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Ibn al-Arabi

Al-Futuhat al-Makkiyah : Vol 1
Al-Futuhat al-Makkiyah : Vol 1
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  • Authored by: Sh. Ibn al-Arabi

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Details:  Ibn 'Arabi's Al-Futuhat al-Makkiyah : New,
The Openings in Makkah,
*[A5+] Large Hardback incl. Dustjacket - 616 pages,
Volume 1 : Books 1 & 2,
by Shaykh Muhiyiddin ibn al-Arabi,
Translated by Eric Winkel,
Published by IBT, Malaysia.

Description :

Al-Futuhat al-Makkiyah : This is Volume One which includes the first two books of the thirty-seven books of Shaykh ibn al-‘Arabi’s greatest work al-Futuhat al-Makkiyah (The Openings in Makkah).

The Greatest Teacher, 'al-Shaykh al-Akbar,' Ibn ‘Arabi dictated to his close friends this work of over 10,000 manuscript pages depicting the extraordinary vision of the Youth he encountered while circling the Ka‘bah in Makkah.

Despite its clear provenance as a completely accurate work, from the hand and mind of its transcriber, and its reputation through the centuries as the most significant and profound reflection of Islamic thought, the Futuhat al-Makkiyah has never been translated from the original classical Arabic in its entirety.

'I was connected to the one I love for twenty years,
and I wasn’t aware of whom I was loving,
and I knew no patience
– Ibn al-‘Arabī.

About Shaykh ibn al-Arabi :

Ibn al-‘Arabi, the Shaykh al-Akbar, may Allah be pleased with him, the Sultan of the gnostics Muhyiddin Muhammad ibn ‘Ali al-Hatimi at-Ta’i al-Andalusi, was born in Murcia on 17th Ramadan, 560 Hijra, and died in Damascus on 22 Rabi‘ al-Akhar, 638 Hijra.

Shaykh Sayyidi ‘Abd al-Wahhab ash-Sha‘rani, may Allah be pleased with him, wrote a biography of him in his Tabaqat and said, “Among them was the Shaykh, the perfect gnostic, the realised, one of the gnostics of Allah, Sayyidi Muhyiddin Ibn al-‘Arabi, may Allah be pleased with him. The realised among the people of Allah – may He be magnified and exalted! – joined in respecting him in all the knowledges, as his books bear witness to that. None reject him except because of the fineness of his words.”

In the introduction to the book, The Rubies and Jewels in the Clarification of the Beliefs of the Great, by Sayyidi ‘Abd al-Wahhab ash-Sha‘rani, he says:

                   “He, Ibn al-‘Arabi, may Allah be pleased with him, followed
                    the Book and the Sunna. He said, ‘Whoever casts the balance
                    of the shari‘a from his hand for an instant is destroyed.’ He said,
                   ‘All that occurs to your mind, Allah ta‘ala is different from that.’
                    This is the creed of the Muslim community until the Hour comes.”


“Dr. Winkel’s translation will be considered a great historical achievement by future generations. It conveys the flavor and sense of Ibn al-‘Arabī’s grand vision, which was given to the great master as a gift from God, in a translation unencumbered by extensive footnotes, which is both accessible and monumental.”---Hany Talaat Ahmed Ibrahim, University of Calgary.

Table of Contents :


Book One: The Youth - The Figurative made Literal :
---General Introduction,
---For the Uninitiated,

---The Sermon,
------The Secret-soul,
------The Essay,
------The Verses.
-------Translator's Note.

------Muqaddimah al-Kitab,
--------The first testimony,
-------Translator's Note.

---Chapter [1]. The First of Six Sections on Knowings,
------The Youth,
---------Witnessing the scene of Divine contractual hand-taking,
---------Educating addresses, and generous gifts given by the secret ka'bah from just being  there, and circling,
-------Translator's End Note Ch.1,
-------Translator's End Note Ch.2.

---Chapter [2].
-----On ma'rifah of the Step-levels of the letters and the vowels in the cosmos, and what they have of the Divine Beautiful Names, and ma'rifah of the words, and ma'rifah of the Knowing, the Knower, and the Known.
------First section,
------Step-levels of the letters,
-------Alif lam min,
------Discourse on the letters,
---------Ma'rifah of lam alif,
---------The ma'rifah of alif al-lam al,
------The Terminology,
---------A clarification.

Book Two: The Letters are in Communities,
---Foreword to Book 2,
---Translator's Note,

Book 2 : The Alphabet : The Abstract made Literal,

---Chapter [2]. The Vowels,
------On the ma'rifah of the vowels by which words are distinguished; they are the little letters,
---------A pivotal point and subtle indication,
---------An issue,
------Knowing, the Knower, and the Known -'Ilm 'alim ma'lum,

---Chapter [3].
------Transcendence, tanzih,
---------A spirit blown into my inner heart,
---------A spirit blown into the inner heart,
---------Part of that is wonder, laughter, rejoicing and anger.

---Chapter [4].
------On the Reason for the Beginning of the Universe, and Step-levels of the Fine Names with regard to the universe in its entirety,

---Chapter [5]. The Basmalah,
-----On the ma'rifah of the Mysteries of the Bismillahi 'r-rahmani 'r-rahim, and the Fatihah from one perspective, not from every perspective,
------The name Allah,
---------A guarded pointing,
---------A question and its answer,
---------A fine detail,
------The Fatihah,
---------To the Mysteries of the mother of the Qur'an from a special path,
---------An event,
---------Link to His word,
---------Link to His Exalted word,
------Initial Verses of Surah al-Baqarah,

---Chapter [6]. Spirit-being creation,
------On the ma'rifah of the beginning of the spirit-being (ruhani) creation, and who was the first to come into existence there, and whence he came into existence, and for what he came into existence, and from what template he came into existence, and for whose sake he came into existence, and what is his end goal. And ma'rifah of the orbits of the Greater World and the Lesser,

---Chapter [7]. Human Beginning,
------On the ma'rifah of the beginning of the human bodies, and that is the last species created in the Greater World, and the last kind of reproducing beings,
------Translator's Note,
-------The fluid of the woman,

---Chapter [8]. The Vast Earth,
------On the ma'rifah of the Earth which was created  from the leftover fermented clay of Adam, upon whom be peace.

---Chapter [9]. Fire-Spirits,
------On the ma'rifah of the spirits marijiyah (flame mixture) of fire,

---Chapter [10]. The Kingdom's Orbit,
------On the ma'rifah of the Mulk orbit and the first thing separating in the orbit from the first created being, and the last thing separated in the orbit from the last thing separated in turn from it, and why the place separated out from it is populated by both of the two,
------Translator's illustrations.

---Chapter [11]. The Fathers and Mothers,
------On the ma'rifah of our Fathers who are highers and our Mothers who are lowers,

---Chapter [12]. The Master Revolution,
------On the ma'rifah of the orbital revolution of our Master Sayyid Muhammad, ﷺ,
------Translator's Note.

---Chapter [13]. Bearers of the Throne,
------On the ma'rifah of the bearers of the Throne.

---Chapter [14]. Prophet's Friends,
------On the ma'rifah of the Mysteries of the Prophets; I mean the Prophets-friends, anbiya' al-awliya, and the completing Pivots of the communities from Adam, peace be upon him, to Muhammad, ﷺ, and indeed the Pivot, qutb, is 1 since God created him, and he didn't die, and where his dwelling place is,

---Chapter [15]. The Breaths,
------On the ma'rifah of the breaths and the ma'rifah of their Pivots, who are verified by them, and their Mysteries.

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