Durud Sharif : Pocket Hardback

Durud Sharif - (A Book of Salawat) : New Edition,
Arabic with English Translation/Transliteration,
*Pocket Size : Hardback - 120 pages.
Edited by Duraid and Fatouhi,
Published by IBS, Delhi.



Description :

Durud means ''Blessings'' and Sharif means ''with  Respect.''

This book contains the Darood Shareef in Arabic, followed by its translation in English, as well as Transliteration (Romanisation) with full commentary (explanation) of the Durood Shareef. Full colour print on decent paper.

Table of Contents:

---Key to the Transliteration,
---Path to Success,
---Salawat - Durud Sharif,

---[1]. Durud Sharif,
---[2]. Durud Ibrahimi,
---[3]. Durud Nariyah,
---[4]. Durud al-Fatih,
---[5]. Durud Shafi'i,
---[6]. Durud Dawami,
---[7]. Durud Tunjina,
---[8]. Durud Qur'ani,
---[9]. Durud Sadaqah.
---[10]. Durud Wali,
---[11]. Durud Awwal,
---[12]. Durud Ghawthiyya,
---[13]. Durud Akbar,
---[14]. Durud Nur,
---[15]. Durud Nabi,
---[16]. Durud Tayyab,
---[17]. Durud Hazarah,
---[18]. Durud Ruhi,
---[19]. Durud Shifa,
---[20]. Durud Inam,
---[21]. Durud Awwal,
---[22]. Durud Muqaddas,
---[23]. Durud Taj,
---[24]. Durud Da'im,
---[25]. Durud Haq,
---[26]. Realities and recorded Facts,
---[27]. A Golden page of Human History,
---[28]. Universal Facts about Prophet Muhammad, May Allah bless him & grant him peace, 
---[29]. The Personality of the Prophet Muhammad, Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam, as painted by Sir Stanley Lane-Poole,
---[30]. Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France says ...
---[31]. Forty Sayings of Prophet Muhammad, Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam
---[32]. The Final Prophet, Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam.

More Durood & Salawat.



Total 120 Pages in English - Hardback -with Colour pages! 

*Dimensions :  14.2 x 11.5cm |  This book has Translation and Transliteration.



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