Madani Panj Surah : English

Madani Treasure of Blessings -
(Madani Panj Surah in English).

[A5] Hardback - 443  pages.
by Mawlana Ilyas Qadri Attar.
Published by Maktabat-ul-Madina,
Dawate Islami, Karachi.




Complete English Translation.

This is the English translation of the best selling and world renowned Madani Panj Surah.

From the translators Notes:

Dawate Islami's Majlis-e-Tarajim, a department responsible for reproducing books and booklets of Ameer-e-Ahle Sunnat, the founder of Dawate Islami Shaykh Allamah Mawlana Abu Bilal Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadiri al-Razavi into various languages of the world, is pleased to present the book 'Madani Panj Surah' in English under the title of 'Madani Treasure of Blessings.'

Whats Inside

    ---Du'a for Reading the Book,
    ---Transliteration Chart,

    Complete Contents :

    ---Translator's Notes,
    ---Basis and Preconditions for Spiritual Treatments & Exercises,
    ---Du'a of Attar.

    19 Intentions for Reading This Book,
     ---The Turban - Imama and Science.

    Blessings of ??? ??? Bismillah,
    ---Endeavours Go Unfinished,
    ---13 Madani Pearls Regarding ???  ??? ???????? ???????
    ---For Security of the Home,
    ---Spiritual Cure for nosebleeds -Epistaxis,
    ---Spiritual Cure from iIlness,
    ---Seven Madani Pearls,

    Blessngs of Recitation of the Holy Qur'an
    ---The Last Three Verses of Surah al Hashr,
    ---Three Virtues of Reciting the Last Verses of Surah al-Baqarah,
    ---Excellences of Ayat ul Kursi,
    ---Five Blessings of Ayat-ul-Kursi,
    ---5 Invocations to be Recited When Going to Sleep,
    ---Four Excellences of Surah al-Fatihah,
    ---Surah al Fatihah,
    ---16 Excellences of Surah Yasin,
    ---Surah Yasin,
    ---Translation of Surah Yasin from Kanz-ul-Iman,
    ---4 Excellences of Surah Kahaf,
    ---Surah Kahaf,
    ---Translation of Surah Kahaf from Kanz-ul-Iman,
    ---3 Excellences of Surah al-Fath,
    ---Surah al-Fath,
    ---Translation of surah Fath from Kanz-ul-Iman,
    ---One way of attaining the light of faith in the heart,
    ---Madani pearl,
    ---Surah Dukhan,
    ---Translation of Surah Dukhan from Kanz-ul-Iman,
    ---Excellences of Surah al-Mulk,
    ---Surah al-Mulk,
    ---Translation of Surah Mulk from Kanz-ul-Iman,
    ---Excellences of surah Ar-Rahman,
    ---Surah Ar-Rahman,
    ---Translation of Surah Ar-Rahman from Kanz-ul-Iman,
    ---One Reason for -Provision- Sustenance,
    ---Surah Waqiah,
    ---Translation of Surah Waqiah from Kanz-ul-Iman,
    ---Surah Sajdah,
    ---Translation of Surah Sajdah from Kanz-ul-Iman,
    ---Kind Conduct with the Ahl-ul-Bayt,
    ---Surah Muzzammil,
    ---Translation of Surah Muzzammil from Kanz-ul-Iman,
    ---The Grand status of Scholars,
    ---Excellences of Surah Kafirun,
    ---Surah Kafirun,
    ---Translation of Surah Kafirun from Kanz-ul-Iman,
    ---Surah Al-Ikhlas,
    ---Translation of Surah Al-Ikhlas from Kanz-ul-Iman,
    ---Surah al-Falaq,
    ---Surah an-Nas,
    ---Last Verses of Surah Al-Bakarah,
    ---Translation of the Last Verses of Surah Al-Bakarah from Kanz-ul-Iman,
    ---The final Verses of Surah al-Hashr,
    ---Excellences of Ayat-ul-Kursi,
    ---I am the worst person,

    Blessings of Zikrullah - Remembrance of Allah
    ---Iman-e-Mujmal -Concise Faith,
    ---Third Kalimah : Glory of Allah,
    ---Fifth Kalimah : Repentance,
    ---5 Excellences of invoking Istighfar - Seeking Forgivness,
    ---Glad Tidings!
    ---5 Excellences of Kalimah Tayyibah - Sanctity,
    ---The portal of the Open Skies,
    ---The Reward of Donating a Mountain of Gold,
    ---Medicine for 99 Ailments,
    ---5 Invocations for Morning and Evening,
    ---3 Excellences of Kalimah Tawhid - Oneness of Allah,
    ---4 Invocations for passing Away with Iman - Faith,
    ---Forgiveness of Sins,
    ---An Invocation that Secures One from Shaytan,
    ---5 Madani Pearls,
    ---6 Guards for Protection from Magic and Afflictions,
    ---First Guard,
    ---Second Guard,
    ---Third Guard,
    ---Fourth Guard,
    ---Fifth Guard,
    ---Sixth Guard,
    ---Reward of Reciting 4 Entire Quran in just a few Minutes,
    ---Invocation for remaining Secure AGAINST from shaytan,

    Excellence of Salat-Alan-Nabi
    ---30 Madani pearls Regarding Salat-Alan-Nabi,
    ---A Gift for the One Years for the Vision,
    ---Forgiveness and Exoneration,
    ---The Salat-Alan-Nabi for the Night Preceding Friday,
    ---All sins Forgiven,
    ---The Reward of 600,000 Salawat-Alan-Nabi,
    ---Salat al-Razaviyyah,
    ---Salat of Shafaah - Intercession,
    ---The Reward of 14,000 Salawat-Alan-Nabi,
    ---For Relief All Types of Worries,
    ---8 Madani Pearls Regarding Salawat al-Taj - Darud-e-Taj,
    ---Salawat al-Taj : Darud-e-Taj,
    ---A Faith Reviving Incident Regarding (Darood) Salawat al-Tunajjina,
    ---Salawat al-Tunajjina,
    ---A Narration Related to Salawat al-Mahi Regarding a Fish,
    ---Salawat al-Mahi.

    Excellence of Du'a - Supplication
    ---Du'a Averts Calamity,
    ---5 Madani Pearls,
    ---What Sin have I Committed?
    ---If we Don't Listen to Our Friend,
    ---A Cause for Delay in Fulfilment of Du'a,
    ---A Parable,
    ---Visiting the Worldly Leaders and Officers Again and Again But…
    ---Delay in Fulfilment of Du'a is a Benevolence,
    ---Relief from Sciatica Pain,
    ---17 Madani Pearls of Performing Supplication,
    ---Qur'anic Du'as,
    ---49 Du'as Bearing Virtues for Woldly Life and Afterlife,
    ---Du'a Before Entering the Toilet,
    ---Du'a When Exiting the Home,
    ---Du'a to be Asked after Eating,
    ---Du'a to be Asked Upon Beholding a Muslim Smiling,
    ---Du'a for when One Suffers Anger,
    ---Du'a to be Invoked upon Seeing Someone Afflicted,
    ---Du'a to be Invoked upon Hearing the Crowing of a Rooster,
    ---Du'a to be Recited at the Time of a Storm,
    ---Raising Profit & Averting Loss in Trading,
    ---Du'a at the Time of Iftar - Breaking the Fast at Sunset-
    ---Two Du'as for the Occasion of Wearing New Clothes,
    ---Du'a for Applying Oil,
    ---Du'a for the Aqiqah of Girl,
    ---Du'a to be Recited When the Thought of Any Superstition Invokes in the Heart,
    ---Recite This When Afflicted by the Evil Eye,
    ---Du'a to Remain Protected from Poisonous Creatures,
    ---Du'a to be Recited When in Danger from Any Tribe,
    ---Du'a to Seek Refuge from Disbelief and Destitution,
    ---Du'a to be Recited When Expressing Condolence,
    ---Madani Pearl,
    ---Du'as to be Recited after Fard Salah,
    ---Ahad Namah - Ritual Affidavit,
    ---That Ritual Affidavit is as follows,

    Blessings of Awrad - Litanies
    ---A Ritual to Treat Animal Bite,
    ---For Strengthening the Memory,
    ---Leprosy and Jaundice,
    ---Security from Burglary,
    ---To Cease Snowfall,
    ---Poison Will Not Affect,
    ---For Refuge From the Evil of Oppressors and Shaytan,
    ---The Du'a of Sayyiduna Anas,
    ---SharI Definition of Morning & Evening,
    ---For Protection of Eyesight,
    ---Cure for Disturbed Navel - Umbilical Problem,
    ---Blisters / Pimples,
    ---If the Baby Becomes tilted in the Womb,
    ---For Vomiting, Pain and Abdominal Pain,
    ---Prevention of Blindness & Eye Infection,
    ---Remedy for Diabetes,
    ---99 Holy Names of Allah and Their Excellences,
    ---Qasidah Ghausiyyah,
    ---Excellence of the sacred Qasidah Ghausiyyah,
    ---Drops of Mercy showered on Me,
     Blessings of Nawafil -Supererogatory Salah
    ---Majestic balconies in Jannah for those who offer Tahajjud,
    ---Accounts of Pious Men And Women,
    ---Sound like the buzzing of Honeybees,
    ---Astonishing way of waking for Worship,
    ---The Woman who became Blind due to Excessive Weeping,
    ---The Woman who would stay hungry in the Remembrance of Death,
    ---The Excellence of Salat-ud-Duha - Chasht,
    ---Istikharah - Seeking Goodness from Allah,
    ---The Surahs to be Recited in Salat-ul-Istikharah,
    ---The Excellence of Salat-ul-Awwabin,
    ---Blind man regained Eyesight,
    ---Salah during Eclipse,
    ---Salat-ul-Taubah - Salah for Respentance,
    ---The Reward of Offering 2 Rakat of Nafl after Salat-ul-Isha,

    Blessings of Observing Fasts
    ---Narrations Regarding Excellence of Nafl Fasts,
    ---Fifty Years distance away from Hell,
    ---The Best Deed,
    ---Bones Invoke Tasbih,
    ---Faith-Reviving Death of Uncle Kalu,
    ---The Reward of Observing 3 Fasts Every Month,
    ---5 Narrations about Fasting on Monday and Thursday,
    ---Definition of Malice,
    ---Three Virtues of observing Fasts on Wednesday and Thursday,
    ---3 Excellences of Fasting on Thursday and Friday,
    ---5 Excellences of observing Fast on Friday,
    ---3 Narrations prohibiting Fasting on Friday Exclusively,
    ---2 Narrations Regarding the Excellence of observing Fasts on Saturday & Sunday,
    ---12 Madani Pearls about Nafli Fasts,
     Holy Months
    ---The Best Fasts other than Ramadan,
    ---Blessing of Spending on Family on the Day of Ashurah,
    ---Blessing of Donating Charity on Ashurah,
    ---Nafl Salah of the Night of Ashurah,
    ---Du'a of Ashurah,
    ---The Dawn of Blessings,
    ---Night Superior to Laila-tul-Qadr,
    ---Reward of Celebrating the Blessed Birth,
    ---Excellence of fasting on the 27th Rajab,
    ---Nights Bearing Virtues,
    ---Du'a for Mid-Shaban,
    --- Lighting Candles on Graves,
    ---Fireworks are Haram,
    ---The Palace with a Gate of Gold,
    ---I was an Artist,
    ---Five Special Blessings,
    ---Expiation for Minor Sins,
    ---Sixty Thousand Forgiven Every Night,
    ---One Million Sinners Freed from Hell Every Day,
    ---Spend More,
    ---As if you had fasted the entire Year,
    ---As Excellent as Laylat-ul-Qadr,
    ---Recovery from Jaundice,
    ---Better than One Years Worship.

    Collection of Various Madani Pearls
    ---Can every use the Remedies mentioned in the Ahadith?
    ---Mistakes Highlighted,
    ---Extremely useful Madani Pearls,
    ---16 Domestic Cures and Useful Madani Pearls,
    ---Methods to Get Rid of Snakes- Scorpions- Leeches and Ants,
    ---15 Precautions & Cures during Pregnancy Period,
    ---16 Madani Pearls for Caring the Infants,
    ---05 Madani Cures for Fever,
    ---05 Madani Cures for partial headaches,
    ---07 Madani Cures for headaches,
    ---Madani Word of Advice,
    ---02 Madani Cures for Indigestion,
    ---Medical Cures for Constipation,
     ---Cures for Bad Breath.

    Blessings of Conveyancing Thawaab (Reward)
    ---Secure from hypocrasy and Fire (Hell),
    ---Sawaab of an accepted Hajj,
    ---Reward of Ten Hajj,
    ---Charity on Behalf of Parents,
    ---An easy way of earning Billions of Good Deeds,
    ---Method of Isaale Sawaab,
    ---Method of Supplication for Donating Sawaab,
    ---Method of Visiting the Shrines,
    ---Dates (Anniversaries) of the Saints of Islam.






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