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The Eternal Message of Muhammad
The Eternal Message of Muhammad
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Details:   The Eternal Message of Muhammad, ﷺ,
*[A5] Paperback - 271 pages, New,
by 'Abd al-Rahman 'Azzam,
Transl. by Caesar F. Farah,
Published by Islamic Books Trust.

Back in Stock November 2019

Description :

This translation into English of a great Islamic classic offers the western world a simple yet profound interpretation of Islam. Drawing upon years of unparalleled experience in diplomacy and government, Azzam examines the social and economic ramifications of the Muslim state, one based on humane ideals of law and justice expressed in the Qur'an, and one which can provide the foundation for a just society.

Islam is different from Judaism; Islam, being a universal submission to God, has no concept of a particular Covenant or a specially chosen people. It also differs from the Christian view of the Kingdom of God in heaven and the separate kingdom of Caesar on earth. And it differs from other religions, such as Buddhism and Hinduism. Islam is a faith, a law, a way of life, a "nation," and a "state," with a system of jurisprudence that is continually evolving for the administration of this world and the satisfaction of human needs under the sovereignty of our Creator. Islam's Kingdom of God on earth, with its faith, its laws, piety, rituals, society, and state, is the prelude and the means to the afterlife.

In this translation of a work that is regarded throughout the Muslim world as a classic study of the Prophet's, ﷺ, Message and its meaning for all men today, I have tried to preserve the literary wealth of the classical Arabic. To this end, I have re viewed the entire translation with 'Azzam Pasha to make certain that I have accurately portrayed his views in English, particularly in regard to terminology.

'Abd al-Rahman 'Azzam Pasha (1893-1976) is generally considered as the father of the Arab League. He served as the League's first Secretary-General between 1945-52 as well as distinguishing himself in a long career as an ambassador and parliamentarian. As Vincent Sheean points out in his introduction ;

"In Damascus as well as in Djakarta, Istanbul and Baghdad,
this man is known for valour of spirit and elevation of mind...
He combines in the best Islamic mode, the aspects of thought
and action, like the Muslim warriors of another time who
are typified for us Westerners by the figure of Saladin."

When Italy conquered Libya, then an Ottoman province in 1911, Azzam volunteered against the Italian invaders and went himself to the battlefront. During World War I, he left Egypt and fought alongside Sanusi forces in Cyrenaica (East Libya) and the Egyptian Western Desert. Also known as 'Azzam Pasha, he was passionately opposed to the partition of Palestine to create a Zionist state (1948) but was opposed to anti-Jewish rioting in Egypt.

Malcolm X's reading of 'The Eternal Message of Muhammad' and his meeting with Azzam Pasha are vividly recounted in his 'Autobiography'.  It is clear that these events marked the point in his life at which Malcolm X turned towards orthodox traditional Islam.

Table of Contents :


---Translator's Note,
---Author's Preface,

---[1]. The Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ,
-------The Life of Prophet Muhammad
, ﷺ,

---[2]. On the Fundamentals of the Message,
-------The Two Fundamentals,
-------Belief in the One God,
-------The Consequences of Belief in the Unity of God,
-------Right-Doing: The Practice of Mercy,
-------Right-Doing: Brotherhood,

---[3]. On Social Reform,
-------Purifying the Individual's Moral Character,
Justice and Freedom,

---[4]. The Islamic State,
-------Some Basic Principles of the Islamic State,

---[5]. On International Relations,
-------The First Islamic State and its Foreign Relations,
-------Pledges, Pacts and Treaties,
-------Legitimate War,
-------War in Aid of the Oppressed,
-------The Rules and Etiquette of War,
-------Lasting Peace,

---[6]. On the Dissemination of the Message,
-------Dissemination of the Message among the Pagans,
-------Dissemination of the Message among Christian Nations,
-------The Crusaders Adopt Islam,
-------Bringing Islam to the Europeans,

---[7]. On the Causes of World Disturbance,
-------Class Struggle,
-------Racial and National Strife,
-------The Defeat of Spiritual Forces,
-------The Triangular Forces of Corruption,

---[8]. In Search of a Spiritual Bulwark for Civilisation,
-------Trusteeship over Civilisation,
-------The Maintenance and Perpetuation of Civilisation,
-------A New Order for the World,
-------Duty before Right,


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