Acts of Devotion : New

Acts of Devotion : New,
'Ikhtisar al-Irshad li-khass wa l-'am'
'Recommended Acts for Every Month of the Year'
[A5] Paperback - 92 pages,
by Sidi Idris b. Muhammad al-Iraqi [d.1430h],
Translated by Talut Dawood,
Prefaced by Dr. Zachary Wright.
Published by Imam Ghazali Institute.

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Description :

'Acts of Devotion : Recommended Acts for Every Month of the Year' is a summary of Irshad al-Khass wal 'Amm li Bayan Fadl Ba'd al-Ayyam wa al-Layali wa al-Shuhur wa al-A'wam [Guiding the Elect and Ordinary Folk Through Clarifying the Benefit of Some Days, Nights, Months and Years].

Sidi Idris al-Iraqi's Ikhtisar al-Irshad li-khass wa l-'am, translated here as "Acts of Devotion" has long been considered a useful summary of supererogatory worship according to notable annual dates on the Islamic lunar calendar. Al-'Iraqi was the Imam of the Zawiya Tijaniyya in Fez, Morocco, during the mid-twentieth century.

"Acts of Devotion" is noteworthy in its concise exposition of the relevant chapter on the sixteenth century Indian scholar Muhammad al-Ghawth's Al-Jawahir al-Khams ('The Book of Five Jewels'). Al-Iraqi supplements this material with various subsequent commentaries on the text, and includes the orally and textually transmitted variations of Shaykh Ahmad al-Tijani as taught to his Companions.

We expect Muslims all across the world will benefit from this guide on practices of Du'a and Adhkar for each month and major days of the Islamic new year.

About the Author :

Sidi Idris b. Muhammad al-Iraqi was a prominent Maliki scholar and the Imam of the Grand Zawiyah of Sidi Ahmad Tijani, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi, in Fez for over 40 years.

Sidi Idris studied under numerous Ulama in Morocco and beyond. He authored more than 50 books on various matters. He was appointed Imam of the Zawiyah by his father, Sidi Muhammad al-Abidi al-Iraqi, who was also the Imam of the Zawiyah for over 60 years. He passed away in 2009.

Table of Contents :

---Biography of the Shaykh,
---Author's Introduction,

Acts of Devotion,

--Section [1]. Recommended Acts in the Month of Muharram,
----1. Recommended Acts at the beginning of Muharram,
-------A Mention of the Prayer for the Entire Year,
-------The Prayer of Muharram and its Corresponding Supplication,
----2. Recommended Acts on the Night and Day of 'Ashura,

--Section [2]. Recommended Acts on the last Wednesday of the Month of Safar,

---Section [3]. The Remembrance of the Noble Prophetic Birth, ﷺ, in the Month of Rabi ' al-Awwal,
----1. Recommendations for the First Night of Rabi' al-Awwal,
----2. Recommendations for the Night of the Birth of the Prophet, ﷺ,

--Section [4]. Recommended Acts of Worship in the Month of Rajab,
-----1. Recommendations for the First Night and Day of Rajab,
-----2. The 27th Night of Rajab,

--Section [5]. Recommended Acts for the Month of Shaban,
-----1. General Recommendations for Sha'ban,
-----2. The Fifteenth Night of  Sha'ban,

--Section [6]. Recommended Acts during Ramadan,
-----1. General Guidance for Ramadan,
--------Recommended Acts on the First Day,
-----2. On Seeking Laylat al-Qadr,
-----3. What Should be done on the Night and Day of 'Id al-Fitr.

--Section [7]. Concerning Hajj & Umrah and some Recommended Acts in the Month of Dhul Hijjah,
-----1.  Recommended Acts for Hajj & Umrah,
---------A Method for Facilitating One's Way to Hajj,
---------Recommended Acts for the One Who is Performing Hajj, 'Umrah, or both,
---------The First Act,
---------The Second Act,
---------The Third Act,
---------The Fourth Act,
---------The Fifth Act,
-----2.  Recommended Acts for those Who Cannot Attend Hajj,
---------The Benefit of the First Ten Nights of Dhul Hijjah and 'Id al-Adha,
-----3.  Recommended Acts on the Day of Arafah,
-----4. 'Id al-Adha.

---About the Imam Ghazali Institute.

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