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Fons Vitae & Al-Ghazali for Kids

The Book of Knowledge for Children
The Book of Knowledge for Children
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  • Authored by: Imam al-Ghazali

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Details: Al-Ghazali's 'The Book of Knowledge for Children'
Inclusive of DVD
*[A4+] Large Hardback - 217 pages, New,
by Imam al-Ghazali [d.505h],
Illustrations by Clare C. Hagan,
Book [I] Kitab al-Ilm of the Ihya Ulum al-Din,
Published by Fons Vitae, USA.
Part of the 'Al-Ghazali Children's Project.'

Back in Stock July 2020

Description :

The Book of Knowledge - 'Polishing the Heart' is said to contain the entire Ihya Ulum al-Din (Revival of the Religious Sciences). In this textbook, Imam al-Ghazali’s teachings and metaphors are presented in story form for children of any age, but are also suitable for the spiritual lives of both parents and teachers. Themes that are repeated to emphasise their importance in the 40 stories are concerned with: True Learning itself, the purpose of our brief lives, the Two Worlds, Trust in God’s Will, the polishing of the Spiritual Heart through self observation and correction, key virtues and harmful vices, and the responsibility of being a true teacher by putting one’s Knowledge into practice.

Also included is the introductory DVD which shows how the stories can be easily retold for very small children, who then in art projects are encouraged to illustrate what they have understood. This helps them to remember what they are learning.

This is a part of the 'Al-Ghazali Children’s Project' educational series, which contains books, workbooks, and a curriculum designed for teaching al-Ghazali’s philosophy to children.

Although Imam al-Ghazali’s 'Book of Knowledge' was directed at a community of theologians, jurisprudents, and scholars, Fons Vitae found his insightful counsels could be usefully adapted for all ages.

The stories in this series are written for older children, but our intention is that parents and teachers read each one and then convey the ideas in such a way that it is clear to a child yet unable to read. Examples of how to do this are to be found on the accompanying instructional DVD. Many exercises in the workbooks are designed for small children with guidance from their family. The workbooks also contain material for older children, as well as activities and a curriculum to help reinforce Imam al-Ghazali’s teachings in a practical way.

The Imam Ghazali Children’s series is a gift
to our children who deserve a pedagogy of
Islam that allows them to develop the innate
goodness which God has placed within each
human being so they can become moral,
kind and happy adults

About the Al-Ghazali Children's Project :

Many scholars consider Imam al-Ghazali’s Revival of the Islamic Sciences (Ihya Ulum Al-Din), to be the most important literary contribution to the Muslim tradition after the Qur’an and the compilation of Hadith. By presenting Al-Ghazali’s insights, The Ghazali Children’s Project seeks to instill prophetic character and values in children through storytelling, guided reflection, workbooks, and through many other activities included on this website. We are finding children truly love Imam al-Ghazali’s idea of ” polishing one’s heart.”

A team of 'Al-Ghazali' experts have been carefully translating his work into readable English for both parents and teachers. These volumes will accompany the beautifully illustrated children’s books and workbooks. Also included are parent-teacher curriculum manuals of enjoyable games and activities, which reinforce Al-Ghazali’s teachings.

Table of Contents :

---Overview for Parents and Teachers,
---A Word from the Publisher,
---Introduction by Hamza Yusuf Hanson.

---Chapter [1]. Two Kinds of Learning,
---Chapter [2]. Animals and People,
---Chapter [3]. The Two Worlds,
---Chapter [4]. How to Enter the Garden,
---Chapter [5]. Excellence of Learning,
---Chapter [6]. The Best Gift of All,
---Chapter [7]. How do You Stay Really Happy all the Time,
---Chapter [8]. Pretend you are a Tiny Seed,
---Chapter [9]. The Three Things We Need Most in This Life,
---Chapter [10]. Sharing the Treasure,
---Chapter [11]. What are Things You Must Learn,
---Chapter [12]. Where do the Wonderful Things We Can Learn Come From?
---Chapter [13]. More about the Tow Worlds : A Family Trip,
---Chapter [14]. Two Kinds of Things You Can Learn - Knowledge that Makes Your Heart Shine,
---Chapter [15]. The Story of the Two Wolves,
---Chapter [16]. Important Things You Cannot See,
---Chapter [17]. More Ways to Make Your Heart Shine !
------------------The Four Imams,
---Chapter [18]. The Ant and the Pen,
---Chapter [19]. A Little Boy Loses His Father's Horse,
---Chapter [20]. The Little Gardens Inside the Garden,
---Chapter [21]. How Can You Watch your very Own Hearts?
---Chapter [22]. Envy,
---Chapter [23]. Having Pride and Being Spiteful,
---Chapter [24]. Back-biting,
---Chapter [25]. Beware of making Excuses, Bragging, Prying and Spying,
---Chapter [26]. Not Wanting the Best for Others,
---Chapter [27]. Being Two-faced : Hypocrisy,
---Chapter [28]. More Problems with Arguing,
---Chapter [29]. A Question for You,
---Chapter [30]. Your Heart is Like a House,
---Chapter [31]. Doing too Many Things,
---Chapter [32]. The Teacher, the Lion, and the Jug of Water,
---Chapter [33]. When You Shoot an Arrow, You Need a Target,
---Chapter [34]. The Camels Leave,
---Chapter [35]. Grandfather Explains Some Important Ideas,
---Chapter [36]. The Three Selves,
---Chapter [37]. Getting Rich and Getting Knowledge,
---Chapter [38]. Being a Teacher,
---Chapter [39]. Playing School,
---Chapter [40]. The Two Trees.

---Index of Sources.

This large textbook is 217 pages in length, perfectly bound in Hardback with coloured illustrations. Also included is a DVD with teaching instructions.

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*Dimensions : 28.6 x 22.2cm.

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