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Qur'an C.Coded Tajwid

A Comprehensive Guide to Tajweed
A Comprehensive Guide to Tajweed
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Details: A Comprehensive Guide to Tajweed : New,
*[-A4] Paperback - 155 pages,
by M. ibn Abdus Samad,
*Published by Jamiat al-Ilm w'al-Huda,
Printed in Turkey.

Back in Stock July 2019

Description :

The book intends to build upon the basics of Tajweed (Tajwid) and provides a thorough overview of tajweed as a subject. It discusses the details of Arabic literature within the subject, which will allow the reader to independently construe further literature.

Table of Contents :

---Important Terminologies,

---Importance of Tajweed,
------Definition of Tajweed,
------Subject of Tajweed,
------Purpose of Tajweed,
------Importance of Praying with Tajweed,
------Major and Minor Mistakes,
---Different methods of Commencing Qur'anic Recitation,
---The Teeth,
---The Tongue and It's Surroundings,
---Place of Pronunciation,
---Diagram on the Place of Pronunciation,
---Title of Letters,
---Diagram on the Title of Letters,
---Qualities of Letters,
------Types of 'Qualities,'
------Flowchart outlining the different qualities,
---Compulsory Qualities,
------Types of Compulsory Qualities,
------The Opposite Qualities,
------The Single Qualities,
------The Strong and Weak Qualities,
---Differences of the Letters,
---Temporary Qualities,
------Brief Explanation of the Four Temporary Qualities,
------First Type of Temporary Qualities,
------Full mouth and Empty Mouth,
---------Levels of 'full mouth' Recitation,
------Second Type of Temporary Qualities,
---------Noon Saakin and Tanween,
---------Meem Saakin,
------Rules of Ghunnah,
------Situations of Two Letters Occurring Next to Each Other,
---------Letters Occurring next to Each Other in terms of Pronunciation & Qualities,
---------Letters Occurring next to Each Other in terms of Harakah,
---Rules of the Pronoun,
------Definition of the Pronoun,
------Rules of the Pronoun,
---Types and Rules of Madd,
------Definition of Madd,
---------Letters of Madd,
---------Types of Madd,
------Flowchart outlining the Different Discussions of Waqf,
------Types of Waqf according to Occurrence,
------Types of Waqf according to Pronunciation,
------Types of Waqf according to it's Original State,
------Signs of  Waqf and signs of Wasl,
------Types and Rules of Sakt,
------Types and Rules of Sukoot,
------Types and Rules of Qut,
---The Three Stages of Recitation,
------Types of Hamzah,
------Rules of Hamzah,
---Method of Reciting Saakin,
---Method of Reciting the Different Harakat,
---Method of Reciting Tashdeed,
---Rules for Tanween,
------Definition of Tanween,
------Rules for Tanween,
---Meeting of Two Saakin's,
------Rules for Meeting of Two Saakin's,
---Arabic Letters,
------Abjad Order,
------Hija'i Order,
---Written transmission of the Qur'an,
---Chapters of the Qur'an,
---The Different Qira'ah,
---Recitation according to Hafs al-Asadi,
---Broken Letters,
---Prostration Places within the Qur'an,
---The Prophets, upon them be peace, mentioned in the Qur'an,
---Information Regarding the Qur'an,
---Virtues Regarding the Qur'an,
---Etiquettes of Reading the Qur'an,
---Method of Memorising the Qur'an,
---Chain of Qur'anic Recitation.

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*Dimensions : 24 x 17cm.

*Non ASWJ Publisher!

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