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Flood of Tears : New
Flood of Tears : New
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Majmu'a Shafiyah, 2 Vols Arabic
Majmu'a Shafiyah, 2 Vols Arabic
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Badkari : Urdu
Badkari : Urdu
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Jinn | Angels

Expelling Jinn from Your Home, with CD
Expelling Jinn from Your Home, with CD
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Details: †Expelling Jinn from Your Home [with Twin Cd's] : New,
*[A5] Paperback - 103 pages,
with Two Accompanying Audio CD's,
by Majdi Muhammad Ash-Shahawi,
Translated by Omar Ahmed Kassir,
Published by Al-Firdos Books.

Description from the Back Cover :

This book will help you to overcome all your worries, and begin a new chapter in your life. Then you will be free to think clearly, act decisively and feel at peace with yourself and others. Just read through the book and listen to the CD, following the instructions carefully, for three or six weeks in total.

The Jinn are not very strong, they only take a grip when you show weakness in faith or religious duties, once you take command of your faith, and follow it properly, they can
never affect you.

Table of Contents :


First Chapter:
---The world of Jinn in the Qur'an and Sunnah,
------Belief in the Existence of Jinn,
------Modern Science and the Confirmation of Jinn,
------The Creation of Jinn and their Physical Origin,
------The Jinn in the Arabic language,
------Types of Jinn,
------The Dwellings of Jinn,
------The Food of the Jinn,
------What Prevents Satan from Consuming Human Food,
------The Ability of the Jinn to take on Any Form,
------Jinn can Appear as a Man, Slave or Dog,
------Every Human has a Partner Jinn,
------Types of Companions,
------Proofs that Angels are Assigned to Human-beings,
------The Evil Companion,
------How to Gain the Protection of Angels,
------Angels do not Enter the Following Types of Houses,
---Ten Prayers/Sayings that Protect one from the Jinn,
------What to pray, to act upon to and avoid,
------People are of 3 Categories,
------Five Categories for those People that pray Salah,
---There are Three Types of Hearts,
------The First Heart,
------The Second Heart,
------The Third Heart,
---Remembrance of Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, is a Fortress,
------Dhikr of Allah,

Second Chapter:
---Haunted Houses Examples of Jinnís,
------The Jinn and the Young Ansari,
------Loud Noises,
------Leave Your House,
------"The Jinn that Killed Drunkards in a House,"
------"You have burnt a great Ifreet,"
------Tricks of the Jinn in a new house,
------A House under constant Stoning,
---How to Rid your House of Jinn,
------What to Pray and Do; [Arabic with English transliteration],
---Supplementary Information with Regard to Jinn and Devils,
------The Qur'anic View about the Jinn,
------Views from Ahadith,
------Our Obligation towards them,
------Abusing the Jinn and Striking Them,
------Characteristics of the Exorcist,
------Incantations and Invocations,
---Black Magic and Satanic Possession,
------The Shayaateen (The Devils),
------Eavesdropping on the Heavens,
------Their Effect on Humans,
------Protection from the Shayaateen.

Caution : Always seek advice from Ahl al-Sunnah Qualified Scholars.

Attention :† This is a NON ASWJ Publication.

Also see A Higher Reality - Manifestations of the Unseen : Recommended!
More on Jinn and Angels,

*Dimensions : 21 x 14.9cm.

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