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Fiqh : Darsi

Munya t\'al-Musalli : English
Munya t'al-Musalli : English
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Details:  Munya t'ul-Musalli
wa Ghunyat al-Mubtadi
, New,
Arabic with English translation,
*[A4] Hardback - 405 pages,
by Imam Muhammad Sad id al-Din al-Kashghari [d.705h],
Translated by Imam Shah Muhammad Nishter,
Published by Baghdad Printers, Islamabad.

Back in Stock September 2020

Description :

Munyat al-Musalli wa Ghunyat al-Mubtadi [The Wish of the Worshipper & Sufficient for the Student] is an extensive and detailed hanafi fiqh text on prayer, purification and worship by Shaykh Muhammad Sadid al-Din al-Kashghari, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi.

This book contains more than three hundred masa'il (fiqhi issues) relating to the matters of prayer and was an authentic and valuable guide at the time of of the great fuqaha (jurisprudents). This is a crucial book for Muslims to read in order to pray in the correct manner, as well as assisting students in the madrasah to learn Arabic as well as learning the masa'il al-Salah (rulings of Salah).

This publication is the first translation into the English language by the learned scholar, teacher and prolific author Allama Abu'l Mahmood Shah Muhammad Nishter. This work is famous in the Indian sub-continent and recommended in the syllabus of Madaris al-Arabiya al-Islamiya, in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan - being the most extensive and detailed book on the fiqh of Salah.

This book is in English and Arabic, which includes full harakat. Printed on cream graded paper. Includes a glossary for more difficult words and also a brief biography of the fuqaha in Arabic, which have been referenced by the author Imam Sadid al-Din Kashghari.

He is Abi Abdullah Muhammad ibn Muhammad Sadid al-Din al-Kashghari al-Hanafi [d.705].

Also available Munyat al Musalli ma Al-Taliyaq' al Mujalli.
More Islamic Studies : Darsi Kitabs.

Decent print quality by usual sub-continent standards.

*Dimensions : 24.8 x 18.5 x 3.2cm.

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