A Time will Come : New

 A Time will Come : New,
*Small Paperback - 56 pages,
by Markazi Majlis e Shura,
Translated by Majlis e Tarajim,
Dawat e Islami, Pakistan.

Back in Stock November 2020

Description :

'A Time will Come' - Is a a though provoking work on how to attain salvation from the instances of turmoil arising in the last era of time. It is the English translation of the Urdu work, "Aik Zamanah aysa Aaye Ga"!

Table of Contents :

A Time will Come :
---Excellence of Salat-‘Alan-Nabi,
---Fear of a child,
---Love for five and heedlessness from five,

---[1]. Destructiveness at the hands of one’s own family,
---[2]. Carelessness about Halal and Haraam,
---------Nuisance of Haraam wealth,
---------Claim in the Divine court,
---[3]. Following Sunnah will become like holding flame,
---------Followers of religion face ordeal,
---------Do justice,
---[4]. Friend apparently but foe inwardly,
---------Every deed for Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala,
---------Reward for those who love each other for the pleasure of Allah,
---[5]. Salam to certain people only,
---------Promote Salam and earn reward,
---[6]. Wife will help husband in trade,
---------Who advised observing veil and staying at home?
---------Shari’ah-declared conditions for the employment of women,
---[7]. No profit in trade,
---[8]. Cause of murder will not be known,
-------1. Sign of a perfect Muslim,
-------2. Bad person,
-------3. The first decision on the Day of Judgement,
-------4. Importance of human life,
-------5. The weapon-drawing person is not amongst us,
-------6. Do not become deviant,
---[9]. Customary and fake piety and asceticism,
---------What is ostentation?
---------Ostentation in speech,
---------Ostentation in deeds,
---------Reform your inner self,
---------Matchless example,
---------Deed of sincere person is made known,
---[10]. Worldly conversation in Masajid,
---------Manners of Masjid,
---------Five ways to gain salvation,
---------1. - 3. Weigh your words,
---------4. Search for good gathering,
---------There is nothing like Madani Tarbiyyati course!
---------5. Prayer of a drowning person,
---------Refuge from four things.


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