prophet' whom the Jews were expecting,
---------Muhammad, the Son of David to Inherit his Throne,
---------The Kingdom of God or Heaven,
---------The Messianic 'Son of Man,'
---------The Prophet consumed with Divine Unity and God's House,
---------The Acceptable Year of God; the Conquest of Makka,
---------The Tenants who will give the Lord the Fruits of His Vine,
---------The last stone of the Edifice of Prophethood,
---------The Nation producing the Fruits of God's Kingdom,
---------The Mustard Seed to Grow into an Elaborate Tree,
---------The Good Samaritan who bounds up Wounds,
-------------The True Saviour of the Jews,
----------The One who will come at midnight after Jesus,
----------Jesus is a clear sign of Both the Last Time and the Prophet of the Last Time,
----------The Lord of the House to Come back Suddenly,
----------Prophethood Given to the Sons of Ishmael after Jesus,
----------Returning to the Religion of Abraham through the Holy Prophet,
----------The Promised and Awaited Paraclete,
------Addendum 1. Prophet Jesus and Virgin Mary in the Qur'an,
------Addendum 2. The Messianic Mission Attributed to Jesus toward the End of Time,

------Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, in the Zoroastrian Scriptures,
---------The scriptures of Zoroastrian,
---------Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, in the Zoroastrian Scriptures,
---------The Victory in the Battle of Badr,
---------The Prophet's Victory against all kinds of Evil,
---------The Sacred Well of Zamzam,
---------Good News of the Advent of the Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, in Dasatir.

------Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, in the Buddhist Scriptures,
---------Maitreya; the Last and Greatest Promised "Buddha"
---------Prophecies about Maitreya,
---------Maitreya is most clearly Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ.

------Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, in the Hindu Scriptures,
---------Hinduism and the Hindu scriptures,
---------Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, in the Hindu Scriptures,
---------Mahamad (Muhammad); The Pride of Humankind,
---------Mahamad busy in bringing the misguided to the Right Path and the Musalmans Purified through Holy Struggle in God's Cause,
---------Allah and Muhammad in Allopanishad,
---------Narashangsa: the Praised Man,
---------Sushravah and His Closest Companions : Abu Bakr, 'Umar, 'Uthman and Ali,
---------The Fourteen Mantra's,
---------The description of the Ka'ba in the Atharva Veda,
---------Ten Thousand Enemy Soldiers; The Battle of the Trench or Allies,
---------The Prophet Fights another battle; Marching upon Banu Qurayza after the Battle of Allies,
---------The Conquest of Makka and the Battle of Hunayn,
---------Ahmad, the Sun from Which Other Prophets Received Light,
---------The Holy Prophet Muhammad's, ﷺ, Advent foretold in the Gayatri Mantra, the Mother of the Vedas,
---------The Messenger who did not drink from his Mothers milk,
---------The Final Avatar; Kalki Avatar,
------------Who is an Avatar?
------------The terms and conditions in which the Final Avatar will appear,
------------The place and date of Kalki Avatar's Birth and His Family,
------------The special qualities of Kalki Avatar,
------------Actions of Kalki Avatar,
------------Some other attributes of Kalki Avatar,
------------Description of His Companions.

---Chapter [6]. The Prophet, ﷺ, of the Most Sublime Character,
------The Prophet, ﷺ, of Universal Mercy,
------The Mildness and Forbearance of the Holy Prophet, ﷺ,
------The Holy Prophet's, ﷺ, Generosity,
------The Modesty of the Holy Prophet, ﷺ,


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--- Shama'il Books.

*Dimensions : 22.8 x 15 x 4.5cm.

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