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Shaykh Muhammad al-Hashimi, Life & Works
Shaykh Muhammad al-Hashimi, Life & Works
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  • Authored by: Sh. Muhammad al-Hashimi

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Details:  Shaykh Muhammad al-Hashimi : His Life and Works, New,
*[A5] Paperback - 199 pages,
by Mokrane Guezzo,
Published by Viator Books.

Description :

The Shădhili order is one of the greatest Sufi orders in the world of Islam. It is renowned for its adherence to the prescriptions of the Shari'a, its insistence on sacred knowledge, its moderation and its emphasis on the principle of gratitude. The legacy and achievements of many of its early masters are well known. There are also many contemporary Shadhili Sufi masters who can easily be compared, in their influence and achievements, to their early predecessors, yet very little is known about them.

Recent works on Shaykh Ahmad al-Alawi and Shaykh Ahmad Ibn Ajiba, may Allah be pleased with them both, have slightly rectified this state of affairs, but more work is needed on the Shadhiliyya and its masters. There are moreover very few works in European languages that deal with the Shadhili method of spiritual training.

The present study tackles both concerns. The life and works of the great Algerian Shadhili master Muhammad al-Hăshimi (1881- 1961) are exposited and his method of spiritual training is amply explained. The details of this spiritual method will help to explain, albeit indirectly, how the Shadhilis try to accede to the 'kingdom of heaven' while, at the same time, leading a harmonious and peaceful existence with their fellow Muslims as well as with the rest of the world.

Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Hāshimī :

The teacher and guide of souls, Muhammad ibn al-Hāshimī was born to pious parents, both prophetic scions who traced their lineage back to Imam al-Hasan ibn 'Alī, may Allah be pleased with him, in 1298 A.H. in the town of Sabdou, which lies in the vicinity of Tlemcen, one of the main cities of Algeria. His father was one of the city's scholars, and a judge therein. When he died, he left behind him young children; the Shaykh was the oldest of them.

Table of Contents :

---Transliteration Table,


Part One : The Life & Works of Shaykh Muhammad al-Hashimi,

---[1]. Algeria and the Colonialist Nightmare,
---[2]. The Simple Life of Shaykh Muhammad al-Hashimi,
---[3]. Shaykh al-Hashimi ; The Man and the Spiritual Master,
---[4]. An Imitation of the Prophet, ﷺ,
---[5]. Shaykh al-Hashimi's Method of Spiritual Training,
-------1. Remembrance (dhikr),
-------2. Sufi Teaching (mudhakara),
-------3. Struggle Against the Ego (jihad al-nafs),
---[6]. The Published Works of Shaykh al-Hashimi,
-----Aqida Ahl al-Sunna wa Nazmuha - (A Creed of the People of the Sunna, with its Versification),
-----Sharh Nazm 'Aqidat Ahl al-Sunna - (Commentary on the Versification of a Creed of the People of the Sunna), link,
-----Kitab Miftah al-Janna fi sharh 'Aqidat Ahl al-Sunna - (Book of the Key to Paradise : A Commentary upon a Creed of the People of the Sunna),
-----Sabil al-Sa'ada fi Ma'ani Kalimatayy al-Shahada Ma'a Nazmiha - (The Path of Felicity; On the Meanings of the Two Testimonies of Faith, with its Versification),
-----Risala al-Bahth al-Jami' wa'l-Barq al-Lami' Wa'l-Ghayth al-Hami' fi Ma Yata'allaq bi'l-Sana'ati Wa'l-Sani' (The Treatise of Comprehensive Research, of Flashing Lightning and of Fertilising Rain Regarding Creation and the Creator),
-----Sharh Shatranj al-'Arifin - (Commentary on the Chess of the Gnostics),
-----Al-Hall al-Sadid Lima' Stashkalahu al-Murid min Jawaz al-Akhdh 'an-Murshidin - The Correct Solution to that which Perplexes the Disciple about Whether it is Permitted to be affiliated to Several Spiritual Guides),
-----Al-Durar al-Muntathira fi Ajwibat al-As'ila al-Ashara aw al-Ajwiba al-Wafiyya 'Ala al-As'ila al-'Iraqiyya - (The Scattered Pearls, Responses to Ten Questions, or Faithful Answers to the Questions from Iraq),
-----Risalat al-Qawl al-Fasl al-Qawim fi Bayan al-Murad min Wasiyyat al-Hakim - (Treatise of the Definitive and Just Word on Expositing that which is Meant by the Testament  of the Sage).

Part Two :  Translations,

---[1]. Creed of the People of the Sunna,
---[2]. Key to Paradise : Commentary on a Creed of the People of the Sunna,
------The Ruling and its Subdivisions,
------The Benefit of Studying Theology,
------The Injunctive Ruling and its Categories,
------The Stipulatory Rulings and its Categories,
------The Necessary, Impossible and Possible,
------Questions of Belief Relating to God,
------How the Real Attributes Differ from the Attributes of Acts,
------Questions Relating to Prophethood,
--------1. Truthfulness,
--------2. Trustworthiness,
--------3. Conveyance,
--------4. Perspicacity,
------Belief in the Content of the Divine Message,
------Belief in the Angels,
------Belief in the Divinely Revealed Books,
------Belief in all the Prophets and Messengers,
------Belief in the Last Day,
------Belief in Destiny, its Good and its Evil,
---[3]. On Creation and the Creator,
---[4]. The Meaning of the Testifications of Faith,
---[5]. Commentary on the Chess of the Gnostics,
--------(Attributed to the Greatest Master Muhyi al-Din ibn al 'Arabi, may Allah sanctify his Inmost Secret),
---[6]. Answers to Ten Questions,
---[7]. The Correct Solution to the Novice's Difficulties,
---[8]. The Significance of the Sage's Testament.


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