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Wujub al-Qubza : Urdu
Wujub al-Qubza : Urdu
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My Daily Du'as Sound Bk 2
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Black Seed Sidr Honey
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Tasawwuf (Urdu)

Maqamat e Masumi : 4 Vols, Urdu
Maqamat e Masumi : 4 Vols, Urdu
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Details:  Maqamat e Masumi : 4 Vols, Urdu/Farsi, New,
[A5] Hardback: 2237 pages, 4 Volume Set,
Life of Khawaja Muhammad Masum Sirhindi [d.1079h],
by Mir Safar Ahmad Masumi,
Edited by Muhammad Iqbal Mujaddidi,
Published in Lahore, Pakistan.

Description :

Maqamat i Masumi (Masoomi) - This voluminous work covers the life, works and teachings of a prominent Sufi and reviver (mujaddid) of the Seventeenth century; Khawaja Shaykh Muhammad Ma'sum al-Sirhindi al-Naqshbandi, alayhi ar-Rahman, [b.1007/d1079h] - [b.1599/d1668C.E.].  He is the son of none other than Imam al-Rabbani, Mujaddid Alf al-Thani al-Shaykh Ahmad al-Sirhindi [d.1034h], alayhi ar-Rahman w'al-Ridwan.

This work has been compiled here into four volumes in the Urdu and Farsi languages by the author Mir Safar Ahmad Masumi Mujaddidi.  Mir Safar Ahmad Masumi hails from the khandan (is a direct descendant) of Khawaja Shaykh Muhammad Ma'sum, alayhi ar-Rahman. The first volume is the muqaddima (introduction), detailing the movement of the heirs of Imam al-Rabbani Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi, the revival of the religion, the evaluation of the thought of Aurangzeb Alamgir and his brother Dara Shikoh and its result and influence.

The second volume which contains the Maqamat e Masumi. This volume is about the knowledge, influence and situation of Khawaja Muhammad Masum, amongst the wider community and amongst his followers. The third volume contains the complete Maqamat e Masumi in the farsi (persian) language.

The fourth and final volume contains the explanatory notes, the linked sayings (malfuzat) of the Naqshbandi Mujaddidi mashai'kh.  Also included are some rare black and white photos of manuscripts, letters and sacred shrines.

Brief Details at a Glance

---Volume [1]: Contains the historical perspective on the lives and works of Naqshbandi Mujaddidi sufi masters during that era. This volume has been compiled by Iqbal Ahmed Mujaddidi (in Urdu language).

---Volume [2]: Contains the translation of the complete text of Maqamat Masumi, translated into Urdu by Iqbal Ahmed Mujaddidi.

---Volume [3]: Contains the original farsi (Persian) text.

---Volume [4]: Contains the endnotes with additional details and information. This volume has been written in Urdu language.

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*Single Volume Dimensions : 22.2 x 14.6cm.

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