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Ba 'Alawiya

A Commentary of the Ratib : English
A Commentary of the Ratib : English
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  • Authored by: Imam al-Haddad

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Details: A Commentary of the Ratib of Imam al-Haddad : New,
*[A5+] Hardback with Dustjacket - 500+ pages, Now in Stock,
by Habib al-'Alawi bin Ahmad bin 'Abdallah al-Haddad,
Translated by Rizwana Sayed, [BA Hons],
Published by Sakina Publishing.
RRP £45.00

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In his extraordinary work, Habib Alawi has laid down the foundations of the religion in light of the Ratib, the famous litany of his grandfather, the Axial Saint, Imam Abdallah bin Alawi al-Haddad. Not only does he lay down the foundations, but he expounds on each topic, eventually covering the levels of Islam, Iman and Ihsan.

His aim is to inform the people that each invocation in the Ratib has an intentional purpose and it is not a random compilation. There is a purpose behind the order, sequence, and number. The Imam has carefully selected the words in the supplications, and his selection alludes to his extensive knowledge of Allah.

" Whosever recites the Ratib of our master al-Haddad every night,
it will suffice him for every other litany of the evening as it is
comprehensive, beneficial, tried and tested."
---Qadi Saqqaf bin Muhammad bin Taha as-Saqqaf Ba 'Alawi.

It is hoped that the translation of this work will act as a bridge by way of these special people so that the reader will be able to adopt the Prophetic Sunna and thereby bring life to their heart.

The original Arabic text is titled: "The Aspiration of the People of Worship and Remembrance; Benefits which Illuminate the Heart and Essence , Whereby One Arrives at the Question and Purpose, a Commentary on the Ratib of the Qutb of his time al-Haddad," by the great grandson of Imam al-Haddad, the erudite scholar, and perfect saint, Habib 'Alawi binAhmad bin Hasan bin Imam 'Abdullah al-Haddad, may Allah be pleased with them all.

The book begins with the Creed of Imam al-Haddad for the simple reason that one can only make the remembrance of One Who is known. It is sufficient for all who know it and believe it. We say, 'Our master, Imam al-Haddad has said in his book an-Nasa'ih ad-Diniyya :

"In concluding the book, we have placed a succinct creed
which is comprehensive and beneficial, and if Allah Most
High wills, it is upon the path of the saved party, and they
are the people of the Sunna and the Community;
(Ahl as-Sunna wa'l-Jama'a)
who form the great majority of the Muslims."

Over 500 pages, this extensive work has meticulously been translated into English, capturing the tremendous benefits and deep insights to a litany that is widely read across the world.

Beautifully presented in hardback (with dustjacket), this commentary is an essential book for any student of knowledge.

Highly Recommended!

Table of Contents :

---Translator's Introduction,
------The Commentary of the Ratib,

Part One :

---The Creed of Imam al-Haddad, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi,

---The First Benefit,
-----The Merits of Dhikr,
---The Second Benefit,
-----The Tenets, Conditions, Etiquettes & Matters of Disapproval in Relation to Dhikr,
---The Third Benefit,
-----The Essentials, Conditions & Times of Supplication,
---The Fourth Benefit,
-----The Requirements for a Student of Knowledge,
---The Fifth Benefit,
-----The Disapproval of Hypocrisy, Ostentation, Arrogance, Pride & Self-Admiration,
---The Sixth Benefit,
-----The Disapproval of Using the Decree as an Excuse,
---The Seventh Benefit,
-----Faith in the Decree : The Good & Bad of It,
---The Eighth Benefit,
-----Enumerating that which is a Necessary Requirement for Every Muslim to Know,
---The Ninth Benefit,
-----The Excellence of Supplication,
---The Tenth Benefit,
-----Congregating for Gatherings of Dhikr & How to Read the Ratib,
-----A Great Conclusion and a Precious Pearl,
-----The Method of Reciting the Ratib,
---The Eleventh Benefit,
-----The Recitation of the Poetry of the Righteous & the Remembrance of the People of Divine Secrets,
---The Twelfth Benefit,
-----The Desirability of Reciting the Narrations of the Prophetic Mawlid,
-----Concerning an Exposition of the Blameworthy Acts that are Performed in Association with the Mawlid,
---The Thirteenth Benefit
-----Tahlil : A Regular Practice of Imam al-Haddad in his Mosque,
---The Fourteenth Benefit,
-----The Excellence of Dhikr,
---The Fifteenth Benefit,
-----Visiting the Righteous,
--------Leaving a Good Thing Because of the Bad,
--------Playing the Daff and Singing,
--------Visiting a Saint, Alive or Passed Away,
--------Virtues of Congregational Devotions,
----------An Important Point,
----------Manners of Visiting the Saint,
----------Awareness of the Deceased,
---The Sixteenth Benefit,
-----Glorification, Praise, Unity and Extolling,
---The Seventeenth Benefit,
-----Dhikr Performed With Intention & Without Intention,
---The Eighteenth Benefit,
-----The Excellence of Dhikr over Supplication,
---The Nineteenth Benefit,
-----The Four Stages of Dhikr,
---The Twentieth Benefit,
-----Counting Dhikr with Fingers, Beads, Pebbles & Date Stones,
---The Twenty-First Benefit,
-----Rules Concerning the Ritually Impure, Menstruating, Convalescing Mothers on Reciting the Qur'an & Dhikr,
---The Twenty-Second Benefit,
-----An Encouragement to Read the Adhkar of Imam an-Nawawi, rahimahullah.

Part Two :

---Part Two : An Important Point,

---The Virtues of Sura al-Fatiha,
-----Payment for Teaching or Healing with the Qur'an,
-----A Point which Deserves Attention,
-----A Benefit,
---The Virtues of Ayat al-Qursi,
---The Virtues of the Conclusion of Sura al-Baqara,
------A Word of Attention,
---The Virtues of Sura al-Ikhlas and the Two Suras of Refuge,
-----A Benefit,
-----A Caution.

---The First Litany,
-----There is no God Worthy of Worship Except Allah, Who is One and has no Partner, To Him Belongs the Kingdom and to Him Belongs All Praise, He Gives Life and Death, and He has Power Over all Things,

---The Second Litany,
-----Transcendent is Allah, All Praise Belongs to Allah, There is no God but Allah, Allah is the Greatest,

---The Third Litany,
-----Transcendent is Allah by His Own Praise, Transcendent is Allah the Greatest,

---The Fourth Litany,
-----O Lord Forgive us and Relent Towards us  for You are the Relentant, the Merciful,

---The Fifth Litany,
-----O Allah Send Blessings Upon Our Master Muhammad, ﷺ, O Allah Send Blessings and Peace Upon Him,

---The Sixth Litany,
-----I Seek Refuge in the Perfect Words of Allah from the Evil of that Which He has Created,
--------An Important Benefit for those with Children,

---The Seventh Litany,
-----In the Name of Allah, by Whose Name Nothing in the Heavens or the Earth Can Cause Harm, He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing,

---The Eighth Litany,
-----We are Pleased with Allah as our Lord, with Islam as our Religion and with our Master Muhammad, ﷺ, as our Prophet,

---The Ninth Litany,
-----In the Name of Allah and Praise be to Allah, Both Good and Evil are by the Will of Allah,
--------The Merits of 'In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful,'
--------The Merits of 'Praise be to Allah,'
--------The Merits of 'Good and Evil are by the Will of Allah'

---The Tenth Litany,
-----We Believe in Allah and the Last Day, We Repent to Allah Inwardly and Outwardly,
--------A Point of Benefit,
--------We Repent to Allah Inwardly and Outwardly,

---The Eleventh Litany,
-----Our Lord Pardon Us and Erase Whatever We May Have Committed,

---The Twelfth Litany,
-----O Possessor of Majesty and Generosity, Grant Us Death Upon the Religion of Islam,
-------A Great Benefit,

---The Thirteenth Litany,
-----O Mighty, O Invincible, Suffice us From the Evil of the Unjust,

---The Fourteenth Litany,
-----May Allah Correct the Affairs of the Muslims; May Allah Turn Away the Evil of Those Who Harm,
-------The Counsel of Imam al-Haddad [Arabic/English translation],

---The Fifteenth Litany,
-----O Most High, O Most Great, O All Knowing, O Most Able, O All-Hearing, O All-Seeing, O Most Gentle, O Most Aware,
--------The Most High (al-'Aliyya),
--------The Immense (al-Kabir),
--------The All-Knowing (al-'Alim),
--------A Word of Warning,
--------The Able (al-Qadir),
--------The All-Hearing, the All-Seeing (as-Sami', al-Basir),
--------The All-Hearing, (as-Sami',),
--------The All-Seeing (al-Basir),
--------The Gentle (al-Latif),
--------The Aware (al-Khabir),
--------An Important Point.

---The Sixteenth Litany,
-----O Receiver of Grief! O Remover of Distress! O You Who are to His Slave Forgiving and Compassionate!
--------A Beneficial Point,
---The Seventeenth Litany,
-----I Ask Allah for Forgiveness, the Lord of Creation, I Ask Allah for Forgiveness From All Wrongdoing,

---The Eighteenth Litany,
-----There is no God but Allah,
-------A Point of Benefit,
-------Another Point of Benefit,

---The Nineteenth Litany,
-----O Allah We Seek Your Pleasure and Paradise, and We Seek Refuge in You from Your Wrath and the Fire.

---The Miracles of the Ratib al-Haddad,
-----Consequences of Rejecting or Abandoning the Ratib,

---The Ratib al-Haddad,
------Arabic Text,

*Dimensions : 24.1 x 16.8 x 4.7cm.

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