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Prophet Muhammad

The Life of Muhammad, ﷺ
The Life of Muhammad, ﷺ
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Details: The Life of Muhammad, ﷺ, New,
'His Life Based on the Earliest Sources'
*[A5+] Paperback - 487 pages,
by Tahia Al-Isma'il,
Edited by Abdalhaq Bewley,
Published by Taha Publishers.

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Description :

This book presents a succinct and readable account of the Prophet's' may Allah bless him and grant him peace, life based reliably on the earliest sources. It describes his difficult yet successful struggle to spread Islam and reveals his excellent character and leadership and his many other noble qualities which make him the best example for humanity.

A circumstantial look at the life of the Prophet, ﷺ,  in a lively and fast-paced style placing the reader in the midst of the occasion. This book is indeed a rich storehouse of knowledge, a lighthouse of guidance and an inspiration for mankind.

This succinct account of the Prophet Muhammad's life, blessings and peace be upon him, based on the earliest sources, describes his struggle to bring forward people to the Divine Path, his excellent character and leadership, and his many other noble qualities which make him a model for humanity. Enlightening for the general reader, and an excellent source of reference for students and researchers.

This is an enlightening read for the general reader and an excellent reference source for the student and researcher.

Table of Contents :


------1. A Synopsis of the History of the Semites,
------2. Makka and the Ka'bah,
------3. 'Abdu'l-Muttalib,

Chapter  [1].
---1.1. On the Eve of Islam,

Chapter [2].
---2.1. 'Abdullah, the Prophet's, ﷺ,  father,
---2.2. The Year of the Elephant,
---2.3. The Birth of Muhammad, ﷺ,
---2.4. The Wet-Nurses,
---2.5. Muhammad, ﷺ, in the Desert,
---2.6. Return to Makka,
---2.7. Under Abu Talib's Care,
---2.8. Journey to Al-Sham.

Chapter [3].
---3.1. Life with an Uncle,
---3.2. The Covenant of Redress (Al-Fudul),
---3.3. The Life of Makka,
---3.4. Trade for Khadija,
---3.5. Marriage to Khadija.

Chapter [4].
---4.1. Married Life
---4.2. Social Life,
---4.3. Desire for Seclusion,
---4.4. The Revelation of the Qur'an,
---4.5. Return to Khadija,
---4.6. Waraqa ibn Nawfal,
---4.7. More about the Qur'an.

Chapter [5].
---5.1. Religion in Makka before Islam,
---5.2. The Communications Cease and Commence Again,
---5.3. 'Ali and Zayd,
---5.4. 'Ali Enters Islam,
---5.5. Abu Bakr Enters Islam,
---5.6. The Nobles and the Common People of Makka,
---5.7. New Precepts,
---5.8. Stumbling Blocks.

Chapter [6].
---6.1. Proclaiming Religion to Kin,
---6.2. Hamza Enters Islam,
---6.3. Calling the Quraysh to Allah,
---6.4. Hostility of the Makkan Nobles,
---6.5. Arguments and Objections,
---6.6. The Challenge.

Chapter [7].
---7.1. The Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, Attacks the Idols,
---7.2. The Blind Man,
---7.3. The Struggle Continues,
---7.4. The Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, Claims Redress from Abu Jahl,
---7.5. The Quraysh go to Abu Talib a Third Time,
---7.6. The Quraysh Persecute the Muslims,
---7.7. The Overt and Covert of the Human Heart,
---7.8. The Persecution of Muslims Continues,
---7.9. 'Utba ibn Rabi'a is Sent to the Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, 
---7.10. Emigration to Abyssinia,
---7.11. 'Umar ibn al-Khattab Enters Islam.

Chapter [8].
---8.1. Calling All Arabs to Islam; the Quraysh Reaction,
---8.2. Al-Tufayl al-Dawsi,
---8.3. The Three Questions.

Chapter [9].
---9.1. The Nobles of Quraysh Listen to Islam, Quraysh's Reaction.
---9.2. The Jealousy of the Prophet Muhammad's, ﷺ, Peers, 
---9.3. Reasoning of Quraysh's Leaders,
---9.4. The Choice of a Prophet.

Chapter [10].
---10.1. The Boycott,
---10.2. Breaking the Covenant,
---10.3. The Quraysh Meet the Messenger, ﷺ,  at Abu Talibs'
---10.4. Abu Talib on his Deathbed,
---10.5. Khadija Passes Away,
---10.6. The Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, Goes to Ta'if,
---10.7. The Celestial Journey (Al-Isra w'al-Miraj),
---10.8. The Gift Descended to Man.

Chapter [11].
---11.1. The Dawn from Yahthrib (Madina),
---11.2. The First Oath of Al-'Aqaba,
---11.3. The First Oath of Al-'Aqaba.

Chapter [12].
---12.1. The New Horizon,
---12.2. The Qurayshi Plot,
---12.3. Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, Escapes,
---12.4. The Long Journey to Yathrib,
---12.5. Suraqa ibn Jush'am,
---12.6. Umm Ma'bad,
---12.7. The Miracle of the Qur'an.

Chapter [13].
---13.1. Islam in Yathrib,
---13.2. 'Amr ibn al-Jumah.

Chapter [14].
---14.1. Reception of the Prophet, ﷺ, in Yathrib,
---14.2. The Prophet Muhammad's, ﷺ, Indifference to Luxury,
---14.3. Life in Madina,
---14.4. The Covenant of Brotherhood,
---14.5. Solidarity Through Intermarriages,
---14.6. The Men Around the Messenger, ﷺ,

Chapter [15].
---15.1. Relationship with the Jews,
---15.2. Jewish Plots,
---15.3. The New Orientation,
---15.4. The Jewish Reaction,
---15.5. The Meeting of the Three Religions.

Chapter [16].
---16.1. Permission to Fight Back,
---16.2. 'Abdullah ibn Jahsh's Raid and the Decision of Allah the Almighty,
---16.3. The Qurayshi Caravan,
---16.4. The Quraysh Go Out to War,
---16.5. The Messenger, ﷺ, Consults His Men,
---16.6. Abu Jahl Stirs the Tribes,
---16.7. The Battle of Badr,
---16.8. The Holy Verses Concerning this Battle.

Chapter [17].
---17.1. News Reaches Madina,
---17.2. On Entering Madina,
---17.3. Abu Bakr and 'Umar,
---17.4. The Captives,
---17.5. The News Reaches Makka,
---17.6. The Quraysh Pay the Ransom,
---17.7. Abu'l 'As,
---17.8. The 'People Who do not Know'!

Chapter [18].
---18.1. Alcohol,
---18.2. Women in Islam,
---18.3. Slaves in Islam,
---18.4. Orphans in Islam,
---18.5. Freedom and Obligation,
---18.6. The Influence of Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ,

Chapter [19].
---19.1. Banu Qaynuqa'
---19.2. Abu Sufyan Skirmishes the Outskirts,
---19.3. The Quraysh's Trade Problem.

Chapter [20].
---20.1. Learning the Precepts of the Qur'an,
---20.2. Example of the Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ,
---20.3. 'Ali's Wisdom.

Chapter [21].
---21.1. The Quraysh Prepares an Army,
---21.2. Muslims Debate the Matter of Defence,
---21.3. 'Abdullah ibn Ubayy Deserts,
---21.4. The Battle of Uhud,
---21.5. Victory then Defeat,
---21.6. The Lesson,
---21.7. The Quraysh Mutilate the Dead,
---21.8. Error and Forgiveness,
---21.9. Pursuing the Enemy,
---21.10. Banu Lihyan,
---21.11. The Three Martyrs.

Chapter [22].
---22.1. Banu Nadir's Plot,
---22.2. Going Out to Meet the Quraysh,
---22.3. Return to Badr,
---22.4. The Greater Struggle (with the Soul).

Chapter [23].
---23.1. The Jews Conspire with Polytheist Tribes,
---23.2. The Tribes Prepare for War,
---23.3. Digging the Trench,
---23.4. The Women and Children,
---23.5. Huyayy Persuades the Banu Qurayza,
---23.6. The Moment of Trial,
---23.7. Nu'aym's Plot,
---23.8. The Storm,
---23.9. The Siege of the Banu Qurayza,
---23.10. Arbitration in the Case of the Banu Qurayza.

Chapter [24].
---24.1. Banu al-Mustaliq,
---24.2. 'Abdullah ibn Ubayy ibn Salul,
---24.3. Father and Son,
---24.4. The Slander,
---24.5. The Case of Tu'ma.

Chapter [25].
---25.1. The Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, as a Worshipper,
---25.2. Some Prayers of the Prophet, ﷺ,
---25.3. Fasting.

Chapter [26].
---26.1. Words of the Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ,
---26.2. Visit to the Ancient House,
---26.3. Emissaries,
---26.4. 'Urwa ibn Mas'ud as an Emissary,
---26.5. The Mission of Uthman ibn 'Affan,
---26.6. The Treaty of Al-Hudaybiya,
---26.7. The Rites of Pilgrimage on that Occasion,
---26.8. The Breakthrough.

Chapter [27].
---27.1. Islam after Twenty Years,
---27.2. Proclaiming Islam to the Rulers of the World; Negus, Cyrus, Heraclius and Chosroes,
---27.3. A Jewish State within a State,
---27.4. The End of Jewish Power in the Peninsula.

Chapter [28].
---28.1. The Pilgrimage,
---28.2. Khalid ibn al-Walid Enters Islam.

Chapter [29].
---29.1. The Battle of Mu'ta,
---29.2. The Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, Visits Ja'far's Family,
---29.3. The Quraysh Revoke the Treaty,
---29.4. Abu Sufyan as an Emissary,
---29.5. The March Towards Makka,
---29.6. The Conquest of Makka,
---29.7. The General Pardon, the Trust, More on Pardon.

Chapter [30].
---30.1. The Battle of Hunayn,
---30.2. The Change of Tide,
---30.3. The Siege of Al-Ta'if,
---30.4. Hawazin asks for the return of the Booty,
---30.5. Distribution of the Booty.

Chapter [31].
---31.1. The Wives of the Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ,
---31.2. Khadija bint Khuwaylid,
---31.3. A'isha bint Abu Bakr and Sawda bint Zam'a,
---31.4. Umm Habiba, Ramla, Bint Abu Sufyan,
---31.5. Hafsa bint 'Umar,
---31.6. Zaynab bint Khuzayma,
---31.7. Umm Salama, Hind, Bint Abu Umayya and the Orphans,
---31.8. Zaynab bint Jahsh and Islamic Legislation,
---31.9. The Prophet Muhammad's, ﷺ, Insight into Character,
---31.10. Juwayriya bint al-Harith of Banu 'l-Mustaliq,
---31.11. Safiyya bint Huyayy,
---31.12. Maymuna bint al-Harith,
---31.13. Maria al-Qibtiya,
---31.14. The Effect of the Prophet Muhammad's, ﷺ, Marriages on Muslim Thought.

Chapter [32].
---32.1. The Prophet Muhammad's, ﷺ, Tribulations,
---32.2. The Death of Ibrahim,
---32.3. Qurayshi Spite.

Chapter [33].
---33.1. Tribes Pay Alms Money,
---33.2. Preparations for the Roman Invasion,
---33.3. Those Who Stayed Behind,
---33.4. The Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, Marches Out,
---33.5. Border Treaties,
---33.6. The Hypocrites' Mosque.

Chapter [34].
---34.1. 'Urwa ibn Mas'ud,
---34.2. Al-Ta'if Enters into Islam,
---34.3. The Pilgrimage and Ali's Announcement,
---34.4. The Prophet Muhammad's, ﷺ, Last Pilgrimage,
---34.5. The Rites of Pilgrimage,
---34.6. The Prophet Muhammad's, ﷺ, Farewell Sermon,
---34.7. The Last Revelation,
---34.8. False Prophets,
---34.9. Preparations against Rome.

Chapter [35].
---35.1. Mercy in the Qur'anic Sense,
---35.2. Kindness to Animals,
---35.3. Kindness to the Old and Young,
---35.4. Kindness to Enemies,
---35.5. Tolerance.

Chapter [36].
---36.1. Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ, Falls ill,
---36.2. The Visit to the Graves,
---36.3. The Last Speech,
---36.4. Abu Bakr Leads the Prayers,
---36.5. Fatima, the Prophet Muhammad's, ﷺ, Daughter, Visits Him,
---36.6. The Writ,
---36.7. Disposing of Last Possessions,
---36.8. The Last Prayer,
---36.9. The Messenger of Allah, ﷺ, Passes Away,
---36.10. 'Umar's Reaction,
---36.11. Abu Bakr Takes Matters into his Hands.

Appendix I:
---The Family Tree of the Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ,

Appendix II:
---An Overview of Events in the Life of the Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ.

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*Dimensions : 21 x 15 x 4cm.

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