Commentary : Creed of Imam al-Dardir

A Commentary upon the Creed of Imam al-Dardir :

[A5] Paperback - 192 pages, New,
Transl. & Commentary by Siddiq Adam Mitha,
Forewords by : Shaykh Walead Mosaad,
& by Shaykh ?Abd al-Rahman al-Sha?ar,
by Sunni Publications, 2019.

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Description :
"The Creed of Imam al-Dardir, also known as the Tawhidiyya, was written with the purpose of reviving the core of the Islamic creed in the minds of common Muslims. Its succinct text, easily memorized, captures the essential points of creed that every Muslim is obligated to believe in.
'The science of theology is the most virtuous of the sciences
    It is the primary obligation, and the foundation of all Islamic rulings

Our brother in faith, Dr. Siddiq Adam Mitha commendably set out in commentating upon this Creed in a simple and refined manner, a level appropriate for beginners in this field." —Shaykh ?Abd al-Rahman al-Sha?ar.

"In his commentary, Ustadh Siddiq draws extensively on the texts of traditional scholars of the past and present. Most important from amongst them is Shaykh Mustafa al-?Aqabawi’s commentary upon the Tawhidyya and other treatises by Imam al-Dardir himself, such as his Kharida al-Bahiyya and his commentary on its text.

Other classical works the author cites are from the pens of Imams al-Bayhaqi, al-Ghazali, al-Nasafi, al-Razi, al-Baydawi, al-Subki, al-Taftazani, al-Sanusi, Ibn Kamal Pasha, al-Qari, al-Bayadi, al-Laqqani, al-Zabidi, al-Sawi and al-Bajuri, as well as the modern scholarship of Shaykhs Zahid al-Kawthari, Muhammad al-Hashimi, Hasan Habannaka, Sa?id Ramadan al-Buti, Nur al-Din ?Itr, Nuh al-Qudat and Sa?id Foudah.

In an age where self-defined readings of Islam have begun to emerge, and perhaps even dominate, this wonderful translation and commentary is a welcome addition to the English language library of works on Islam." —Shaykh Walead Mosaad.

Table of Contents :
---Foreword by Shaykh Walead Mosaad,
---Foreword by Shaykh 'Abd al-Rahman al-Sha'ar,
---About the Author,

------Ahl al-Sunna W'al Jama'a,
------Codifiers of the Science,
---------Abu al-Hasan al-Ashari,
---------Abu Mansur al-Maturidi,
------The Mu'tazila,
------Theology : Definition and Names,
------Subject Matter,
------Imam al-Dadir,
------The English Translation,
------The Arabic Text,

The Commentary,
PART [1]. Matters Containing to God, [Ilahiyyat],
---The Basmala,
---The Name Allah : Definition and Derivation,
---The Supreme Name of God [Ism Allah al-A'zam],
------Those who had Knowledge of the Supreme Name,
---The Names Al-Rahman and Al-Rahim,
---The Necessity of Knowing Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala,
------The Role of Revelation and Reason,
---The Legally Responsible Person [Mukallaf],
---The First Obligation : To Know Allah [Ma'rifa],
------What does it Mean to Know?
------Blind Following [Taqlid] in Matters of Faith,
---Is Allah Qualified by a Specific Number of the Attributes?
---The Maturidis and the Attribute of Takwin,
---The Types of Divine Attributes ;
------The Attributes of Divine Essence [Sifat al-Dhat],
------The Attributes of Divine Acts [?ifat al-F?il],
---Rational Judgements,
---Existence [Wujud],
------The First Argument : The Created Nature of the World,
------The Second Argument : Intelligent Design,
---Pre-Eternality [Qidam],
---Sempiternality [Baqa'],
---Otherness [Mukhalafa lil-Hawadith],
------Ambiguous Verses in the Qur?an,
---------The Salaf and Relegation [Tafwi?],
---------Interpreting Figuratively [Ta?wil],
---------Anthropomorphism [Tajsim],
---Self-Subsistence [Qiyam bil-Nafs],
---The Attribute of Oneness [Wahdaniyya],
------The Five Quantities and their Negation,
------The Theory of Kasb and the Problem of Free Will vs. Pre-destination,
------Deniers of the Theory of Kasb,
---------The Determinists [Jabriyya],
---------Those that Assert Man’s Creative Free Will [Qadariyya],
------Customary Acts : Between Cause and Effect,
---------Natural Causation,
---------Mechanical Causation,
---------The Orthodox View,
---The Attribute of Life [Hayat],
---The Attribute of Omniscience [?Ilm],
---The Attribute of Will [Irada],
------Will vs. Command
---The Attribute of Omnipotence [Qudra],
---The Attribute of Hearing [Sam?] and Sight [Basar],
---The Attribute of Speech [Kalam],
------The Speech of Allah : Created or Uncreated?
-------I. The Orthodox View,
-------II. The Mu?tazila,
-------III. The Innovators from amongst the ?anabila,
---Understanding the Attributes of Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala,
------The Qualitative Attributes,
---------Denying the Qualitative Attributes of God [Ta?til],
------The Predicative Attributes,
---Understanding the Meaning of the Omnipotence of Allah Almighty, 
------I. The Creation of Good and Evil : Belief and Disbelief
------II. Felicity and Damnation : Shifting or Constant States?
------III. The Good vs. The Better,
------IV. The Necessity of Sending Messengers V. Reward and Punishment,
------VI. The Beatific Vision.

PART II : Matters Pertaining to Prophethood [Nubuwwat],
---Defining a Prophet,
------I. Being Human,
------II. Being Free,
------III. Being Male,
------IV. Being Devoid of any Repulsive Traits or Diseases,
------V. Revelations of Divine Teachings,
---Revelation and It's Forms,
---The Number pf Prophets and Messengers,
---Prophets Mentioned in the Qur'an,
------The First Prophet
------The Last Prophet and Revelation
------The Greatest Prophet
------The Necessary Attributes of Prophets and Messengers,
---------I. Infallibility [?I?ma],
---------II. Veracity [?idq],
---------III. Sagacity [Fa?ana],
---------IV. Conveying [Tabligh],
------The Impossible with regards to the Prophets,
------The Possible with regards to the Prophets,
------Apparent Contraventions,
---Angels : The Definition,
------Angels and their Different Types,
---------Jibril (Gabriel) –The Custodian of Revelation,
---------Israfil –The Custodian of the Trumpet,
---------Mika?il (Michael) –The Custodian of Rain and Provision,
---------'Azra?il –The Custodian of Seizing Souls,
---------Munkar and Nakir –The Interrogators,
---------Ri?wan –The Guardian of Paradise,
---------Malik –The Guardian of Hellfire,
---------The Bearers of the Throne,
---------The Helpers of ?Azra?il,
---------The Guardian Angels,
---------The Recording Angels,
---------The Keepers of Hell,
---------The Keepers of Paradise.
PART III : Matters Pertaining to Eschatology [Sam'iyyat],
---The Last Day,
------I. The Resurrection [Nushur or Ba?th],
------II. The Gathering [?ashr],
------III. Beginning of the Judgement [Fa?l al-Qa?a?],
------IV. Standing in front of Allah [?Ar?],
------V. The Reckoning [?isab],
---------Hisab al-Munaqasha (Reckoning of Debate),
---------Hisab al-?Ar? (Reckoning of Exposition),
------VI. The Book of Deeds,
------VII. The Scales [Mizan],
------VIII. The Bridge [Sirat],
---Paradise [Janna],
------The Gates of Paradise,
------The Degrees of Paradise,
------Paradise: Everlasting or Temporary?
---Hellfire [Jahannam],
------The Degrees of Hell,
---The Throne [?Arsh],
---The Chair [Kursi],
---The Divine Books,
------The Torah,
------The Psalms,
------The Gospel,
------The Qur?an,
------The Scriptures of Ibrahim and Musa, peace be upon them,
---The Maidens of Paradise [?ur al-'Ayn],
---The Everlasting Youths [Wildan],
---The Saints [Awliya?],
---His Night Journey [Isra?],
---His Heavenly Ascent [Mi?raj],
---The Martyr [Shahid],
------The Martyr of the World,
------The Martyr of the Hereafter,
---The Intercession [Shafa'a] of our Prophet Muhammad,
------The Types of Intercession,
---The Signs of the Hour,
------I. The Emergence of the Antichrist [Dajjal],
------II. The Descent of ??s? b. Maryam, the Messiah
------III. The Emergence of Gog and Magog [Ya?juj wa-Ma?juj],
------IV. Emergence of the Creature [Dabba],
------V. The Rising of the Sun from the West,
---The Renewal of Repentance from Sins,
---Qada and Qadar (Pre-Destination),
---Concluding Remarks.
Also see Philosophy,
Also see the works of Imam al-Ghazali.

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